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Friday, August 29, 2014

Paranormal Underground

By Greg May - The recent posting of the trail cam photo showing a gnome-like entity in the woods of Butler County, Pennsylvania has put the Keystone State back into the paranormal limelight. Butler County has more than its share of paranormal occurrences ranging from UFOs and Bigfoot to sightings of elves and gargoyles.

The Butler County Gargoyle was a winged entity sighted by a motorist in 2011. The witness told Stan Gordon the creature was standing behind a highway directional sign that was eight feet high. The Gargoyle was taller than the sign! Interestingly, a very similar account was told to Brad Steiger by witness Sandy Nichols in 2005. Nichols was motoring late one night on a country road outside Nashville and encountered a ‘Mothman-like’ creature that was also standing beside a road sign that was 7.5 feet tall. Could this have been the same entity sighted later in Butler County, Pennsylvania?

Jesus is doing unusual things in these Last Days to wake people up to the fact that He is returning soon and that our Age is just about over. Satan is busy, too, knowing his time is running out. Christian evangelicals believe UFOs and extraterrestrials are demonic entities that Satan uses in his ‘Great Deception’ which he launched in 1947 when pilot Kenneth Arnold observed flying saucers near Mt. Rainier and when the saucer was found near Roswell, New Mexico. In 1948 Israel became as nation which, according to Scriptures heralds the return of Christ. The New Age Movement - one of the false doctrine Jesus warned against in the Last Days – teaches that extraterrestrials will save humanity from the Apocalypse. People are more apt to believe in something tangible – like an alien or a UFO – than in something spiritual, which is God.

In his book, “23 Minutes in Hell” Bill Weise recounts his frightening, nightmare-isn’t-a-good-enough-word-for-it visit to the Underworld which he claims he saw from 3,700 miles beneath the surface of the Earth when Jesus showed him Hell to get the word out that Hell is very, very real and Jesus was returning “very, very soon”. Chuck Smith, author of ‘What The World Is Coming To’ says “the abyss is literally a shaft. Somewhere upon the surface of the Earth there is a shaft. The entrance to this shaft leads down into the heart of this Earth where Hades exists. Hades is often translated ‘Hell’ in the Bible. Hell does exist. It is in the center of the Earth”.

Weise claims he fell through a tunnel down into the bowels of the Earth where he encountered creatures which resembled hairy bipeds such as ‘Bigfoot’ and bipedal reptoids like ‘Lizardman’. Could the creatures we see occasionally be these same creatures of the Underworld that find their way to the surface to fascinate and frighten us? Proponents of the ‘Hollow Earth Theory’ such as Richard Shaver told of demonic creatures he allegedly encountered underground in Ray Palmer’s ‘Amazing Stories’.

No doubt Earth is riddled and honeycombed with tunnels, shafts and passageways that lead to underground caverns and worlds unknown to us. Generations of miners who migrated from the Old Country to America and who worked the mines beneath Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky were cautious of certain sounds they dreaded while working underground which were omens of impending disaster. A particular superstition was an ominous organ chord which heralded a cave-in. Also, child-like laughter and elfin entities were observed moments before mining disasters occurred.

Our government has spent billions of dollars on outer and inner (undersea) space exploration but imagine what could be discovered if an intensive effort was made to explore the bowels of the Earth? Stories of underground bases have been fodder for readers of conspiracy theories for years but could there be more to what lurks underground? Perhaps this would shed light on cryptozoological mysteries as we explore the lair of the unknown – underground.

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