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Friday, March 27, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Woman Killed by Family Wakes Up in Grave -- Contact From the Dead...on Facebook -- Black-Caped Intruder

Woman Killed by Family Wakes Up in Grave

An Egyptian woman who was believed to have been killed by her brother and uncle woke up in the grave and went straight to the police.

Once her brother and uncle were arrested, she went to the prosecutor and dropped the case, saying she tried to commit a suicide.

Police arrested the two men after witnesses said they saw them taking the 30-year-old woman to the nearby cemetery in Minya town, nearly 250 km south of the capital Cairo.

“At first she said they strangled her and buried her in the cemetery…she said she was unconscious and that her brother and uncle thought she was dead,” a police spokesman said, quoted by local newspapers.

“But in her statement to the prosecutor, the woman said she tried to commit a suicide and that her brother and uncle has nothing to do with it…both of them were freed.”

Newspaper said the woman’s brother and uncle tried to kill her after discovering she had an affair with a man following her divorce from her husband. - Emirates247


Contact From the Dead...on Facebook

Unless it's an elaborate hoax, Facebook may be emerging as the social network of choice for those who have passed on.

A man has taken to social-news website Reddit to tell his tale, where his girlfriend who died in a car crash in 2012 had been communicating with him via Facebook since September 2013.

"Em had been dead for approaching thirteen months when she first messaged me," said "Nathan" on Reddit.

Nathan said Emily died Aug. 7, 2012 in a three-car collision, but he left Emily's Facebook account activated as it was "too finaly (and too un-Emily) to memorialize it."

He said he shares access to Emily's Facebook account with Emily's mother Susan.

But he said the alleged messages from the afterlife started Sept. 4 last year, though he first thought it was Emily's mother - or one of Emily's more tech-savvy friends.

"I noticed pretty much immediately that whoever was chatting with me was recycling old messages from Em and my’s shared chat history," he said.

Around February 2014, he said Emily started tagging herself in his photos. He said this would happen in "random photos every couple of weeks."

On March 15, he sent the "hacker" who he thought was toying with Emily's account a message, asking why he/she kept tagging Emily. He got an "answer" March 25.

While he said Emily's account had so far been "recycled" from their past conversations, he received her first "original word" on May 8: "FRE EZIN G."

"This has given me nightmares that have only started to kick in recently. I keep dreaming that she’s in an ice cold car, frozen blue and grey, and I’m standing outside in the warmth screaming at her to open the door. She doesn’t even realise I’m there. Sometimes her legs are outside with me," he said.

On May 24, Nathan said he finally memorialized Emily's Facebook page- but this was apparently not enough to silence her. However, he received another message from Emily July 1.

"I don’t know what to do anymore. Do I kill her memorial page? What if it is her? I want to puke. I don’t know what’s happening," he said - before he heard a Facebook alert.

An article on Jezebel.com said that if Nathan were lying, "he's spent a great deal of time putting together some haunted screenshots." - Eerie messages or elaborate hoax? Dead girlfriend communicates with Reddit user via Facebook


Black-Caped Intruder

Berkeley, CA: Don't know if this ones of use to you either. Just something confusing that I've wanted to share - anyone else had such an encounter would love to do hypnotic recall of... What Happened Asleep in home in hills above Berkeley. Attached bathroom on my room had bathtub with picture window over it leading to yard. Summer. I always left bathroom window open. 5 large watchdogs in yard woke me up barking frantically. Went to see what was up. Put knee up on window sill and leaned out to look at dogs barking on my right. They were barking AT something to my left. Looked to left and saw intruder. The event and my responses happened fast - but in words - first impression intruder - put me on the offensive - who's there. Then started taking in the figure-standing with back to me and head down - long black cape. Made me wonder - huh. Then lifted head and turned to look over shoulder at me. BEAUTIFUL, angelic face with lovely blond hair. I thought, Oh, Its just a Boy like 14-16yrs old. But wierd...And then met its eyes - green - and Cold and LOVELESS and heartless and frightening. I was utterly paralyzed and lost consciousness. Woke up in the morning in my bed - as though straight from the moment of encounter - went FLYING out of bed - thinking that was NOT a dream - and ran back to the bathroom. My only evidence was that the bathroom window was nowclosed - and I knew it was open when I went to bed. I also KNEW this had actually happened - was not a dream. I was afraid to go anywhere, even to the bathroom, without my dog for a LONGtime after that. I was TERRIFIED. Didn't want to be left alone etc. have no idea if this fits the bill for your reports... but there it is all the same. - MUFON CMS


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