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Monday, March 16, 2015

Strange Howls

I received the following report this past weekend. I didn't have time to contact the witness, though I will sometime this week:

Hi - I happened upon one of your radio shows where you were discussing dog people and shape shifters.

I live on a small property along Bull Run Creek near Butte, Montana. I've lived in this area my entire life, so I'm very familiar with the wildlife.

For 3 years, I've been hearing strange howls coming from the foothills northeast of my property. It's not a coyote. I thought that it may be a wolf. But my cousin, who works for the National Park Service, heard it once and said that was not a wolf. The howls start around 10-11 PM but only last for a few minutes. it doesn't occur every night.

About 4 weeks ago, my son and I were helping a friend move an old hot water heater onto my truck to take to the dump. As I drove on the road by my friend's driveway, we noticed a carcass laying by the road. We stopped to see what it was. We were surprised because it was a cougar that had been literally ripped to shreds. I have never seen that before. There were a few canine tracks in the loose dirt. The tracks were quite large, I'd say 4x3 in. and deep. There was considerable weight to this canine. I contacted the local warden and directed him to the carcass.

My friend has also heard the strange howls. In fact, his dogs won't go out in the yard at night.

I fear that there is an unknown canine roaming through the foothills.

I know that it isn't much evidence but I'd like your opinion.

NOTE: I want to talk to the witness...I think he's got a large wolf roaming the area. Wolves can bring down some huge animals. If the cougar was old or disabled, I feel that it could have dispatched it. I've received reports over the years where western ranchers and hunters swore that they witnessed a Dire Wolf, though this is technically an extinct species. I'm not an expert in Rocky Mountain wildlife, so I'd be interested in your thoughts. Lon

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