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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Possible UFO on Mt. Etna -- 4 Year-Old Survives 11 Days in Forest -- The Abductor

Possible UFO on Mt. Etna

8/13/2014 - Italy: Good morning, yesterday I caught a photo of Etna erupting, you see an object right in the crater where the smoke comes out is something of a black tip, as if an object is monitoring very closely and half or maybe more, and inside the crater, to exclude birds or insects. - MUFON CMS


The Abductor

The following tale is, most likely, fiction...but it is clever:

Growing up, I had a band of best friends that would spend about every living moment with each other. Most of us weren't very extroverted and had trouble making new friends outside that circle, but it didn't matter since we had each other. Despite all our differences, we remained close through high school and subsequently college.

It all started when I was denied for a job I spent my whole life working towards. As if the universe can feel a man's misery and can only add more darkness, shortly thereafter the disappearances started. First off, we didn't hear back from Lucas, the beacon of calmness and reason in our group. We tried calling him but there was no answer, and finally we gave up. It might have been some misplaced prank, and we all expected Lucas to just suddenly surprise is again with his presence.

But the disappearances kept on going. One after one, the circle of friends kept shrinking. After there were only three of us left, we realized that this wasn't some sort of silly joke and we started investigating.

As we gathered more evidence, we remembered more of what happened the weeks before. Suddenly, it was all crystal clear. Some middle aged man that, we suddenly realized, was around us a lot, well we remembered him talking to Lucas just before his disappearance. We eventually came to the conclusion that he was subtly trying to lure him away from us with his sweet words. After this realization we started trailing this man and checking what he did. When we found out he had access to a wide variety of drugs, we believed he might've drugged one of our other friends and took him away. This man was for some reason trying to abduct people from our group, for a reason we had no idea of. We were bursting with anger and agreed to confront him and, if he didn't give in to our intimidation, we would get the police on our case. That was gonna be the first thing next morning.

Silence when I woke up. I was all alone in the place that I once shared with all my friends. My hands were trembling with fear, but slowly my rage got the better of me. No room for rational thinking anymore. I took a kitchen knife and stormed out towards the place where I knew the man worked. I ran past the lobby, almost tore the door to his office off the hinges and jumped at him with pure hatred in my mind and a deadly weapon in my hand. When the security guards pulled me off him he was barely recognizable, entrails and blood smeared across the room.

They keep me in a white padded room. They say I'm too dangerous to stay with the other inmates. Every once in a while the little door opens and I get my meal and sometimes a news paper. It's my only connection left to the world I used to be a part of. I grab it with a longing for familiarity and start reading the headline.

Patient with multiple personality disorder stabs psychiatrist to death

Source: Reddit.com


Man tames giant hornet and keeps it as a pet

It might be an internet sting - but this bizarre picture appears to show a Japanese man who keeps a deadly giant hornet on a lead as a pet.

The feared six centimetre (2.5 inches) long Asian insects - which can fly at up to 25 mph - have a powerful, poisonous sting that claims around 40 lives every summer.

But one brave insect lover in Tokyo claims to have tamed one of the bugs - and now even takes it on 'walkies' in its own string harness.

The unknown Japanese man, who posted an image of his ‘pet’ on Twitter, claims to have captured the normally highly aggressive hornet with a butterfly net and then held it with tweezers while he removed its sting and poison sacs.

After that, he put a string lead around its thorax, and now the harmless hornet goes everywhere with him.

'He does bite occasionally but it doesn't really hurt,' said its owner.

But the carefully posed photographs have begun to bug other Twitter users, who think the whole thing might be a cunning online sting.

'These hornets are the nastiest, most aggressive insects in the world. Even without a sting they'd try to bite you to death. There's no way they could be pets,' said one.

And one blogger added: 'I can't help having a sneaking suspicion that the hornet might actually be dead and is being put into poses for these photos.' - Yahoo

NOTE: The mere sight of a hornet makes me cringe! Here in Maryland, we have Asian Giant Hornets (same species as in Japan & China). I know because one of these little monsters put me in an emergency room after it got under my shirt and stung me in the back. I still have a scar...the venom caused extreme pain and ate away a small bit of flesh. Lon


Four-year-old survives 11 days lost in forest

A little girl somehow survived almost two weeks alone in a remote bear-infested forest in Siberia.

Karina Chikitova had been on her way to visit her father in Russia's northeastern Sakha region when, having discovered that he had gone out in to the forest to fight a wildfire, she decided to wander in to the woods to find him with nothing but her pet dog for company.

The alarm was soon raised when she didn't come back and search parties were organized in an effort to find her. Rescuers were forced to restrict their searches and could only venture out in the presence of special forces due to the abundance of bears.

Incredibly, the girl was found a full 11 days later very much alive but somewhat emaciated. Her whereabouts were discovered after her dog had turned up at a local village, providing rescue teams the opportunity to follow its trail back to her location approximately four miles away.

"It's simply incredible that she was found safe with so much wildlife in the forest," said a spokesman.

It is believed that the four-year-old survived by eating berries and drinking from streams while her dog kept her warm at night and scared away predators while she slept. More at Telegraph




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