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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: UFOs Hover Near Macchu Picchu -- ISS Covered With Plankton -- Canada's 1st Paranormal Tale

UFOs Hover Near Macchu Picchu

Cusco (Macchu Picchu), Peru - translated: The photos were taken last April 30, 2014 but it was not until last Thursday, August 14 at the revise saw the objects in them, they are then taken to visit the ruins of Macchu Picchu in Cusco Peru on vacation, so the location is close to it, I'm not sure there were more witnesses and not hear anyone talk about it and as I described I also realized I object to review photos three and half months later, I had never seen this kind of lights and watching the image sequence, seem to be separated to be three fixed lights in the sky. - MUFON CMS


Space Station Covered With Plankton — Bizarre Discovery Baffles Scientists

A strange discovery on the International Space Station has left scientists baffled. It turns out that the space station has traces of living sea plankton on the surface of the spacecraft that orbits more than 200 miles above the Earth’s surface, and well above the planet’s atmosphere.

“The results of the experiment are absolutely unique,” said Russia’s chef Space Station scientist Vladimir Solovyev. “We have found traces of sea plankton and microscopic particles on the illuminator surface. This should be studied further.”

Solovyev said that the plankton is not a form of alien or extraterrestrial life. In fact. the organisms are native to oceans right here on Planet Earth. But how they got on the Space Station is total mystery.

The organisms were discovered during a routine polishing of the Space Station illuminators, the type of housekeeping that is “particularly needed during long space flights,” Solovyev said.

Scientists believe that the organisms could have been living on the outside of the International Space Station for many years. The first components of the space station were launched in 1998 and the station has been occupied by different crews of astronauts for almost 14 full years now.

But not until Russian astronauts Olek Artemyev and Alexander Skvortsov discovered the plankton during recent spacewalk were scientists aware that the living organisms had attached themselves to the Space Station — somehow.

The Russian science chief said he was in the dark as to “how these microscopic particles could have appeared on the surface of the space station.”

While the plankton are of a type that typically live on the surface of large bodies of water, the type found on the Space Station are not native to Baikonur, Khazakstan, which is the area from which the space station was launched.

“Plankton in these stages of development could be found on the surface of the oceans.

“This is not typical for Baikonur. It means that there are some uplifting air currents which reach the station and settle on its surface,” Solovyev said.

Certain microscopic organisms can not only survive but thrive even in extremely hostile environments, such as outer space where there is no oxygen and where temperatures are extreme.

But the real mystery remains how the plankton got onto the surface of the International Space Station in the first place. - Inquisitr


Lost Villages - home to Canada's first paranormal tale

CORNWALL, Ontario - Are you a believer?

A new report released recently suggests more than 14,000 oddities involving aliens, space craft and strange lights have been catalogued in the last 25 years - but the Cornwall area is home to what could be considered Canada's first such encounter.

A Winnipeg group known as Ufology Research has compiled and analyzed reported sightings of unidentified flying objects across Canada since 1989 - finding explanations or reasonable explanations for about half of the events.

But a close encounter of the weird kind occurred west of Cornwall back in the 1840s which continues to confound researchers and historians.

What became known as the 'Marsh Point Ghost' started out as strange lights on a September evening back in 1845. A farmer was walking home one night, along the banks of the Cornwall Canal west of community, when he spotted the phenomenon.

He spied strange lights dancing around the farm owned by Granny Marsh, 80, who lived with her daughter Clara, 60, on the property, which was located on the island of Milles Roches - which is now among the Lost Villages west of Cornwall.

Unsure what the strange dancing orbs to be, the farmer visited the farm the next morning to determine what kind of disaster had befallen the poor old ladies - but the women said they had seen and heard nothing.

"They were highly amused to hear that people with lights had been seen to be wandering around their place after dark," reported Rex Lambert, a CBC reporter who in the 1960s recounted the circumstances of the event.

Before long the unknown farmer heard from other residents who claimed to see the lightshow as well.

For the next several weeks countless people witnessed lights, some that seemed to move about the property, cross the canal waters and even climb trees, which were accompanied by the sounds of clanging and even small explosions.

Before long the old women who lived on the property became alarmed.

The phenomenon ended with the arrival of winter and never returned. Experts at the time concluded the event was unlikely to be a hoax, considering the fact that the victims appeared to be a pair of kingly elderly women who lived in a remote part of the country - hardly the best targets for such a prank.

The mystery of the event continues to this day - much of which has been lost to the passage of time.

"I'd never heard a word of this," said Lost Villages Historical society president Jim Brownell in an interview. - Cornwall Seaway News


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