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Monday, August 04, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Trail Cam Light Anomaly -- Mystery Animal Roaming Norwalk, CA -- Major UFO Event in Switzerland

Trail Cam Light Anomaly

Haslett, MI - 7/31/2014: We have a game camera that we put up to observe the deer across the street from our house. My husband brought the disk in on Sunday which contained approximately 120 pictures over a 4 day period. On July 31 at 11:00pm beginning picture number 34, we had three pictures of 6 bright lights, all the same size and in a perfectly straight line, in the air. The lights stayed exactly the same except changed in height. The camera is motion activated and is set to take 3 consecutive shots and then go into a 5 minute timeout. In the next shot after the timeout the lights were no longer visible. We have had this camera up over the last 3 years and have never gotten anything even close to this. There was a deer in the shot which seemed to be running off. The camera faces an old driving range, so there are no roads or buildings that would be in the picture. - MUFON CMS


Man With Axe Apparition?

A man clutching an axe inside an old military frigate doesn’t make for your typical ghost story, nor does it make typical fodder for an internet hoax.

But a photograph showing a ghostly figure with an axe in his hand aboard a decommissioned military vessel on a dry dock has gained a lot of traction on social media sites.

Stevgoldhound, who posted the picture on Imgur yesterday, claims it was taken by a colleague of his called John who works as a dock foreman.

John apparently took the picture while snapping work areas and navigating deep within the ship with a torch. He didn’t see anyone while taking the images.

Another user of the site cleaned up the image and came up with this. Creepy huh?

'Ghost with axe' spotted on military ship will freak you out

‘Due to the fact that it was a military vessel the police were called,’ Stevgoldhound wrote. ‘A search was carried out but no one was found. There was one way on and off the ship, and that was by a gangway covered by CCTV. (You couldn’t jump over the side as it was a 25 meter drop on to concrete).’

Stevgoldhound added: ‘I am a sceptic. Maybe its a trick of the flash reflecting off something, but if you really zoom in you can just make out the f—— face, ear, collar of his jacket and the f—– axe in a meaty f—— fist.

‘Now it could be John blowing smoke up my ass, but when he was telling the story he seemed genuinely rattled. And the guy in the pic looks nothing any of the other workers we met at the dock.’

What do you think? A ghost, someone who somehow snuck on the boat or something else? - Metro


Mystery Animal Roaming Norwalk, CA

NORWALK, Calif. (KABC) -- A mysterious animal was caught on camera roaming the streets of Norwalk, causing concerns among some neighbors about a lion in their midst.

"It looks like a big cat, but then when you look at it again, it could be a dog. The gait, the way the animal is walking, it kind of has the characteristics of a cat, but we really don't know at this point," Norwalk Mayor Marcel Rodarte said.

While the experts work to identify the mystery animal, the mayor is trying to get the word out to the people living in this neighborhood to keep an eye out for small pets.

"We want to make sure that if this is a wild animal or if this is maybe a pet that someone kept illegally that people are aware to keep an eye out for it, because our goal is really to capture the animal and put it in the safe place," Rodarte said.

Many of the neighbors said they're scared for their pets. Others wondered what the animal might be and how it got here.

"It doesn't belong here. What's it doing here? There's no mountains in the back or anything like that," neighbor Vivian Romero said.

But others said they've seen it before and think it's something far less ominous.

"It's a big, gray dog. It looks kind of like a Rottweiler or a Pit bull and it just kind of goes through the neighborhood digging up trees and goes on about its business," neighbor Chai Harter said. Video can be found at ABC7

NOTE: Looks like a big predatory cat...large, long tail and feline stride. Lon


Major UFO Event in Switzerland

I (together with 50-100 people) had witnessed a major UFO sighting in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1997, and it still mystifies me to this date. What is most surprising is that I am unable to find any reference to it on the internet and so am writing to you in the hope that you would be able to investigate.

The year was 1997 and I was doing my post-graduate studies in an internationally acclaimed institution in Lausanne that year. I am from Asia ans have since gone back to live in Asia, it was only that year that I was spending in Lausanne. It was in the later half of the year probably in Aug or Sep. It was a Saturday night, and had gone out in one part of Lausanne with some friends. I then left that part of Lausanne and was walking to another part of Lausanne where I was meeting some other friends.

Suddenly, I saw hundreds of people who had stepped out of their restaurants and looking in the sky. This was near the Lake Geneva shore and the area was an upmarket one with classy restaurants. The people witnessing this were all urban, well educated and well-off people. I looked up in the sky and saw somewhere between 15 - 20 lights hovering in the sky. They were fairly low in the sky and hence could be seen clearly, ie no room for doubt on maybe eyes playing game on us etc. The closest one could think of the lights was a formation of military aircrafts, but they couldn't be aircrafts because they were just stationary and making no sound. As I mentioned, it was so unique that people eating in many restaurants there had all come out of their restaurants half way through their meal to witness this. After a few mins, the lights moved up into the sky very quickly and disappeared in the same formation, perfectly synchronised. I myself am a well educated person in senior management, and not one prone to believing in unexplained phenomena. This was a very clear incident of unidentified flying object with no room for doubt.

Unfortunately, none of my friends were there. I expected this to be reported in the newspapers next day. But the newspapers were all in French and I don't know French at all. I asked some of my friends who knew French whether anything was mentioned in the newspapers, and they said no. Those days of course, the internet was just in its infancy.

For years now, every now and then, I search the internet to see if this has been highlghted anywhere, especially in specialist ufo sites like yours, but surprise not to find anything. I am hoping you have associates in Lausanne, Switzerland who are able to talk to the locals there and find out. This took place in an area called Ouchy, that is just by the lakeside. There are a clutch of restaurants on Avenue Willaim Fraise very close to the Movenpick Hotel. - MUFON CMS



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