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Monday, March 30, 2015

Demon Attack Claims In Factory

Workers claim attacks by demons in a factory in Swaziland:

MATSAPHA, Swaziland – Suspicions of a demon attack almost grounded operations in one of the textile firms in Matsapha as workers are said to have collapsed and made loud screams.

The frightening incident is said to have began on Friday at Kasumi Apparels Swaziland factory when two workers fell on the ground and began screaming hysterically while writhing on the factory floor.

On Monday, three more workers were also said to have been attacked within the factory and other employees ran helter-skelter as they tried to assist the three women who were crying out loud and claiming to see strange things.

The last straw was when two other women were also allegedly attacked by the said demon and began writhing and screaming on the floor.

“Our managers then decided to call pastors to the factory to pray for all of us as there seemed to be evil spirits lurking around,” a worker said.

True to her words, workers were found locked in a heated service yesterday during their lunch hour break. It was revealed that junior pastors were sent by a well-known pastor to pray for the workers.

Shouts of ‘come out, come out in Jesus name’ were heard from the enclosed area where the prayer session was being held.

“We do not know what is happening as this has never occurred before. We are worried now as we have also learnt that we may be laid off from work for two weeks,” said the worker, adding that maybe the attacks were as a result of stress.

One of the company personnel found standing among the workers, who did not make it into the hall, refused to comment when approached.

“I did not call the media to this prayer,” he retorted to the security guard who had approached him before disappearing into the hall.

Another shop steward, who preferred to remain anonymous, found outside the company premises during lunch, confirmed the demon scare that was currently taking place within the factory.

She said the situation was scary and they were monitoring what was taking place closely just to ensure that there was no foul play.

Kasumi Apparels Swaziland factory is a sister factory to Tex Ray Swaziland, which also experienced an unfortunate incident last year when some of its workers inhaled an unknown substance and began screaming and collapsing at their workstations.

The incident led to the whole factory being evacuated for days as the company waited for the fumes within the factory floor to dissipate. - Times.co.sz

NOTE: There has been several supposed 'demon attacks' in Swaziland the past few years...but this seems to be a case of 'mass hysteria' IMO. The phenomenon can take on a life of it's own when one person or a small group suddenly show an extreme reaction to something...especially in a society that has strong beliefs that malevolent entities are around every corner. I'll keep watch for a follow-up to this specific story...Lon

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