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Monday, March 09, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: I Made Contact... -- Edison's 'Spirit Phone' -- Shackleton's Guardian Angel

I Made Contact...

I've posted two facebook statuses to date about my experiences. I will transcribe them, with dates, below, as this is by far the easiest way to tell my tale.

December 16th, 2013

I have been debating bringing something up for some time now. Some of you may look at me like I'm batshit bonkers, but I hope I have proved my sanity and my intelligence over the years, at least enough for you to lend me some credence when I say something completely outlandish.

I had a very long discussion with a good friend the other day and maybe it's finally time to bring it forward.

There is no way to ease into this conversaion, so I'll put it bluntly.

I have had close encounters of the fourth kind. For many years, several times per year.

For those of you who do not know what a CEFK is, it is prolonged close contact with an alien being. No, not a Mexican - an extra-terrestrial life form.

And no, I have never been taken aboard a spaceship. I've never been probed. I've never been poked and prodded or the top of my head taken off and I've certainly never been seduced by an Alien Queen to save their dying race.

They don't do anything really.

For nearly as long as I can remember, the first instance I can remember being at the age of four, I will have a visit from what I tend to refer to as a gentleman, three to five times a year... Every three months or so, usually, some times with an extra one thrown in.

I wake up in the middle of the night in a panic for no apparent reason - very similar to what someone might call night terrors - instantly, fully awake, terrified, panicking, unable to move, unable to speak and unable to breathe, at least at first.

The only thing I can control are my eyes and my breathing. And near me, maybe two or three feet away, is a small Grey.

Now, Greys are what most individuals will recognize as a stereotypical Extra-Terrestrial. Small, smooth grey skin, big, almond-shaped jet black eyes, tiny nostrils, thin lipped mouth, usually hairless.

They scare the daylights out of me. Even running across a photo of them awakens a nameless dread in my heart - odd thing? Only very SPECIFIC types of artist renderings or supposed photographs upset me. I can instantly tell if something is CGI or real - every time a new video comes out, I know months in advance if it is a hoax or 'undeterminable.'

And there is a particular video on the internet that was deemed 'undetermined' that when I saw it, the thought that crossed my mind was innocent, but terrifying - "She's just a baby. Let her go." An unspoken rule of psychology - to know an infant, you must have observed an adult. To know a gender, you must have observed both. So that is very frightening to me on a very deep level. It is the first time I really considered that perhaps these occurrences were not nightmares or flights of fancy.

Back to the gentleman in my room - he is older, I can tell that much. How, I'm not sure. He doesn't do much. He observes me. Passes a hand over me now and then, but he never touches. He doesn't poke or prod or anything of the sort. He simply observes. And occasionally, he will wave a hand about in the air, almost as though touching a computer screen - I think he's indicating something to a computer in his head, perhaps something over his eyes - much like our own google glass.

My waking state goes from petrification to irritation. There is no threat except for the fact that I am restricted. I cannot speak but at times, when I... How shall I say, think, at him, he usually stops and stares, cocks his head to the side and then makes another note. I'm not sure if he can understand my thoughts, but something does indicate that he can perhaps read my moods and my emotional level. I can understand snippets of his thoughts and emotions, I know that much. They aren't so much words as occasional images - and no worries, no plans for world domination there. Just curiosity.

Like I said, my first experience with this occurred when I was four years old. That is the only time I can remember there being more than one individual and the only time I can remember them physically touching me.

Interesting note - this occurred during a period of time while I had the chicken pox. This has no relevance other than the fact that over the years, I have noticed that there are two scars on my stomach, just above my hip, that are perfectly identical to one another and have no similarity to any other chicken pox scar on my body. In fact, they appear to be tiny burn scars. I didn't realize this until about two years ago, when I burnt myself with a cigarette ember.

Most UFO conspiracists jump at this when I have discussions with them and tell me they probably left some sort of implant. I do not have any such thing anywhere in my body. I've had multiple x-rays, CT scans, MRI's and the like. Never found anything unusual.

But, I've always found the notion of them leaving something metal or ceramic in the body to be silly. These are beings that can traverse the stars - they would be beyond these things. Even as primitive as we are compared to these beings, we are beginning to understand and utilize nano-technology and biological computers.

Given that I have had several medical oddities occur in my life, I personally think that they may have injected nothing more than a few cells into my body that take readings and they can read when they are in close proximity to me. It would certainly explain why they run their hands through the air above me. Reading something magnetic, perhaps. Also, radio equipment sometimes behaves strangely in my presence.

