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Monday, March 30, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: MIB in Indiana -- 'Flying Manta Ray' Cryptid Report -- Man in India Crucifies Self

MIB in Indiana

Hammond, Indiana - 3/26/2012: It was 4pm I was walking out of a store. I looked across the street and there were two men in black suits, wearing sunglasses and they both had a black umbrella. They were standing perfectly still. I was very paranoid because I'm really into conspiracies and aliens and I read about Men In Black. As I started walking once I got at least 100 feet in front of them, they crossed the street and started to follow me. The way they moved was very unusual, not like a regular human walking (not implying they weren't human). I turned the corner and looked back and they were gone. It was strange because there was nowhere they could have gone so fast because I kept looking behind me. I went to my house and waited about 30 minutes and went back out to see if I could find anything out if they were still there or something. As I turned the corner, I saw one and I was so startled I fell and one ran to me in a very odd motion, I got up before he/it could reach me and ran home. - MUFON CMS

NOTE: Another odd incident from Hammond, Indiana. Lon


'Flying Manta Ray' Cryptid Report

I received this report from an eyewitness:

I've seen a gliding "manta ray" cryptid. It looked as if it were a living creature, and it was cloaked- think the predator movies. I watched it glide fluidly, gracefully, and silently directly over my head, no higher than 100 feet in the air. Very strange and it made me question so much about the world we live in. This sighting was probably 5 years ago in the small city of Gastonia, North Carolina. I will also mention that I witnessed this creature before I ever knew what a cryptid was. Only after googling what I had seen did I realize that others had seen the same thing.

The reason I'm posting about it tonight is because I witnessed something similar this evening. It looked like a rigid line of very dim christmas lights flying through the air. No fluid movement, just moving horizontally through the air, while aligned vertically. The "lights" were very very dim, almost hard to see. The object was flying with the wind on a slightly breezy night. It didn't appear to be very high in the sky, maybe 200 feet.

Both of these sightings really make me question what types of creatures are flying around in the sky, unseen.

No history of mental illness or hallucinations. B


2300+ Hungry Sea Lions Pile Into The Columbia River

California sea lions are literally piling into Astoria’s East Mooring Basin. They’ve taken over every square foot of the boat docks, and they’re even lying on top of each other for lack of space.

The latest sea lion count in the marina tallied a record 2,340 – a “mind-boggling number,” according to Bryan Wright of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Meanwhile California is seeing starving sea lion pups washing up on shore.

There’s probably a connection there, according to Nate Mantua, research scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Mantua said unusually warm water temperatures in the Pacific stretching from the Gulf of Alaska all the way to Mexico have likely affected the fish seals and sea lions typically eat in the ocean. The population of sardines, one of the staples of their diet, is experiencing a major crash. Meanwhile, millions of smelt returned to the Columbia River this year.

“The male sea lions that migrate up the coast in the spring and winter, they’re probably having a hard time finding food in the usual places where they forage,” he said. “Whereas the lower Columbia River has a relative abundance of food with the smelt run and the early stages of the salmon run.”

Wright said biologists have noticed a jump in sea lion numbers in the lower Columbia River that corresponds with several years of strong smelt runs in the river.

The usual sea lion counts in Astoria’s East Mooring Basin ranged from 100-300. Last year set a record with 1,420 sea lions. This year’s numbers shatter that record.

“It’s doubled and then doubled again and then increased even more, not quite doubling this year,” Wright said. “This year we’ve had a record number of California sea lions in the lower river near Astoria, following on the last two years, which at the time were historic numbers.”

Steve Jeffries, marine mammal biologist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, photographed a huge group of 6,422 harbor seals at the mouth of the Columbia last month. He said seals also follow the smelt runs, which have been significant the past two years.

He noted the California sea lion population of around 300,000 “is about as large as it’s ever been,” so changes in food availability are more likely to have an impact. In California, warm water has shifted the sea lions’ food base farther from shore, where females have their pups, he said.

“The females have to forage farther out, and they basically abandon their pups because they have to search farther and longer,” he said. “Their normal prey they eat has been disrupted. So they spend more time foraging and at some point their pups have to nurse.”

Wright said a big question now is how many sea lions will stay in the Columbia River and eat returning spring salmon. Oregon and Washington have authorization to kill some of the sea lions to protect threatened salmon and steelhead at Bonneville Dam.

A new bill sponsored by U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader, D-Ore., and U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Wash., would allow tribal members to kill sea lions and harbor seals to protect fish. - OPB


Man in India Crucifies Self for Return of Political Master

here in the world does political idolatry reach the bizarre levels that it does in India. Besotted followers often build temples for their favorite politicians.

For some strange reason, these modern-day deities are usually plump actresses past their sell-by date.

A recent case, a twist on this set formula, saw a gentleman by the name of Shihan Hussaini getting himself nailed to a cross, in order to show his loyalty to an ex-chief minister of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The ex-CM, Jayalalitha, too was an actress of some note in her heyday. She later carved a successful career as a politician.

Of late, though, her political fortunes have taken a nosedive. Apparently, this was the devoted follower’s way of paying obeisance to his mistress on her 67th birthday. The poor guy passed out when the nails were being removed.

He later said, “More than hitting the nails on the hands and legs, taking them out was extremely painful.” - ScoopWhoop



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