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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Village in Panic After UFO Abducts Sheep -- I Was Warned the Building Was Haunted -- 45th Apollo 11 Anniversary

Village in Panic After UFO Abducts Sheep

A sheep was reportedly abducted by a UFO which has left the locals panic-stricken, near the village of Lampeter.

According to the Daily Star, the UFO was spotted sailing over a field in west Wales and the police rushed to a farm after a call was made claiming the seizure of a sheep.

The sighting regarding alien activity was one of the 27 reports made to the authorities in west Wales, in the last 12 years. - Business-Standard

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I Was Warned the Building Was Haunted

Before I go into what happened today, I want to give some back-story on where I work.

I work at laser tag arena. Long ago, it used to be a different building, taller and it had an elevator shaft. Sometime in the early-mid 20th century, a man fell down the elevator shaft and died. That elevator shaft is now covered with plywood and I walk over it nearly every day of work. A woman I work with who has been working there as long as I've been alive told me that she has seen a silhouette of what she believes to be that man who died. Also, late at night, I've had people tell me that they could hear stomping on one of the ramps and a little girl giggling. Lights have been reported to flicker as well. We also have a laser maze in the arcade area that has turned on once without any interaction, and lasers were tripped during this time.

I worked today and I usually try to rationalize any paranormal experience, but I ran out of theories for today. We have packs like most laser tag arenas have, that are best described as bulky vests with lights and sensors. Our "phazers" have a heat sensor on them so that they will not fire unless you have one hand on that sensor as you pull the trigger. I stayed behind during one game today to fix a pack, next to all the ones we have hanging up. One that was far away from me, that I was 100% sure nobody had touched that game, suddenly showed the alert that there were not 2 hands on the phazer. This only shows up if someone has put their hand on it once already. I stare at it for a bit, and it goes off as if someone had their hand on it. A few seconds later, it says "2 hands" again, like someone took their hand off.

At another point in the day, I went back to the room with the main computer in it. A sign that we have in storage that leans up against the wall had fallen down in front of the door in such a way that prevented me from opening it. Normally I'd dismiss this, but the way it was leaning against the wall means that someone, or something, had to have pushed it down.

Our packs make certain noises when they have been plugged in to charge. Later on that night, a few packs made that noise. I asked a coworker about it and he said "It was probably the ghost. We've theorized that the EMF that spirits give off interacts with the packs like that."

I played with a Ouija board in college last semester (I went to the school chapel and used holy water, said a prayer, and never touched it again). When I used it, this overwhelming sense of coldness swept over me. It wasn't like the thermostat was too low, it was a very strange type of cold. Different, like my skin would turn a pale white and all my veins and capillaries would show in my hands. I have never experienced this unless I was near a Ouija board in use, but it happened at work a few times throughout the night, all in different spots.

This was all tonight. In the weeks prior, I have been in the pack room and all the packs would turn off and turn back on in unison, over and over. We also have a mechanical garage door separating the pack room from a different room, and we are required to shut it every time a game starts. I walked out of a game and it was wide open once. I asked every coworker if they had opened it, and all of them said they didn't.

I've pretty much ruled out technical failure for all of these instances. Usually, turning the packs off and on again fixes the issues, but nothing changed tonight. I have no idea if the spirits hate me, or are especially trying to seek me out, or if this is all a strange set of coincidences. Either way, I have been slightly on edge all day, and I have had goosebumps the entire time I've been writing this. - Reddit.com


Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin Launches Campaign for 45th Apollo 11 Anniversary

Buzz Aldrin — the second man to set foot on the moon — wants to hear your stories about the first manned moon landing in honor of the historic event's 45th anniversary this month.

Starting today (July 8), Aldrin is asking people around the world to share their memories of the Apollo 11 moon landing via social media by uploading recollections of the landing to Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #Apollo45. The Apollo 45 YouTube page will be used to promote videos uploaded by people around the world remembering Apollo 11, which touched down on the moon on July 20, 1969.

"I feel we need to remind the world about the Apollo missions and that we can still do impossible things," Aldrin said in a video announcing the Apollo 45 project. "The whole world celebrated our moon landing, but we missed the whole thing because we were out of town. So now, I invite you to share with me, and the world, your story or your family's story of where you were on July 20, 1969, or feel free to tell me how the Apollo missions inspired you." - Space


TEPCO still can’t prevent Fukushima radioactive water from leaking into soil, sea

You are not supposed to know about this:

Fukushima nuclear plant operator TEPCO reports that the coolant system of the fifth reactor was shut down due to a water leak. The system was halted after a leak near one of the valves was detected, according to the company’s press release.

The cooling system uses seawater that is being first pumped into the decontamination system and is then being fed to the reactors and the spent fuel pools. According to TEPCO, the temperature of the coolant liquid in the spent fuel pools is currently 23 degrees Celsius and no changes in the level of radioactive contamination has been reported yet.

The biggest nuclear plant disaster for the last 25 years occurred after when following the the magnitude 9.0 Tōhoku earthquake the Fukushima plant was hit by a tsunami that flooded three out of six reactors triggering their meltdown. It became the largest nuclear incident since the Chernobyl disaster in April 1986 and the second (after Chernobyl) to measure Level 7 on the International Nuclear Event Scale.

Currently the biggest problems the plant’s personnel are facing are the accumulation of radioactive water and its storage. About 440,000 tons of highly radioactive water is currently being stored in underground tanks and cisterns. The amount of contaminated water underground is increasing by 400 tons per day due to the groundwater flowing in from the higher ground.

Starting this April TEPCO initiated an experiment to freeze 11,000 tons of radioactive water that accumulated in the plant’s underground tunnels, to prevent it from its leakage into the soil and, finally, into the sea. However, due to some particular characteristics of the tunnels some of the water could not be frozen. Source: VoR



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