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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Airman Compensated For Rendlesham UFO Radiation Poisoning -- Giant North Texas Spider -- El Volcan de Colima UFOs

Airman Compensated For Rendlesham UFO Radiation Poisoning

An American airman has won a legal bid to force military health chiefs to pay for the treatment of an illness allegedly caused by a UFO encounter in Suffolk.

Airman First Class John Burroughs was involved in an incident in Rendlesham Forest in December 1980 which has become known as "Britain's Roswell".

He was exposed to huge doses of radiation whilst investigating a mysterious craft and claimed this left him in need of "lifesaving" heart surgery.

After decades of being "stonewalled", he has finally persuaded the US Veteran's Association (VA) to pay for his treatment.

His lawyer hailed the dramatic legal about-turn as a "de facto" admission that UFOs exist and can cause "physical injury".

Burroughs told Mirror Online: "I was not looking for anyone to believe me.

"All I have been concerned about was getting care for my illness. That was all that mattered."

The Rendlesham Forest incident is one of the great unsolved UFO encounters of the 20th century.

Several members of the United States Air Force witnessed a strange craft flying overhead on three consecutive nights.

Burroughs and a colleague Jim Penniston ventured from their base to inspect the UFO at close range, with Penniston describing a strange silver craft covered in symbols which resembled heiroglyphics.

Shortly afterwards, Burroughs fell ill with symptoms resembling radiation exposure.

But the real problems started in 2011, when doctors were astonished after the mithral valve of his heart had failed - something which usually happens to men much older than 50-year-old Burroughs.

"I couldn't work and was going downhill fast," he continued.

Neither Burroughs nor his doctor were able to access his medical records, which were classified.

Burroughs even claimed the Air Force denied he was employed with them at the time of the UFO incident.

He asked for the help of presidential candidate Senator John McCain, who was also unable to get his hands on all the medical records.

Finally, Burroughs' legal team found two documents from the British Ministry of Defence which showed high levels of radiation were detected at the site where he encountered the mystery UFO.

The US Veterans Association and Department of Defence then agreed to pay for his treatment.

"I'm still trying to work out what I saw," Burroughs said. "I think this is a phenomenon the government is aware of, but are still trying to work out exactly what it is.

"We had a very weird experience. There is clearly something strange going on."

FlickrNobody has fully explained what happened at Rendlesham ForestNobody has fully explained what happened at Rendlesham Forest
Burroughs' lawyer said the ruling was effectively an admission that UFOs are real.

"In citing the [MoD radiation documents] and in granting John Burroughs full disability for his injuries in Rendlesham Forest, the US Government has by de facto acknowledged the existence of unidentified aerial phenomena which, in John Burroughs' case, resulted in physical injury," Pat Frascogna said in an email.

Nick Pope, a researcher who spent several years investigating UFOs as a employee at the MoD, told us: "I think this development is hugely significant, whatever you believe about UFOs.

"One moment the US government was saying that nothing happened, but the next, John Burroughs and his attorney get hold of a formerly classified report that says John was probably irradiated by something in Rendlesham Forest."

However, Pope is still baffled about what exactly happened that December night in 1980. - British UFO encounter "gave me heart failure", says US airman after military chiefs agree to pay his medical bills


El Volcan de Colima UFOs

I check the WEBCAM photos of El Volcan de Colima (Colima, Mexico)daily. Today I discovered this triangular shaped UFO hovering beside the volcano. The other photos are of different sightings on different days. All photos are dated and time stamped. - MUFON CMS


Multi-Colored Triangle UFO Over Oklahoma

My colleague David Garrison forwarded the following report from a witness in Wellston, Oklahoma:

I have a story for you! Last night I had to go outside to check our propane. It was right at about 1:45 am, the skies were completely clear over our house for the first time in almost a week. The snow was reflecting the moonlight brightly so there was no need for a flashlight. I looked up and was reveling in the ability to see the stars and the edges of the clouds receding from our area. I saw a dark shape with bright lights that were going in a "circular" pattern around a triangular shape. The triangle got closer and for a split second I thought about going back in the house then thought what the heck, they can get me from the house as easy as from outside.

I stood there and continued to watch this object approach. There was no sound, the temperature was somewhere in the low teens. The lights were green, blue, red and white going around the object which confirmed that it was triangular, but I describe the light sequence as "circular" simply because it was going around the outside of the "ship".

I was the only person awake in my family so there was no one to corroborate what I saw. The ship reminded me strongly of the one that my daughter and I saw a couple years ago.

It took about 3 minutes I think, absolutely no sound and as cold as it was if anyone had been speaking within a mile of the place I would have been able to hear every word.

I spotted it at one horizon and watched it all the way past the trees on the west side of the house.

PS - I forgot to tell you that when it was directly overhead I saw a circular projection under the triangular portion that also had lights rotating around the outside of the ring portion.

NOTE: Has anyone seen anything similar to this? Lon


Giant North Texas Spider

I received this inquiry:

Once we were going through North Texas and there was, what I thought was persons clothing or garbage, on the roadway. It was a huge spider giant one. I mean GIANT ONE. Never seen anything like it. We swerved to avoid hitting it. Afraid it would hitch a ride. It was back in the late 90's maybe 1997. We were traveling across country from Phoenix going to Cincinnati. We had crossed into North Texas from New Mexico. On the main interstate. It was a clear day but not a lot of traffic. There it was maybe 1 and a half to 2 feet long. I thought it was trash at first from a distance. As we got closer it appeared to moving into our lane. We got out of it's way. I come from the midwest I have seen large garden spiders the size of the palm of your hand but never anything that size. JB

NOTE: OK...does anyone have any idea what this was? Are there tarantulas that grow that large? Lon


'Haunted' mansion hits the market on Staten Island

A historic, and possibly haunted, mansion has hit the market on Staten Island. The 10-bedroom home is supposedly haunted by the spirits of the former owner and his daughters, according to local legends. The owners are asking $2.31 million, the New York Post reported. The 7,700-square-foot Italianate villa-style home, located at 2475 Richmond Road, was once owned by Gustav Mayer, a 19th-century inventor whose sugar-cookie recipe is the basis for Nabisco’s Nilla Wafers. After his death in 1918, his two daughters remained in the home, living beyond their 100th birthdays and rarely venturing outside. In fact, the former owners, Paula and Emilie, didn’t leave their bedrooms for decades, using an elaborate pulley system to bring in groceries and mail, according to the Post. The property is currently undergoing an extensive $570,000 restoration. - The Real Deal


NOTE: Hi folks...there will be no blog posts on Friday, so there will be no newsletter on Saturday. We will be at the hospital most of the day. Thanks for your support...Lon



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