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Friday, August 08, 2014

Possible 3rd 'Mantis Man' Sighting

Well...it's happened again. Last evening I received a supposed 'mantis man' sighting report on the Musconetcong River, just south of downtown Hackettstown, NJ. This is the 3rd witness sighting report from this area forwarded to me since July 2011.

The Hackettstown Life Forum has kept a thread going since the 2nd sighting. From time to time I'll post my contact information for further sightings or information.

The report I received last evening:

Mr. Strickler - I saw something strange a few weeks ago on the M'cong River near my home here in Hackettstown, New Jersey.

I was driving home from the drug store on Newburgh Rd. As I drove near the bridge over the river, I noticed to my left something (I thought a fisherman) standing in the river just off the southbank. I slowed the car and looked closer. It wasn't a person and it was transparent-like with a weird shape. It moved slowly towards the bank and into the trees. I drove further so I could see it coming out of the trees. That's the last I saw of it.

It was tall, 8 ft. or so and had long thin arms hanging off of it. The color was a pale brown, but I could see through it! The head was small compared to the body.

It was sunny that day so I thought it may be glare from the water, but after I thought back I realized I wasn't seeing a mirage or glare.

I checked the internet and didn't see anything about it.

I mentioned it to a co-worker in my office at lunch on Wednesday. He gave me the strangest look. I thought 'uh-oh' he thinks I'm nuts. We went back to his computer and he brought up the Hackettstown forum with the mantis man witness. Your information was there so I decided to contact you today.

Can you get back to me?

I contacted the witness this morning at his work number. His description of the encounter hadn't changed. He stated that he thinks that he witnessed the same anomaly previous reported by the other witnesses. His estimation of the date of the sighting was between July 22-25th. I asked him if he had gotten a prescription since he was at the drugstore. There was no prescription but he later found a receipt for July 25th and contacted me. He forwarded a Google Map image (below) of the river at the spot where he first noticed the anomaly. I was at the previous location on the Musconetcong River in May 2013...taking photos and interviewing people in the area. I plan to return for a followup. I believe this witness and those people with the previous encounters to be truthful. There is something definitely occurring in the area. Lon

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