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Friday, February 26, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: 'Do you want to go with us?' -- 'Hatman' in my Room -- Boiling River Discovered in the Peruvian Amazon

Do you want to go with us?

Kane, PA - 1/6/1997: Witness, 5 years old, got up to get a glass of water. Returned to his room to find a "wavy blue vortex" from which a voice asked "Do you want to go with us?" He agreed and felt a tingling static sensation then found himself on what appeared to be a polished marble surface. A female ET (she had breasts) greeted him in a soft feminine voice with "Hello (name withheld) it is nice to see you again." She was about 4 feet tall with milky white skin, a small nose, no lips (he thinks), and almond shaped eyes that were not as large as a typical gray. He was led up a staircase to a hall about 12 feet wide and in to an area with 12 beds, 6 on each side of the room. One bed was empty. There were hybrid (he thinks) children with medium gray skin in the beds and several were jumping on the beds. A clearly annoyed ET told them to stop jumping.

The female ET escorting him gave him a medallion like one she was wearing and told him she was going to help him increase his mental powers. She told him to concentrate on her inner self. She then passed through what appeared to be a solid concrete block. She then instructed him to try. He was able to go only part way through and she had to pull him out. She told him to try again and the second time he was successful. She told him that he had mastered it faster than she did. She took back the medallion.

She next led him through a door that opened by sliding up. where he met a male ET who was taller than the female and had "Native American cheek bones." The witness states that the male was holding back his emotions. There were windows in this part of the craft and he could see out into space. There were also controls of some type in this room. He could see through a window in the floor into an area with a machine which he believes was the teleportation device. The craft was a disk and the size of "4 aircraft carries end-to-end."

An old ET entered and said it was time to leave. Everyone became sad. He woke up in his bed neatly tucked in. No one had ever tucked him in before.

When he was 8 years old, he saw the same type of craft and said that when it ascended, it was gone in the blink of an eye. He estimated the speed at '60,000 miles an hour." He stated that they have craft the size of small planets and the one that was recorded drawing plasma off our Sun is one of them. The video is on YouTube.

On one occasion, he was shown a vision in which he saw 4 disk shaped craft and hangars as if on a military base. There was a crowd of people who all appeared to be in a trance state walking into a craft. He pretended to be in a trance also and boarded with them. In side there was a bench on the wall and happy gray children sitting on it swinging their feet. Several old ETs approached him and asked him, "Do you want to come with us or stay here?" He said he wanted to go with them and they were surprised. The vision ended.

When he was 16 he had a vision of being taken to a beautiful planet where it was very bright but it did not hurt his eyes. He felt a powerful sense of peace. The houses appeared to be of Adobe. There was one building that was made of bricks that looked something like a college. It had a tower reminiscent of Big Ben. He was told that this is where they receive knowledge and store things from other planets.

On another occasion, he remembers military doctors operating on his head. A reptilian male told them to stop because the boy was in pain.

The witness is 23 years old. He has Celtic and Native American (Iroquois) ancestry. After his experience at age 5, he felt "different." He has short term memory problems and states that he often feels that he is different ages, mostly older than his years. He has had chronic nose bleeds and his right nostril is difficult to breath through. He has a cousin who has had some experiences that were not gone into. - MUFON CMS


'Hatman' in my Room

Nicholas wrote to Heidi Hollis on her Outlander radio show to tell of something bizarre he saw as a child:

My name is Nicholas. When I was about 5 or 6 years old, I was lying in my bed with my little brother who was sleeping at my feet because a week earlier, he fell off of the top bunk. I remember waking up out of a dead sleep and seeing a man sitting at my desk just beyond my bed. It was dark but the closet light was on and I could see that he had a top hat and a trench coat on with his forearms on his knees. I could not see his face and at that time, I started yelling for my mother and when she entered the room, the figure disappeared. I told this story about a hundred times. It wasn't until I told my father-in-law that I found out that other people had seen this too. Just wanted to share.

Inception Radio - Heidi Hollis The Outlander – June 23, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Just one of those days....


Mythical boiling river discovered in the Peruvian Amazon

A mythical boiling river that stretches for four miles has been discovered in the Peruvian Amazon. The river, at Mayantuyacu, was discovered by geoscientist Andrés Ruzo after being told tales about its existence by his grandfather.

Ruzo said Spanish conquistadors exploring the Amazon after killing the last Inca emperor came across extreme dangers – including man-eating snakes and a river that boiled from below, as if lit by a fire. But the Amazon basin is nowhere near any active volcanoes, and the geothermal heat needed would be so tremendous the very idea of the boiling river's existence was dubbed ludicrous by Ruzo's university lecturers and colleagues.

A report on his find by Gizmodo tells how Ruzo asked his aunt who had visited the river about its whereabouts. Deep in the rainforest, at the geothermal healing site of Mayantuyacu, he found it. The river is 80ft wide, 20ft deep and is extremely hot for about a four-mile stretch. One part even boils. Read more at Mythical boiling river discovered in the Peruvian Amazon



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