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Friday, March 20, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Terrifying Nine Foot Bi-Pedal Crocodile -- Alien Family Took Over Home! - Arcane Radio: Butch Witkowski

Terrifying 9ft-long crocodile that walked upright

US scientists say they have discovered fossils of the ‘Carolina butcher’, a pre-dinosaur beast with sharp teeth

Scientists have unearthed fossils in the United States of a big land-dwelling crocodile that lived about 231 million years ago, walked on its hind legs and was a top land predator right before the first dinosaurs appeared.

Transported back to the Triassic Period, what would a person experience upon encountering this agile, roughly 9-foot-long (about 3 meter-long), 5-foot-tall (about 1.5 meter-tall) beast with a long skull and blade-like teeth?

“Abject terror,” said North Carolina State University paleontologist Lindsay Zanno, who led the research published in the journal Scientific Reports.

“Climb up the nearest tree,” advised North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences paleontologist Vince Schneider.

The creature is named Carnufex carolinensis, meaning “Carolina butcher,” for its menacing features. It was a very early member of the crocodile lineage and was unlike today’s beasts. It was not aquatic and not a quadruped, instead prowling on two legs in the warm equatorial region that North Carolina was at the time. Read more at Revealed: the terrifying 9ft-long crocodile that walked upright


Alien Family Took Over Home!

Viewed many human like people and numerous craft of many different sizes. Some of the occupants came into our house but they were more curious than anything. I kept hearing people in our cellar and went to investigate. When I did, to my surprise, there were males, females, children, older male and female counterparts which I assumed are parents of the male and females of the Groups. I observed them outside in the back yard which goes into a field. Those people seemed to rise up and down our pine trees in our yard. In order to board the big crafts, they would rise up the pine tree which was 50 or more feet in size, like as if they were wearing and anti gravity device. In order to get into our home, they seemed to have some way of physically manipulating our windows locks and to raise up the windows without handling them. They seemed to be friendly but were cautious about revealing themselves to me. It took time for that to happen and when it did I met an unusual looking male occupant. When they spoke they talked at a very low level, now if I remember their lips weren't moving.

I have been talking with a man from MUFON in Manchester, CT by the name of STEVE, but I don't remember his last name and lost his number and contact info when my computer crashed. I need to get a hold of him and he needs to gather all this information. I CANNOT TYPE ALL OF IT, and there are problems with the aliens. They seem to think I had not looked after one of the children who died according to one of the grieving aliens. Its a LONG STORY and MUFON needs to gather this information before the come and get me!!! I'M FAIRLY ALARMED AT THE PROSPECT. I WILL EXPLAIN ALL WHEN MUFON CONTACT ME...PLEASE HURRY...I DON'T KNOW HOW LONG I HAVE...THIS IS ALL TRUE TO BEST OF KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE WITH THEM.

I could not get any photos as they would come and go quickly, and besides the camera on my phone would drive them away...MUFON CMS


Merseyside UFO

Has St Helens been visited by aliens?

This strange orange object was spotted by Star reader George Hunter hovering above his home close to St Helens town centre.

Described by Mr Hunter as a "huge object" that moved at "warp speed", it was seen just after midnight in the skies over the Rainford Road area.

Mr Hunter said: "It was just after midnight and as I looked through the kitchen window I saw some very bright lights in a triangular pattern quite high in the night sky.

"I filmed the lights and zoomed in on them, but I only managed to get a short clip as the lights moved out of shot as I was filming them.

"They were very fast and gone in less than a second, it was almost like something out of Star Trek moving at warp speed.

"I am sure that this was no ordinary aircraft such as a plane or helicopter as it simply moved too fast and made no noise. I am convinced it was a huge object; it was much bigger and brighter than it appears in the clip.

"I suppose this could have been some type of military aircraft but it was completely silent and appeared to be to massive.

"I am stumped as to what the object could have be and I am interested to see if anyone else might have seen it or have an explanation." - 'UFO' spotted in skies over St Helens


Arcane Radio podcast has been uploaded - we were joined by our friend and colleague Butch Witkowski http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/arcane-radio/e/37360188?autoplay=true - we will reschedule Albert Rosales for a future show.



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