These medical oddities aren't something to be laughed at, either. I have never broken a bone in a serious way, even though I have been in many serious accidents, my knuckles a few times in fights, my knee cap in what should have been a fatal, 90 mph accident while not wearing a seat belt. My wounds heal at rates that are about twice as fast as predicted by professionals.

I was born with Asperger's Syndrome. I went through a childhood that, in a general consensus, should have left me a serial killer or a pedophile or a rapist. I was on so many prescription drugs as a child that it stunted my growth. I was under five feet tall until I was 15, 16 years old.

When I reached that age - my depression became self manageable. I took myself off over 120 mg's of Ritalin a day, over 30 mg's of Paxil a day, 10 mg's of Abilify a day and 50 mg's of Zoloft a day without any withdrawals or negative side effects - all on the same day. I grew to 6 foot 2 inches in a year and put on about 120 lbs of muscle. My Asperger's became manageable and truthfully, hardly noticeable. My creative levels jumped through the roof - I was suddenly able to draw, paint, work with ceramic. I could look at patterns and discern things that nobody else could see was there. My intelligence level leaped from near Genius to well above Genius status. I hardly ever get sick. Family members around me will be sick for three weeks at a time while I will be sick for two to three days with the same symptoms.

What does any of that have to do with anything? I'm not sure. But that is when the visitations went from 1 - 2 a year to 3 - 5 times per year. That the visitations jumped from maybe half an hour to an hour at a time to a full three to four hours at a time. I'm convinced there is a connection between the increase in visits and length and my unusual physiology. That for some reason or other, they took an interest in keeping me alive for observation.

So this leaves the question of why. Why me? Possibly exactly because of my childhood. That for some reason or other, what I lived through did NOT change me into a delusional psychotic set on killing people. Perhaps they are interested in autistic individuals, perhaps Asperger's individuals specifically. I've always been a little off. A little different.

And that certainly fits into my ideas of what they are - they are not so different from us. Corporations and big pharm aside, pure scientists do not interfere with nature. They go out, they tranquilize, tag and release and then visit their subjects once in a while to better understand them. I view what they are doing to me as no different. As harmless observation and data gathering. And I don't mind that. Having said that - when a scientist comes across a unique specimen, they pay extra attention to it and give it extra good care, perhaps even to the point of protecting it so they can learn as much about it as they are able.

I just wish they'd talk to me instead of restraining me. But, as my friend pointed out - I would be a very large specimen. I am big, fast, powerful and intelligent. Bears can be tamed, yes? But you don't go up to it in the wild, hand it a cigarette and discuss politics with it. You protect yourself any way you can until it is used to your presence. I hope, one day, that my curiosity to converse with them will overpower the fear I have while they are in my presence and maybe, just maybe, they'll let their guard down.

Anyway... That's my crazy tale. Think of it what you will.

February 26th, 2015

I made contact last night. One finally spoke to me.

At least, I think... I will post what I can remember. I openly confess that my conscious mind is continually trying to convince me that this was a dream.

I was lying in bed, somewhere between dream land and the waking world. Thoughts wandering. You know how it is.

Suddenly, I became, as I often have in my lifetime, aware of a presence. This night, however, I was not struck by the paralysis. Not an involuntary one, however. I was so terrified I could barely move, but move, I could. I pulled myself up and huddled against the wall.

My door creaked open and in walked a strange creature.

In my previous posts, I have described these creatures as a-typical Greys. Small, hairless, enlarged eyes. The usual "Alien" image which has pervaded the human mind for centuries.

This individual was different.

He was tall. Above eight feet, he had to stoop to avoid hitting my ceiling with his head. His body was thin, very thin. I couldn't see much of him, he turned his body so he was shrouded in darkness. His face was comparable to the beings which I have seen before, but it was ancient beyond anything I can describe. Withered and hard, but with an emotion I can only describe as softness in the corner of his massive, black eyes.

He "spoke" to me, although no words left his mouth and I don't think any left mine either, throughout the entirety of our conversation. I'm not even sure words encompass what I experienced. My room fell away and we were left in darkness. Flashes of colors, scenes from distant worlds I can't describe in any way other than "fantastical." Soaring skyscrapers, flashes of movement, bizarre creatures with too many eyes and limbs that moved like fluid, glass domes and red and gold skies over green oceans.

He told me his name was "Prou," pronounced "Prow," (the spelling somehow appeared in my head) and he was pleased to finally meet me.

