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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Giant Humanoid Pursues Witnesses

Researcher and colleague Albert Rosales forwarded a recent amazing encounter report from central Spain...specifically, multiple witnesses chased by a giant humanoid:

Location: Talavera de la Reina, Toledo, Spain
Date: August 21, 2014
Time: late night

The main witness, F. L. and two friends had gone to perform some meditation exercises in a field near a local extension bridge. After sometime of silent meditation a luminous sphere 1/3 the size of the moon descended to hover over the men. At first F. L. attempted to ignore the object but was suddenly struck by a powerful “electrical current”. A minute later the large sphere vanished but not before a smaller luminous sphere was seen to detach itself from the larger one. Curious the three friends looked around and walked alongside a wall about 2.5m in length which connected two posts, this went on along the field for about 1km.

As they searched the area they began to notice a very strong sulfuric odor around them and the temperature seemed to rise also. F. L. decided to run ahead of his two friends to reach the end of the wall. As he ran he suddenly heard his friends yelling at him, “Stop, Stop! Please come back, come back!” F. L. then stopped and turned around, running back to his friends, who stood about 100 meters away. His two friends then told F. L. that, while he ran, they had seen on the other side of the wall a strange figure at least 3-4 meters in height which seemed to slide at high speed right above the ground in his direction. As his friends began to scream the figure seemed to hide behind a tree only about 5 meters away from F. L. (on the other side of the wall).

At that very same moment F. L. turns around and sees standing behind the tree a gigantic figure, 3-4 meters tall with eyes that shone a bright golden-yellow light. He stared in disbelief at the figure’s eyes as it stared back at him. At that moment only he could think was that the creature was going to “grab him” and yells at his friends to run. All three took off running for their life (at least that was the feeling among the witness) as they ran they looked behind them and could see the huge figure sliding on top of the wall apparently following the men. They ran until the road ended and then they ran across a wooded field near the bridge. Upon reaching the main road the strange figure had thankfully disappeared.

The next day the main witness returned to the scene and was stunned to see that the tree which the creature had briefly hidden behind was about 8 meters in height, and he is now convinced that the creature was almost as tall as the tree itself, making much taller than 4 meters(!). He searched around and found an area of flattened and scorched grass. The odor was no longer present. According to his two friends, as they ran their legs felt numb as if being pricked but sharp needles which impeded their progress (F. L. did not feel this). All three men reported that as they entered the field running away from the gigantic figure they were enveloped in some sort of “spider web” which covered their faces making visibility almost impossible. They eventually freed themselves from the strange web-like substance and left the area. According to F. L. the trees in the area were mostly dried up with little vegetation and he has never seen spiders or webs in the area.

Source: Direct from witness

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