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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Three Entities Walking Down the Street -- Port Angeles Mysterious Booms -- Utah Bigfoot Video

Three Entities Walking Down the Street

A few weeks ago, I reported on a flying ray-shaped anomaly sighted on Plainfield, IN. Since that time, several readers had mentioned that the same area has experience a variety of strange activity. Then today, I found the following MUFON CMS report:

Plainfield, Indiana: I can't remember the exact date but sometime last August (2005). I left my parents house for a few months and moved in with my sister just on the other side of town, one of these housing additions you see around here all the time now. Anyway one hot night, sticky and clear, I was doing what I always did, I had been up all night watching t.v. and everything was normal.

Keep in mind this is a housing neighborhood so there are houses and streetlights all around.

About 4:20 or 4:25a.m. I was in my bedroom upstairs watching Nick at Nite. For no apparent reason I suddenly got an urge, not a voice in my head, just an urge to look out the window. I stood up and slowly peaked out the blinds, and when I did, across the street, right underneath a streetlight I saw 3 entities walking, a tall one, a shorter one and a tall one, in that order, the short one was between the tall ones. They were skinny, they had long limbs, slightly larger heads than humans, and they walked funny.

One of the strangest things about this experience was that the exact second I looked out the blinds they were starring at me, like they knew I would look out the blinds at that exact second. Also, they were not walking side by side like three humans most likly would, they were walking in a straight line, and like I said they were walking funny, kinda like zombies in them old zombie movies, backs bent, arms just dangling, knees bent, like they weren't using much muscle, and heads dangling as well but cocked to stare at me. However, because of lighting outside, and in my room, or something like that I couldn't tell what color they were or make out any specific facial features, they just looked like black shadows in the streetlight, but not blobs, very well defined.

They kept on staring at me and I kept on staring at them and they kept on walking until I could not see them anymore because they went behind the other houses or something.

Once they were out of my sight the next thing I remember was backing away from the window, putting my hands on my head and saying "what do I do now". Then I slowly fell to the floor, I could not use my legs at all. So I crawled to my bed and lay down. I was panicking. I just lay there in bed, my heart racing, my legs useless, and I've never had a harder time trying to keep my eyes open, but for some reason I was afraid to fall asleep. I thought I would never wake up again.

As I sat there in my bed I thought about screaming for my sister to come help me, and then I even thought about calling 911, but I did'nt. I just laid down and tried to relax, hoping all these feelings would go away soon, and they did, thank goodness.

After a while I stood up and tried walking. It got better and better and eventually my heart beat went back to normal and I could walk again.

Soon after that I fell asleep.

I woke up the next day feeling normal 'for the most part'. It was a beautiful day.

Eight months later, as I write this, the lingering psychological effects are slowly starting to diminish, and I'm getting better. No physical effects by the way. - MUFON CMS


Miscarried Babies Sent To Laundry By Mistake

A Las Vegas hospital has accidentally sent twin miscarried foetuses wrapped in linen to a laundry facility.

Officers were called by laundry company Angelica on Tuesday morning after workers discovered the foetuses.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the foetuses were 16 weeks into development and were found in a laundry truck.

Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center, the hospital that accidentally delivered them, said in a statement that the mother arrived at the hospital after suffering a miscarriage at another location.

The twins were wrapped in linens before her arrival, it said.

"We are currently reviewing the situation to determine what occurred. However, the remains are currently in the hospital's possession, and we are working with the family at this time," hospital spokeswoman Gretchen Papez said in the statement.

Police said the incident was not considered suspicious, but a coroner's office would investigate the case. - SKY


Port Angeles Residents Rattled By Mysterious Booms

A couple of mysterious booms that rattled residents of the Port Angeles area seemed to be coming from the Strait of Juan de Fuca, but the cause remains undetermined.

The Peninsula Daily News checked with the Clallam County sheriff’s office, the Coast Guard, Navy, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Canadian Forces and the Weather Service, and no one could account for Wednesday’s unusual sounds.

One resident, Michelle Kaake, heard two booms at her home.

“It vibrated the floor and rattled windows,” Kaake told the Peninsula Daily News.

She heard another one about five minutes later.

The newspaper reports that loud booms have been reported occasionally on the north end of the Olympic Peninsula for the past nine years without explanation. - Seattle.CBS

NOTE: An associate from the Port Angeles area has told me the seismic activity has increased over the past few years...is this related? Lon


Utah Bigfoot Video

Bigfoot Sighting American Fork Canyon near Tibble Fork Reservoir Enhanced or cut/paste https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBnhzxrpIMU

Description: I was up American Fork Canyon near Tibble Creek Reservoir. I thought I saw something a few minutes before when I was a little further away. It kinda scared me but I figured it was probably just a moose, elk, or maybe a bear. The area is pretty forested and I wasn’t quite sure where the animal was. I only saw it for a second before it disappeared behind some trees. I had to walk through some snow and trees to get to where I start the recording.

I saw movement in the trees and that’s when I move the camera to capture whatever it was. I was scared already but when it stepped into the clearing outside of the trees I was absolutely terrified. I only saw it for a second before I ran. The video captured more than I can remember. I only remember it being the most massive animal I have seen and I can’t think about it without shaking. I don’t want to say that it is for sure a bigfoot or sasquatch, but I don’t know what else it could be. I spend a lot of time outdoors hiking etc, and I have never seen a bigfoot or even believed that they could be possible.

NOTE: What do you think? Lon



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