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Monday, February 08, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Entities in Black Cloaks & Hoods -- Glowing Little Green Man -- Indian Man Believed First to be Killed by Meteorite

Entities in Black Cloaks & Hoods

Mark from Michigan called in to tell of weird encounters with black cloaked entities:

“When I was a child growing up, ever since I can remember, ever since I was in kindergarten, I used to have these paranormal encounters, I guess you would call them. Where these guy, or individuals I guess you would call them, in these black robes with black hoods, would come in my room when I was sleeping and I would be in this kind of half awake, half asleep state and they would come in and as a kid I used to call them my bugs because I had no other way of describing what they were. They would come in in groups of three or five, in my room and every-time they would walk into my room, I'd just be terrified. And the room would just be filled with this heaviness. It was like I could barely breath. They would come up and they would grab my arms and my wrists and they never really said anything that I could hear. They kind of whispered but they just... They'd grab onto my wrists and I was so terrified I'd wake. Everything in my room, even things that had changed when they were present in the room, were in the exact spot. For example, if the closet light was on in this vision or experience or whatever, but that closet light was off when I went to sleep, I mean, that closet light would be on when I woke up. And I didn't get up and turn it on. This continued on until early high-school.

I'm almost 30 now and there was long pause where nothing happened anymore and then probably back around 2010, I had this other strange experience where I was laying on my bed and I felt like there was a blue and it was kind of behind my head. There was a wall there but it wasn't through the wall and I kept kind of hearing this voice in my head saying, Don't look at that blue light! Well, of course, being curious, I had to look at the blue light. So I started looking at the blue light and it felt like I was being pulled towards it so immediately I stopped. And I just woke up. I don't know. I just had these kind of strange experiences. I can't recall them taking me anywhere but, I don't know, it's hard to say. It was so long ago so I don't know if I had been taken anywhere. I just know that any time they would enter the room, the entire room would just fill with this heavy presence. You couldn't speak, you could barely breath. It was almost like it was a rumbling in the room when they would walk in. I did speak to them one time. The last time they ever showed up, there was two of them outside my door and I saw them out there. Again, when I had gone to bed, that door was closed. In this experience, it was suddenly open. When I looked out there, I saw these two that were conversing and one of them walked into my room and by this time, I was high school and I was so sick of this crap happening that when he walked into my room, he got right into my face and, of course there was a heaviness but it wasn't as bad as it used to be. He got into my face and it was like he... There was a cloak and a hood but it was like there was no face there. I couldn't see a face, it was just dark. It was darker than darkness and I heard him speak to me. He said, 'Are you scared?' And I looked right into where his face should be and I said, I'm not scared of you and I'm sick of you coming around here bothering me. I'd like you to leave.' And it was just like this immense anger erupted from him. He stormed out and the other one came in and when he came in, again it was that heavy heavy pressure just like it was a ton of bricks sitting on my chest and he got in my face and he said, 'Are you scared now?' And I was sick of them showing up so I looked right at him again and with everything in me I was finally able to say, I'm not scared of you, you need to leave! And then after that they never showed up.”

Source: Clyde Lewis Ground Zero Radio – May 12, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


10PM ET / 7PM PT


Glowing Little Green Man

Portland, OR - 6/1/2003: I was asleep, I was woken up by rummaging in the next room. I got out if bed thinking it was my grandma who may have needed help and wanted the noise to stop. Leaving my room my grandma's bedroom door is directly to my left, there's a hallway / guest room that also has stairs coming up from the first floor connecting two rooms. The room was dark there was a trunk a desk and sewing setup a bed and some other miscellaneous shelves and a window its was semi lit from street lamps, I saw nothing, my grandma's bedroom door was opening and and from my peripheral vision I saw a very small and glowing. I turned getting a good look at the miniature man, I heard pitter patter footsteps and and I saw a little green glowing man running through my grandma's room and into a closet and her closet connect to mine. and the little creature ran through the closet ran into my room. Then it jumped out the open window but went up to the sky. I ran to the window to go look up or down and I saw nothing... It was so bizarre, I kept it to my self only reason I say something now is I'm curious if anyone has a similar event. It's hard for me to describe but I had a clear line of sight through my grandma s room to her closet door and a clear line of sight from my open bedroom door to the window. - MUFON CMS


Indian man believed first to be killed by meteorite

An Indian may be the first known human being to have been killed by a meteorite hit. Authorities said that a small celestial body struck a southern college campus, killing a bus driver and injuring three others in an incident initially reported as a bomb.

The “mysterious explosion” that took place on Saturday in Vellore, a city in the south Indian state of Tamil, has been confirmed as a meteorite impact by Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa.

“A mishap occurred yesterday when a meteorite fell in the campus of a private engineering college in Vellore district's K Pantharappalli village,” Jayalalithaa said.

A bus driver who was walking in the area was struck by the meteorite and killed. The victim, named only as Kamaraj was reportedly thrown 10 feet into the air by the impact, and declared dead once he was transferred to hospital.

The impact also injured three people and nearby buses and buildings. Witnesses said they saw a mysterious object fall from the sky.

While the government initially suspected that the driver had been killed in a bomb blast, forensic scientists could not find traces of explosives. Instead, authorities said that they have recovered a piece of a meteorite, in a two foot deep crater near a water tank where the incident happened.

In addition to offering the best medical treatment the government promised to pay the families of the victim and those who were injured compensations for the unfortunate “mishap."

“I have ordered the Vellore district administration and hospital officials to provide them best treatment,” Jayalalithaa said.

While meteorites occasionally hit vehicles and buildings with people inside, there have been no casualties reported from direct hits thus far. The closest call know to date was the Chelyabinsk incident in 2013, where a superbolide exploded in the Russian city’s skies, damaging hundreds of buildings and injuring more than 1,000 people.

Saturday’s death may become the first registered death from meteorite, as according to calculations by astronomer Alan Harris the person’s odds of being killed by a celestial body impact during lifetime are about 1 in 700,000. - Universal karma? Indian man believed first to be killed by meteorite



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