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Disturbing Details: How Much Should Be Disclosed?

After going through a few old files, in preparation for a new alien encounter investigation, I started to wonder how much of the nitty-gritty should actually be made available to readers of the 'Phantoms & Monsters' blog and newsletter. In other words, there may be sordid details provided by witnesses that have questionable relevance to the presentation. I suppose that this is especially significant when it pertains to alien encounter and abduction scenarios.

Other than the David Eckhart Family ordeal, I have rarely written about my inquiry and involvement in suspected alien encounter and abduction incidents. There have been ongoing investigations (Ex: the Todd Sees death case) that may eventually prove to be non-terrestrial influenced...but for the most part, I have kept the vast majority of my findings and conclusions out of the blog.

I will admit that I am currently researching several unexplained 'contacts' concert with a few close colleagues. Unlike other paranormal and cryptid investigations, added trust and patience is required with witnesses. I'm not saying that these variables are absent when dealing with hauntings, spiritual infestations and unknown creature's just that divergent mechanisms are employed for achieving acceptance and confidence from the alien experiencer. That being the case, explicit details from these incidents are rarely offered on the blog. It's continuously difficult to 'sit' on many of the encounters, knowing that there would be great interest in any ominous information. But I subscribe to some of the logic that people may not be ready for all of the disconcerting specifics...though, I may occasionally disclose more controversial particulars on the radio show.

Nonetheless, most submitted accounts are tame enough for general consumption.

I'm asking the readers to comment on my reflections pertaining to disclosure, particularly when it pertains to alien encounters and abductions...and disturbing details associated with these events.

In the meantime, I offer the following report of an unexplained incident that was forwarded to me many years ago. It has not been edited. The witness wished to remained anonymous:

In July, 1976 a friend and I, who is now a dentist and a no nonsense kind of guy, were cruising between Lincoln and Auburn, CA on a quiet country road. We drove over the top of a hilly road and we were descending I noticed a bright bluish-white light shining down on the road about 200 yards in front of us. It was coming from a point over a large group of scrub oak trees. The trees came to a point over the road creating a canapé effect over the road. What was strange is there were no street lights and none of the light shining down on the road was being blocked out by the trees.

As we approached the light my car began to sputter and lost power, then the headlights went out. As we were approaching the light I was flashing my bright lights on and off before the car shut down. As soon as the car rolled to a stop, I opened the door to step out... the light disappeared while leaves were floating down below where the light had been falling onto the road in front of us. During July in the Sacramento valley it is still about 80 degrees with no wind. It gets very hot here in the summer.

The thing that really shocked me was 4 days later we took 2 of our cats to the vets, which was about 3 miles out of town. When the vet drove up he was acting confused and was stuttering, which he did when he got excited. He had been called out to a ranch to look at a dead cow. He explained to me and my mom that the cow had been cut up in a very strange way with a missing eye ball, utter and entrails. It's hind quarters had been drilled or board out. He also said therewere no flies, no bugs and no predator bite marks anywhere on the cow. The cow was located 50 yards from the very spot we saw the lights over the trees. My doctor friend said his mother was upset with him for getting home so late the night we saw the lights. However we were only out there in the country for an hour and a half. He claims it was 4am when we got home.

After dropping him off that night, I was really tired and just went home to bed and didn't pay any attention to the time. He claims we lost 3 hours. To this day I have no idea what we saw or what happened. He refuses to talk about it with me or to anyone else. I have seen other lights and strange things over the years but this situation has always made me scratch my head and I wonder what really happened that night to us and that poor cow. Nothing was ever said to the police or to the news media regarding the mutilated cow or the lights we saw.

After years of hearing about abductions and cow mutilations, I believe we may have been part of something that cannot be explained with science or rational thought. My interest in UFO's has been very strong for years and I am sure there are other things going on around us that we cannot explain or can we make sense of them because we are not allowed to by those conducting such intrusive examinations of humans and animals.

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it because I can remember it like it happened yesterday. We were not drinking, smoking or doing any drugs as my doctor friend was always against such activities due to his medical training and personal beliefs. On the other hand, I know something happened beyond the norm and will take it to my grave as a real and unexplained experience.


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  1. The more that is revealed and released to the public the more that will come forth and share their experiences.

  2. It's an interesting question. I tend toward the extreme of revealing all possible details, even those which might seem to be of no relevance at all. My reasoning is that when dealing with a phenomenon which isn't understood, it's a mistake to present only selected data to the audience. If it somehow seemed relevant enough to the subject to include in their report, even though it might logically seem to have no connection to the event, then one ought to present it to the audience for their consideration.

    My cynical side has to note as well that disturbing or salacious details don't really seem to deter most readers these days. Rather the opposite.

  3. Lon..glad to see your posting concerns about this end of the situation. This may be what Keel liked to term "a sticky wicket".
    I agree a good bit with what Ostrich said.
    Most folks visiting your site are probably looking for others with simular situations,,experiences,.etc. But as a few of us know,.unfortuantly,,there is some extremely gruesome aspects with the entire phenomena.
    At the end of the day tho Lon,..which ever you choose to do,.ill support you either way. Thanks for asking for folks thoughts,'s awesome to know you care what we think!

  4. I appreciate you thinking to ask opinions on how much should be revealed. I think as much as possible should be disclosed. I started reading the blog because of a particular situation I was experiencing (not alien related) and I have learned from what other people have revealed and didn't feel so isolated.
    While my situation was benign there may be others out there who are terrified at what is happening to them or believe themselves to be crazy and the opportunity to read other people's experiences may be a lifeline.

    Also, there is so much we don't know about these experiences. Disclosing these incidents may bring to light patterns we would miss by keeping these things quiet. It brings to mind various law enforcement cases where a serial killer operated with impunity because information wasn't being shared among agencies or with the public. I suspect the only way these cases will ever be solved or stopped is by shining a bright light on them.

  5. I think you should post as much information as you can and as the witness will allow. Any information can be relevant no matter how insignificant it may seem. I always love reading the accounts I hate to think I might be missing something relevant because it wasn't posted. Just look at some of the accounts on the site. Some differ in the telling of the stories and some leave important information out.

  6. I completely agree with what everyone has said so far. I want to read complete disclosure when I'm reading someone's personal experience or an article or investigation you, Lon may be covering and post here for us readers. I come here wanting to learn as much as I can on topics of the unexplained and prefer it to not be censored. I personally want to read and hear about the nitty gritty, especially in a safe environment right here at Phantoms and Monsters! :)

    Thanks Lon for asking this question very sweet of you, love your blog no matter what! <3

  7. Excellent topic, Lon!

    And I'd have to say that any and all information should be disclosed.
    The only exception is if said information could identify them (without their consent), or lead to somebody suffering harm.

  8. Please provide all details. If you must, you can provide a disclaimer at the article start. You might consider a different color type for the "offensive" parts so the reader can skip over easily. Thank you for everything!

  9. I really think it all needs to be finally put out there. As long as you provide a disclaimer, I don't see the problem in releasing any details that might be termed disturbing.
    I find comfort and knowledge in your blog along with the truth whereas, I feel, in most cases the truth is being kept from us and I'd rather hear/see/read if from what I term a reliable and open and honest blog; so bring it on, Lon.

  10. Bring it on, Lon. The truth is NEVER a bad thing. Use a disclaimer if you feel the content would be too disturbing for some readers.

    I come to this blog for knowledge and information that can help clear up some strange occurrences and have been impressed with you and your readers. Please be brave enough to print what you know. We need to kept abreast of these thing.


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