I, in a moment of incredulity, extended my hand and he shook it with his. It felt strange, wooden in texture, but warm and soft. It enveloped my entire hand and he held it for a moment before telling me that it brought him joy to experience friendship with someone he had studied closely for so many years.

He apologized for the many years of fright and assured me there was no need to be afraid. He told me there was a purpose behind their visits - and the visits millions of other people around the world have, but are completely unaware of.

He told me that they were not aware I could remember, not until they came across the memory of my last post about their visitations. Told me it made me an oddity in their eyes and unique in their experience, that I could accurately remember a real visit. I asked what he meant, and in a moment, I understood the reasoning behind Extra Terrestrial Encounters... To a degree, at least. As far as my limited human understanding could grasp.

They harvest memories. They observe our world, our culture and our society through our eyes. He also told me that for some reason, when confronted with a visitation, the human mind will create memories that are not quite real (abduction stories) to adjust for the amount of fear they feel. The vast majority of people who are visited will never be aware of their visits. The human mind simply represses it. The ET's themselves have no hand in making us forget - our mind does not want to remember, so it does not. My accurate memories of visits and contemplation of them makes me very unique in their books, it would seem.

He told me that the Human race is unique in the universe in how young we are and yet how advanced we have become. In the past two thousand years, we have nearly caught up to their civilization, which is nearly twenty thousand years old. They are the greatest of this galaxy's civilizations. We are accomplishing feats in decades which took them centuries to work out. As a result, they, and the other races of our galaxy, are afraid of us, but they want to understand us before they approach us.

As a bynote, he told me that his civilization, nor any other, has yet to discover a way to travel to other galaxies. Nor have they made contact with any beings from another galaxy. It may be impossible. But they are hoping that we may unlock the secrets to intergalactic travel.

He's not sure, but his civilization believes that their rather unscrupulous, arrogant ancestors may have had a hand in our creation and evolution. It isn't the first time they've come across a random world with beings that resemble themselves in a distant manner. They feel the need to watch over us as a result. They do not directly interfere, but they are constantly watching us in silence.

He told me that our visits are purely scientific. Each of their subjects are injected with a biological particle - he admitted being impressed that I had thought of that possibility. The particle is quantum in nature. It phases in and out of this reality. It cannot be found unless you know how to find it. As a result, it is capable of storing massive amounts of information, but it cannot be read at a distance. They must be within three meters of the particle. Many people are "visited" from outside their dwellings - hence why there are videos of extraterrestrials outside windows, doors and in backyards.

Our visits are information dumps from this "biological hard drive." It stores our memories, thoughts and experiences.

In harvesting this information, they have been able to greatly advance their own culture. His explanation was that humanity and humans as individuals are vastly more creative than their own. They are a logical people, and as such, have limitations. Humans, he said, are basically insane - and as a result, think so far out of the box that we end up inventing things far beyond our time. And we are so diverse that we devote massive amounts of time to thousands of projects - he said if we could breed out our aggression, we would be the only utopian society besides his own in the known galaxy.

They seek out unique individuals - those with genius intellect, the mentally unstable but still functional, the creative thinkers - and they observe their minds for the spark of innovation.

They take our mundane, day to day ideas and they create each and every one of them. If you are one of their subjects, every crappy daydream invention you've come up with, they have made it, utilized it, improved it, tested it and either incorporated it into their lives or done away with it. In the past thousand years, we have improved their technology a thousand fold.

They also plant ideas in our heads - ingrain their presence in our culture and lore in the hopes that we will accept them when we finally meet.

And he told me to tell of our meeting. Told me I am a prized subject and that they have influenced my life, mind and body in ways I cannot comprehend. That they watch over me and many others like me since we were little children.

We are star-children and we are their friends in their eyes. We have no need to fear them. He told me we would meet again soon and we would have much to discuss.

Then... He asked if I wanted to come with him. Told me I could live a thousand years and see a thousand worlds. Never want for friendship or admirers.

To my own surprise, I told him no. Although I have wanted nothing more than to traverse the stars and often daydream of other worlds... I'm not ready for that, and I have too much to live for here. Too many people I love that I could not bear to never see again. My children, my lover. I told him that maybe at the twilight of my life, I would be ready.

He told me he understood, and in a moment I was back in bed and he was gone. I laid there a long time in a daze before coming back to reality.

There is so much in my mind right now I want to share, but I don't know how.

Take it as you will...


And that's my story. I don't know if you've had anything similar or if you'll ever get back to me - but I feel compelled to share this story, no matter how insane it my seem, with everyone I can.

