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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Ghostly Mosaic Appears...Then Disappears -- New 'Nessie' Image -- Golden UFO Photographed in Sacramento

Ghostly mosaic appears / disappears at Shrub Hill station, Worcester

Mystery surrounds the apparent sudden appearance, and disappearance, of a beautiful mosaic wall with arches at Worcester's Shrub Hill Station.

London Midland says the baffling account, from a regular train passenger at the station, has left them scratching their heads.

Short of mentioning ghosts or a time slip to puzzle Dr Who, the station operators can only suggest that the witness saw the recently restored waiting room and was mistaken.

But the witness is quite clear on what she saw, and said that other passengers both saw and remarked on the stunning tiled wall, which no one, apparently, had seen before.

The sighting took place on the evening of Thursday, July 31.

Worcester passenger, Rosalyn Golds said: "I spotted something from the train window in Shrub Hill station, at the far end of the station, - the platform opposite the main exit side. It was an absolutely beautiful wall - sizable - of brightly coloured mosaic tiles in red and blue with arches built into it.

" It was highly unusual - I've never seen anything like it in a UK station - it was almost Mediterranean. It looked to have been recently uncovered firstly as it hadn't been there previously; but also due to the strength of its colour. I'm not sure what it was - an old ticket office maybe? The passengers were commenting on how pretty it was and everyone assumed it was being restored."

But she added: "The next day, however, it had been taken down! There is a gap in the wall where it was and some fencing left round it. I'd be surprised if it had been demolished simply as it really did look lovely."

London Midland say that nothing can be removed from the Grade 2 listed station, and so the mystery deepens.

A London Midland spokesman, Gerard Burgess said: "We are scratching our heads here; we’ve no idea.

"The station is grade 2 listed so nothing can be put in or taken away. The only thing we can think of is that they spotted the restored waiting room but perhaps arrived back on a different platform maybe ?" - Worcester News


New 'Nessie' Image

John Gillies (witness) description:

Latest Nessie picture,Never seen this when taken the pictures,i was just looking over the pictures today. but you can see some thing is there.

NOTE: Mmmm...looks like a tree branch. Lon


Golden UFO photographed in Sacramento

A woman saw a glowing UFO in the sky above Sacramento, California on two separate days.

The witness, Sunda Barker, was walking home on the afternoon of August 9 when she noticed a UFO in the sky. She describes the aerial object as gold and extremely bright. And she states, “It was beautiful. It was radiant. It was just unexplainable.” She immediately began taking photos of the UFO with her iPhone camera.

Barker claims she saw this golden UFO two days later.

Local ABC affiliate KXTV News 10 aired a news segment about Barker’s sighting. Reporter Damany Lewis explains that, in describing the aerial object, Barker “didn’t want to use those three initials: U.F.O.” Like many UFO witnesses, Barker is hesitant to refer to the mysterious object as a UFO because, as she explains, “everyone thinks I’m crazy.”

KXTV News 10 meteorologist Monica Woods suggests that what Barker witnessed was a Sun Dog. She describes this phenomenon as “a halo created when lights interact with ice crystals in the atmosphere.” - Open Minds


Is this Alexander the Great's tomb?

Archaeologists have just discovered Greece’s largest ancient tomb. As well as attracting international media attention, the find has also had high-level political interest within Greece – the country’s prime minister, Antonis Samaras, has already visited the dig.

The tomb is located near the ancient city of Amphipolis, and archaeologists have been excavating it for the last two years. While there are still plenty of questions unanswered (who it was made for for example), enough has been uncovered to show that this will be a spectacular site. It’s built on an enormous scale, with marble decoration and frescoed walls.

The tomb dates to the period 325-300 BC, and so is roughly contemporaneous with the end of the reign of Alexander the Great (who died in Babylon in 323 BC). But as the archaeologists have been stressing, romantics shouldn’t get their hopes up that this is the tomb of Alexander himself, the location of which is unknown, but was probably in Egypt. However, given the size and decor, the Macedonian tomb’s owner must have been high ranking and incredibly wealthy.

Anyone who has visited the marvellous royal tombs at Vergina (ancient Aigai, the original capital of Macedonia) will already know that this region of Greece stands out for its impressive burial monuments. But in southern Greece, the famous sites that draw tourists tend to be public and religious buildings such as temples. This discrepancy points to what’s so interesting about Macedonia, and what sets it apart from other parts of Greece. Read more at The Conversation



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