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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Readers Respond to the 'Lakewood Lycan' Sighting

Soon after I posted the Denver cryptid report (I'm referring to this cryptid, presently, as the 'Lakewood Lycan'), I started to receive information and experiences from the readers. Here are two submissions:

My husband saw something that sounds similar to the type of cryptid in your Denver story.

He said something huge with 20 to 25 ft. wingspan as big as a cow...landed in front of our house in the tree line or close to the tree line on a very foggy day. He saw it earlier that morning land northwest of our house in the woods and then later in the day in front of the house. He has had a hard time describing detail but said it looked right at him and made a loud sound...said the best thing he could relate what it sounded like was when bearings go out on a car? He said once it made that sound it shot straight up in the air and disappeared. My husband is not the type of man to do hoaxes or mess with me as a joke about something like this. He said he wasn't too old to be crazy but he knows what he saw. BTW he is 39 years old. He said it landed on two legs. I'm hoping when the illustration is published on your website he is able to say if it is what he saw that day. It has bothered him...he doesn't seem scared...but I'm sure that's because there was distance between them, it was during the day and he was standing next to the porch of our house. He had also told me he thought it had fur/hair but couldn't tell for sure.

Plus we have had BF activity out here. Before we knew we had BF activity and thought it was squatters he had gone out to confront what we thought was homeless squatters ....we called the police and he and the officer had high beamed lights couldn't see it but could hear it walking and breathing. Then later I had visuals...several now.

I went out the day after he told me what he saw and took some picture of what looks like a print but almost looks mechanical? This print is different then the BF prints I have had...and why I thought maybe what he saw made them...maybe not(?) I had wondered if the military had some jet pack type experiments?? After reading this story I am wondering if these aren't related. I've attached the image of the print I found.

We live in Central Oklahoma close to the North Canadian river. A creek run's in front of our house that connect to the NC river. If memory serves me correctly it was in January 2015 when this happened.

Look forward to any updates! K

NOTE: Though I have not released the sketches (yet), I can assure you that the cryptid did not have wings. At this point, we are leaning towards a type of bi-pedal canine...though, there are other 'supernatural' factors involved. Lon

Another reader forwarded the following MUFON CMS report:

MUFON Case 23617
2010-05-14 at 02:45
Lodi, California

"I had taken my dogs for a run early in the morning - about 2:30 on May 14th 2010. I was southeast of Lodi on Live Oak Road where the road to the winery intersects. There are outside lights and I saw something crouched in the road which I thought at first was a coyote eating something. Then it stood up and was about 4 1/2 feet tall so I knew it wasn’t a coyote. It stooped back down and appeared to gather up whatever it had been eating; gave a little hop and soared away over the grapevines in an up down, up down motion. The wings sort of glistened in the light and did not seem to have feathers. I thought it looked like a gigantic bat, but have never heard of a bat that big. The dogs seemed to be frightened and jumped into the car. I was so amazed at what I saw.”

NOTE: Again, the investigators do not believe that they are dealing with a winged being...though you must be able to expect anything! Stay tuned for updates...Lon

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