Monday, July 28, 2014

Is The 'Rake' Real?

I received this report last Friday:

I was walking late one night with my German Shepherd, when I smelled an overwhelming stench of road kill. I looked over into the woods near my home and saw a naked pale white man-like thing crawling in the woods. It was on its hands, feet and knees about 3 inches above the ground.

I changed hands with my flashlight which my dogs leash prevented me from immediately shining it in that direction. In the 2 seconds it took to change hands and shine the light on this thing, it had moved 20 feet to near a tree it was trying to hide behind. It saw my light as it was swinging towards it and quickly crunched into a cannon ball like posture, and balanced on its toes & balls of its feet, hiding its face and held perfectly still.

I got a overwhelming feeling that if I kept shining the light on it, that it would look up at me with glowing eyes and a weird face. So I continued on with my walk. I thought maybe it was a teenager doing a mime, but there was no one taking a picture and this thing had a oddly pronounced spine and was absolutely hairless.

I went home and looked on the internet to see if this is something kids are doing now (painting themselves white, shaving all hair off, rolling around in road kill and crawling around late at night in woods). Well I found a picture on YouTube of a "Rake" that a hunters camera had taken that looked remarkable like this thing. I have no idea what it was, perhaps a underground dweller or ghoul - or God knows what. I live in a country suburb of Tampa, Florida called Lithia. If you have any idea what this thing was please let me know!

NOTE: There isn't much more information to offer at this time. This southwest area of Florida (Tampa and the counties around it) is ripe with cryptid sightings. This particular humanoid sighting is very unique. Hopefully we can get more information. Lon

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  1. As for the "rake",
    that was the image from the Berwick trail cam pic creature story
    from here in Louisiana.

    I have seen it reported in numerous places&ways,
    I never heard it called a "rake".

    Most called it a "zombie".


  2. The witness stated that trail cam image strongly resemble what he say.

    1. Oh,
      I understood.

      I'm just saying that unless more substantial evidence shows up,
      to see something else that was questionable in the first place is nothing but more colloquialism.

      The Rake allegedly stalks people and families and isn't supposedly wandering the swamps.

      Your title was most appropriate.

      Think about it:
      a pic comes off a trail cam
      gets local media coverage,
      goes online and
      ends up on YouTube....

      That's what I saw!"

      It's like the increasing proliferation of
      graliens as the movies&tv
      showed more and more of them-
      is it art imitating life or the other way around?

      I hope you know that I am not criticizing you or your work-
      just trying to stick to germaine comments.

      The whole rake story always struck me as attempted viral
      not far from slenderman,
      which has recently spun off tangible tragedy,

      As you have already noted elsewhere.

      Thanks for posting!

  3. Creepy story....I wonder how tall this thing was?

  4. I always thought that picture looked like a Photo-shopped Eddie from an Iron Maiden album cover.

  5. I saw the same thing in boca chica beach south texas by brownsville in 2005.I never heard anything about it till recently.but the whole hovering slightly above the groung and cowering when the flashlight was shone on it rung true to me.When my wife and i saw it we still had a few hours before were gonna head home it was a nice clear night to go for a drive to the beach and boca chica is more secluded than south padre.we went all the way to the end by the jetties and dunes when i saw the glowing which i thought were border patrol.I grabbed my lantern light and cornered it against a dune when the thing stood up taller than me and the eyes blinked i freaked and turned towards the truck and noticed the horn blasting and lights wife screamed that she heard growling and saw what she thought were coyotes circling the truck.thats when i decided to make bline outta there i hit the 4wheel drive turned my fogs on and noticed the thing slithering backwards in front of the truck the whole way till we hit the blaktop turned to a coyote and ran up the only exit off.I sped the whole way to the checkpoint for customs scared sh**tless

  6. John Lerch is my name .I'm the man who saw the pale white ,hairless,stinking of road kill thing/humanoid in the woods near my house. I swear on my soul before God the tale is true,except the thing moved more like 40+ feet in the 2 seconds it took me to change hands with my flashlight. every night I take a walk with my dog late at night.The night I saw the thing was around 4am which is later than I normally walk. I understand what the guy said about everyone suddenly seeing gray aliens kind of thing,however I never saw anything like the humanoid I saw in the woods on the internet.I entered Pale white humanoid,crawling on hands and feet naked and stinks like road kill,&that picture came up. I now bring a camera and a K-Bar knife with me when I walk @ night here. I'll gladly answer any questions that I can about what I saw. I'm pleased that the narrative I left on the utube picture called a "rake" I don't have any idea what it was,but I think it likely it wasn't human!


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