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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: New UFO Evidence in Valentich Plane Mystery -- ‘Ghost Adventures' Goodwin Fired -- Underwear-Stealing Ghosts

This photograph was taken off Cape Otway 20 minutes before pilot Frederick Valentich went missing.

Farmer may hold UFO clue to 36-year Valentich plane mystery

Almost 36 years to the month that Victorian pilot Fred Valentich vanished without a trace, an independent researcher says there is evidence suggesting the 20-year-old’s Cessna was spotted in the sky over South Australia — attached to a UFO.

The Victorian UFO ­Action group wants help to identify a farmer near Adelaide who reportedly ­witnessed the 30m craft hovering over his property the morning after Mr Valentich went missing.

It is claimed the Cessna was stuck to the side of the craft, leaking oil. The farmer even scratched the plane’s registration number on to his tractor but never came forward with the information because he was ridiculed by the few friends he told.

The theory has sparked furious debate as the nation’s leading UFO investigators prepare for a national conference in Melbourne next month.

Lead investigator George Simpson, one of the last people to see the plane in the sky, says the farmer, if still alive, might have information to solve the mystery.

He conceded there was no proof, but said it was the best new lead for a case that had intrigued Australians for decades. “It’s easy for some to dismiss, but there are corroborating stories confirming that there was a UFO near Adelaide at the time,” Mr Simpson said.

Mr Valentich had been on a routine cargo flight to King Island in October 1978 when he disappeared.

In his last conversation with air traffic control, he ­reported an object hovering in front of him and said it was “not an aircraft’’. It was the last thing Mr Valentich said before a strange metallic clicking sound was heard and the transmission stopped.

Extensive searches failed to find any trace of the plane or the pilot.

“This was an experienced pilot who should have been able to identify another aircraft but was clearly unable to,” Mr Simpson said.

Adding to the mystery, an amateur photo taken in the area that evening shows a dark unidentifiable shape in the sky.

Investigators are also trying to find a copy of Valentich’s final transmission that was originally aired on Melbourne radio station 3XY.

The Valentich case will be among a string of Aussie X-files to be discussed when the Victorian UFO Action group hosts its “Age of Reason” conference on September 6. - Herald Sun


‘Ghost Adventures’ Star Gets Fired, Reveals Disappointing Truth About Paranormal Television Series

Aaron Goodwin has been fired from the Travel Channel television series Ghost Adventures, according to Travel Channel executive and spokesman Richard Roscolelli. Goodwin was fired from the series following a rant while being interviewed on a popular podcast. During the interview on the Are We Alone show hosted by Joshua Sweeney, Goodwin went on about an eight minute rant about how the Travel Channel took everything that was authentic and truly paranormal about the show and made a mockery of it by making the crew record its own voices in place of actual EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) when filming did not reveal enough evidence to satisfy producers.

During the two-hour podcast, Goodwin dished out the disappointing facts. It did not stop with the Travel Channel making them record their own EVP’s but he says they actually made them go back and film reactions of the crew so that they would act surprised when hearing things that did not actually occur.

“If we film all night long and came back with uneventful material, they actually make us go back, and act out scenes. It’s sickening really,” said an angry Goodwin. “This started off as a real thing, it is just not consistent and active enough for the big-shots at the network, so they basically have turned us into liars. We have been committing a fraud in my eyes and I’ve just about had enough.”

Co-stars of Goodwin, Zak Bagans and Nick Groff, have been unavailable for comment. Roscolelli says he expects the show to go on without Goodwin despite his efforts to ‘expose the truth.’

“We are not sure why he said what he said but it is all false. We suspect there may be a feud involving one, or both, of his co-stars, and what better way to get at them than attack the show?” Roscolelli said.

Ghost Adventures, which premiered October 17, 2008, just recently concluded its ninth season on July 12th. No plans or announcements have been made on when, or even if, there will be a tenth season. Some believe the show may have been cancelled, hence the statements made by Goodwin.

“Sounds to me like the show isn’t being renewed and its time to tell all for the crew,” said super-fan Hannah Belew. “It’s too bad. The show was fun. I think everyone watching knew it was faked anyway. Even people like me who really believe in ghosts and spirits know you can’t just walk into an old building, turn on some stupid night-vision cameras, and start seeing things. It was just good entertainment.”

Representatives for The Travel Channel were not available for further comment. - Empire News


'Underwear-stealing ghosts made my life hell'

'Terrified" Hull woman Pauline Hickson says she was forced to moved seven times by ghosts that stole her bras – and even used the shower. Faye Preston reports.

When her underwear started going missing, little did she know it would signal the start of two years of hell.

Because what could have been dismissed as a slight annoyance, was actually the work of forces beyond this world and one of many paranormal pranks that would ruin Pauline Hickson's life.

The 58-year-old says she was forced to move home seven times in two years because she has been followed around by two ghosts, who would steal her bras, take her jewellery and even use the shower.

"I thought I was going crazy," said Pauline, of Essex Street, west Hull.

"I didn't know why it was happening to me, it was like living through hell and I had no one to turn to."

The spooky happenings started two years ago, after she moved into a bungalow in Endike Lane, north Hull. Read more at Hull Daily Mail


Fresh effort to secure a pardon for Scotswoman convicted of witchcraft

Campaigners are launching new efforts to have the last woman in Britain imprisoned under the Witchcraft Act pardoned.

Helen Duncan, from Callander, near Stirling, was convicted at London's Old Bailey under the Witchcraft Act in 1944 after she revealed Second World War military secrets during a seance.

The medium was arrested in Portsmouth after holding a seance in 1941 in which she claimed to be contacted by a dead sailor from HMS Barham. The battleship had sunk after being torpedoed off the coast of Egypt just days before - but news of its sinking was not officially revealed to the public by the military until 1942.

Miss Duncan was sentenced to nine months in prison after being found guilty under section 4 of the Witchcraft Act 1735, but campaigners say she was wrongly convicted.

Former lawyer Graham Hewitt, who says he is acting on behalf of Miss Duncan's grandchildren, said he would be calling for a new review of the case. Mr Hewitt, assistant general secretary of the Spiritualists' National Union, said he had identified 96 mistakes made in the original trial.

Previous efforts to clear Miss Duncan's name have been unsuccessful, with the Scottish Government rejecting a petition to pardon her in 2008. Attempts to open a ­judicial review into the case also failed due to a lack of new evidence.

A spokesman for the ­Criminal Cases Review Commission said: "If Mr Hewitt wishes to send a fresh application to the commission then he is more than welcome to do so." - Herald Scotland



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