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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Mother Films 'Ghost' in Baby's Cot -- Alien or Ghost? -- Mysterious Martian 'Cauliflower'

Mother Films 'Ghost' in Baby's Cot

Jade Yates got the shock of her life when she saw something unusual sharing her daughter Ruby's cot.

The footage, which was later uploaded online, shows what appears to be a human-like shape next to the sleeping child which dissipates and reforms several times throughout the video. According to Yates, the door to the room had been closed and nobody else had been there at the time.

She also believes that the footage shows two spirits - one a small child and the other an adult.

"Ruby was not unsettled at all," she said. "But she does wake every hour or so at night maybe this is why, someone wanting to play. I don't think they are nasty as the adult looks to be so attentive."

The footage, which can be viewed below, has so far wracked up over one million hits online.

Click for video - Ghost in baby's cot


Alien or Ghost?

Florida - 11/23/2015: It was around 3-4 in the morning. I was sleeping and all the sudden something woke me up. When I opened my eyes I saw a tall man walking back and forth in front of my bed. He was really tall about more than 7'-8'. I can hardly see his face, I just saw the figure. It is good to know that my bedroom door was half opened and a light comes from the living room. That is why I saw the silhouette and not his face.

I sit on the bed and check my husband to see if it was him (my husband is not too tall) but first I saw something moving so fast from side to side. It was not my husband, when I looked back that being was not there. Then I go back to sleep again but as soon as I put my head on the pillow I saw the being again. He was moving in the same way as before. I tried to see his face but I couldn't. Then I started feeling like a lethargy as hard that I can't handled it and got sleep.

I did not feel any fear, I am just concerned why he was moving back and forth like he wanted something to happen. He was like desperate. - MUFON CMS


She Only Loved His (Dead) Body....

Incarcerated cult leader Charles Manson has long had adoring women sending him love letters, even though he has no chance of parole. Twenty-seven-year-old Afton Elaine Burton, who goes by the nickname “Star,” got closer than most to the psycho. She began writing and visiting Manson, bringing him toiletries and posing with him for photos, telling the world they were in love. They even got a marriage license and were going to tie the knot, when Manson abruptly called it off. The official reason was due to “an interruption in logistics," but Manson expert Daniel Simone says it was called off because the marriage was a ruse to gain legal control of his corpse after he died and display it as a tourist attraction.


Mysterious Martian 'Cauliflower' May Be the Latest Hint of Alien Life

The hunt for signs of life on Mars has been on for decades, and so far scientists have found only barren dirt and rocks. Now a pair of astronomers thinks that strangely shaped minerals inside a Martian crater could be the clue everyone has been waiting for.

In 2008, scientists announced that NASA’s Spirit rover had discovered deposits of a mineral called opaline silica inside Mars's Gusev crater. That on its own is not as noteworthy as the silica’s shape: Its outer layers are covered in tiny nodules that look like heads of cauliflower sprouting from the red dirt.

No one knows for sure how those shapes—affectionately called “micro-digitate silica protrusions”—formed. But based on recent discoveries in a Chilean desert, Steven Ruff and Jack Farmer, both of Arizona State University in Tempe, think the silica might have been sculpted by microbes. At a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in December, they made the case that these weird minerals might be our best targets for identifying evidence of past life on Mars.

If the logic holds, the silica cauliflower could go down in history as arguably the biggest discovery ever in astronomy. But biology is hard to prove, especially from millions of miles away, and Ruff and Farmer aren’t claiming victory yet. All they’re saying is that maybe these enigmatic growths are mineral greetings from ancient aliens, and someone should investigate. Read more at Mysterious Martian "Cauliflower" May Be the Latest Hint of Alien Life



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