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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Local Dumpster-Diving Bigfoot

I recently received the following account from a long-time reader:

I have this friend...

My friend’s husband and several colleagues were on a business trip southeast of Tulsa the second week of February. They were booked into an old, once-upon-a-time chain, now privately owned, and fairly seedy. Unfamiliar with the area, they were told it was the only place to stay. They were in the back of the lodge, facing a very thick wooded area, and ended up parking next to several dumpsters.

That evening, as groups do when they are on a business trip, they gathered in the parlor of one of the rooms. It was warm, and stuffy. Someone opened a window. They began hearing noises. My friend’s husband emailed her, telling her sounded like owls mating.

The inside joke is several years earlier, after I had told them about a Bigfoot sighting near where they lived, they were awakened one night by this horrible noise. Both were terrified they were being attacked by a Bigfoot. It turned out to be two very large owls, mating. (It has become one of those inside jokes).

She emailed me, laughing about it. I emailed back, to tell her that there had been some recent Bigfoot activity in the area. She emailed her husband, who emailed back, telling her it wasn’t funny. The noises had come from inside the woods. After the 'Great Owl Scare,' they started watching Finding Bigfoot. Her husband told her that his colleagues admitted that they also watched it, and swore the noises they were hearing were similar to what they had heard on the show.

They stayed for three nights. Once her husband was home, he admitted that he and his colleagues discussed how totally creeped out they felt. It was weird. They described the same feeling you hear from other people who are around a Bigfoot. When they went back to work, meeting with their boss, he asked if they’d seen the local Bigfoot.

One of the men in the group then admitted he had seen it two nights in a row, diving in the dumpsters. They would not admit it until they were asked. The reason this is important is due to the identity of the people involved, which I am not free to disclose. All involved are highly educated, unwilling to admit that they were even thinking about Bigfoot or watching the show until the others would admit it. SR

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