I hope to hear from a MUFON representative soon. - MUFON CMS

NOTE: Don't hold your breath...Lon


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The letter was among several that went missing from Vatican archives in 1997.

Il Messaggero newspaper said a former Vatican employee had demanded a ransom of €100,000 (£72,000) for the letter.

It said the letter had been written entirely in Michelangelo's hand and signed by him.

This was rare, as the artist normally dictated letters to assistants, writing only his signature, Il Messaggero reported. Other details of the documents have not been disclosed.

It is not clear why the Vatican had not previously made public the theft, which was reported for the first time by the newspaper.

Police are now investigating the case.

The documents were stolen from the archive of the department that is responsible for the upkeep of St Peter's.

Michelangelo, who lived from 1475 to 1564, helped design the basilica, which was only completed in 1626.

He also painted the ceiling and the altar wall of the adjoining Sistine Chapel. - Vatican: Michelangelo letter drew ransom demand


'I Am Alien Number Six'

I was sleeping at the Liki Tiki Resort in Winter Garden, Florida on the morning of Tuesday, February 26, 2015. It was around 5:30AM when an usual creature appeared to me. It was very tall (7 feet?) and looked like a hybrid between human and "Grey". It was wearing a dark cloak with 2 color bands on it's collar (orange and yellow).

The being didn't look directly at me, but was slightly looking to its right. Therefore, I was looking mostly at the left side of it's face. It spoke to me, but it didn't move it's lips. It said the following, "I am a well-known member of your society. You know who I am. I am Alien number six.". I responded, "Who are you? What is your name?" It bend to its right as to pick something up off the ground, but then I woke up. - MUFON CMS


Shackleton's Guardian Angel

The feeling of an unseen presence during life-threatening situations is not as uncommon as it sounds.

The tale of Ernest Shackleton's doomed Antarctic expedition and his subsequent trek across the freezing wilds in an effort to find help for his stranded crew is well known, but what isn't as well documented is the fact that he and the two other men who were with him encountered the uncanny feeling of an unseen presence accompanying them as they trekked across the mountains.

They later described it as like having a fourth man alongside them, an invisible companion who joined them on the trip.

The presence seemed to stay with the men until they'd reached the whaling station at which point it disappeared. Disturbed by the experience, Shackleton later vowed never to speak of it again.

Despite the unusual nature of what the men described the feeling of a presence is actually not that unusual during certain life-threatening situations. Author John Geiger recently wrote about the phenomenon, which he refers to as the "third man", in a new book detailing dozens of similar experiences from people who have found themselves alone in the wilds or in severe danger.

While many dismiss the phenomenon as a hallucinatory defence mechanism, there are other examples such as sleep paralysis in which the feeling of a presence isn't quite so benevolent.

It's possible that the same feeling Shackleton and his men experienced could also account for tales of guardian angels, spirits or other paranormal presences reported over the centuries. Read more at The strange world of felt presences


Edison planned to build a 'spirit phone'

One of Thomas Edison's little-known ambitions was to build a device to hear the voices of the dead, according to a nearly lost chapter of the inventor's memoirs which is being republished in France this week.

The American, who developed the phonograph and is often cited, inaccurately, as being the first to come up with the light bulb, wanted to create a sort of "spirit phone" that recorded the utterances of departed souls.

Strangely, though, his account of dabbling in what would today be considered the occult was expunged in subsequent English-language editions of the book.

Some in America thought the idea was maybe a hoax or a joke by Edison, as no design for a "spirit phone" has ever been uncovered.

But in France, the 1949 French translation of inventor's original "Diary" was preserved intact -- with the missing final chapter.

French readers from Thursday will be able to rediscover Edison's unusual quest in a book titled "Le Royaume de l'Au-dela" (The Kingdom of the Afterlife) that republishes the text.

It may not be as he conceived it, but in a way the book channels Edison's words from beyond the grave.

The work is presented with commentary by Philippe Baudouin, a French radio presenter and trained philosopher, who told AFP: "This little-known episode in the history of talking machines was of special interest to me, as I'm a radio man."

The chapter shows how Edison tried in late 1870 to find a basis for his "spirit phone" invention by amplifying the sound from his phonographs, the precursor of gramophones and record players.

He even made a pact with an engineer working with him, William Walter Dinwiddie, that the first who died would "would try to send a message to the survivor from beyond," Baudouin said.

Edison believed not only that ghosts existed but but also that they were very talkative.

He "imagined being able to record the voice of another being, to be able to make audible that which isn't -- the voice of the dead," Badouin said. - Edison's 'Lost' Idea: A Device to Hear to the Dead


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