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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Seeking An Interstellar 'Rosetta Stone'

My April 14, 2010 post The Eckhart Encounters - Further Evidence included images of alien symbols that the experiencer had witnessed and written down. In some instances, alien craft observed by witnesses supposedly have unknown symbols marked on the exteriors. There are petroglyphs and hieroglyphs incorporated in ancient art and text...some that show unknown symbols. Are these human inspired or was it the result of extraterrestrial intervention? Possibly the first written account referencing non-terrestrial symbols is a story in Japanese folklore. Below are two similar but separate texts of the encounter.

Utsuro-bune no Banjyo (A Foreign Woman in the Hollow Boat)

The story takes place on February 22 in the spring of 1803. Offshore from a beach called Hara-yadori in the territory of Ogasawara Etchuu-no-kami (4000 koku'), who occupied a position named "Yoriai-seki" of Tokagawa shogunate at that time, a kind of boat was observed from the beach. People approached this boat using their small boats and eventually caught it. They towed it to the beach.

The boat was round and resembled a kind of kou-hako (a box used to burn incense). Its diameter was more than 3 ken (5.45 in). On the upper part of the boat, there were glass-fitted shoji (windows with lattice) and they were shielded by chan (a kind of waterproofed putty made from pine-tree gum). The bottom of this ship was reinforced by separated iron plates. This structure may protect the boat from destruction by sunken rocks. Since the glass-fitted shoji was transparent, the people could see the inside the boat, where they found a woman with strange features. Her hair and eyebrows were red, and her face was pink. It seemed that long white hair was added to her original hair.

This foreign woman held one square box whose size was about two shaku (60 cm) in her hands. It seemed that this box was very important to her because she held this box constantly, and she prohibited anyone from approaching it.

The objects found in this boat were investigated by the people. There was about two shou (3.6 liters) of water in the small bottle. There were two pieces of carpet, cake-like food, and kneaded meat. While people discussed what to do about this boat, the woman observed them peacefully.

An old villager said, "This woman may be a daughter of a king in a foreign country and might have been married in her home country. However, she loved another man after marriage and her lover was put to death. Since she was a princess previously, she could get sympathy and avoid the death penalty. She had been forced to be put in this boat and was left to the sea to be trusted to fate. If this conjecture is correct, her lover's severed head is inside the square box. In the past, a similar boat with a woman inside drifted ashore in a beach not far from here. In that incident, a severed head placed on a kind of chopping board was found inside the boat. Judging from this kind of secondhand information, the contents of the box may be similar. This may explain why the box is so important to her and she is always holding it in her hands. We may be ordered to use much money to investigate this woman and boat. Since there is a precedent for casting this kind of boat back out to sea, we had better put her inside the boat and send it away. From a humanitarian viewpoint, this treatment is too cruel for her. However, this treatment would be her destiny.

Many foreign characters were found inside this boat. I found similar characters on a British ship that recently arrived offshore from Uraga in Japan. From this observation, that woman may be a British, Bengali, or American princess. No one knows exactly.

Another similar description of the incident was found in Utsuro-bune no Koto (Concerning An Incident of The Hollow Boat)

On March 24, 1803, a strange boat drifted ashore on a beach named Haratono-hama in Hitachi state in Japan. The boat was hollow and its shape was similar to a rice-cooking pot. It had a kind of rimmed-edge at the center-level part of the boat. In the part above this edge, the boat was painted in black and had four small windows on four sides. All shoji (windows with lattice) were shielded by chan (a kind of waterproof putty made from pine-tree gum). The lower part of the boat was reinforced by steel bars. These bars looked to be made of Western-made iron of the highest quality. The height of the boat was one jyou, two shaku (3.64m) and its diameter was one jyou, eight shaku (5.45m).

A woman (or girl) was found inside this boat and her age appeared around twenty. She was about five shaku (1.5m) tall and her skin was white as snow. Her long hair vividly hung on her back. Her facial features were incomparably beautiful. Her clothes were strange and unrecognizable and her language was not understood by anyone. She held a small box in her hands and prohibited anyone from approaching this box.

Was this just a legend or was it inspired by a real event? According to the references, no records of the mysterious incident have been found in official documents in Japan. Hitachi state was not far from the capital Edo (Tokyo) and faced the Pacific Ocean. The beach in this state was very important for national security in the Tokugawa period (1603-1867). Therefore, most parts of eastern border of Hitachi state were occupied by the Mito-Tokugawa family who were the relatives of the Tokugawa (Shogun) family (Kimura 1980). Literature and history scholars find it difficult to believe that an incident involving a strange boat and a woman on a beach in Hitachi state was not been recorded in any official documents of the Tokugawa period. But, then again, a lot has happened in Japan since 1803.

So, what are they (aliens and our ancestors) trying to say? Below are several examples of petroglyphs and hieroglyphs...some are on rocks and some were copied from alien craft. Is there a similarity or connection between the symbols? What's the chance of ever finding a primer to decipher the markings? Lon

NOTE: As I've stated previously, I'm not keen on the idea of communicating with non-terrestrials...though, our ancestors probably did to some degree. Deciphering some of the clues may very well help us understand what we may be in store for in the future. Lon

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