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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Paranormal Activity? -- Crypto College -- Haunted House Owner Doesn't Fear the Dead

Paranormal Activity?

NOTE: Interesting video - take a look. Too much activity? Seem suspicious? LMK...Lon

A Sefton paranormal group claims to have found evidence of spiritual activity in a Chester property.

The group, called Sefton Paranormal Investigations, was at Stanley Palace on the night of June 28 when they made the discovery.

Footage taken at the investigation reportedly captures the image of a person standing on a staircase in the 16th century Tudor building.

Co-founder Aaron Robinette is seen in the video with team member Joanne May at a location they identified as a hotspot.

Aaron, from Southport, said: “We were informed by the curator that there was a staircase with a door underneath it, where a man died.

“In the video, I’m sat on a chair and Joe is sat on the staircase, and we’re calling out to spirits.

“Nothing happened, but it was only when watching the video back that I saw it. It appears and disappears in shot, all in front of the camera.

James Griffiths, Aaron Robinette and Alan Mee, who are part of Sefton Paranormal Investigations
“We try to disprove it and if we can’t find a natural explanation, like shadows or reflections, it’s the main reason I believe I can categorise it as paranormal.”

The figure was described as a solid person with a visible nose, mouth and hair, which looks first at the camera and then up the stairs.

Aaron said that the video had over 7,000 views on its first day online, which has since risen to over 24,000.

The team uses a number of techniques such as laying down trigger objects which are filmed for any spiritual interaction.

Another method is the use of franks boxes which are specialised digital radios that scan on a loop for any spiritual communication.

Sefton Paranormal Investigations has been active for over five years and is a team of five volunteers.

Other members of the group are Pamela Robinette Alan Mee and Barry Harrison. - Watch video at Southport Visiter

Group's Facebook page - Sefton paranormal investigations


Banging at the Door

I'm 18 and I just graduated high school and I work at a call center and I'm actually typing this at work because it's pretty slow.

I grew up in a very religious family, my family is Mormon. My parents split when I was five. I've always had troubles with the split, my mom married an ex green beret and he is a hard ass. Lets just say I suffer from severe clinical depression and anxiety attacks, but that doesn't have anything to with what I'm about to tell you, besides the fact that I have troubles sleeping because of the things I've been told and experienced.

One day when I was probably 11 or 12 my sisters and I were talking to my dad telling random stories when the subject changed to scary stories. My dad was telling me about his brother, and these are true stories. Anyways in the Mormon religion they tell you to never ask for a God to show you a sign of his existence because supposedly bad things will happen. My dad told me that his brother, I'll just call him T, well T asked for a sign of God, nothing happened, or so he thought. Well he was with his friends and when the time came he decided to go home. When he got in his car he saw something on his dash board, something evil. He smelled a smell that was rotten, he felt dread, and sadness. No one knows how he got home but my grandparents heard a pounding at the door, they were like uhhh ok what the hell. So they go to the door and it's T standing up hitting his head on the door over and over again. At his point they think he's on drugs or something so they pull him in and he has a look of pure evil on his face. Another fact about he Mormon religion, all males receive the priesthood which is like a certain form of authority and power. Anyways my grandpa has the priesthood and he could sense that something was very wrong, he knew that something evil was present. My grandpa knew that this wasn't T. He said a special Mormon prayer and the second he was done he immediately felt the evil disappear. Now, I know a lot of people will be skeptical, and I am myself because I actually don't believe in religion and I don't consider myself Mormon, but I know for fact that neither my dad nor my grandpa are lying men. T never told anyone what he saw that day but I don't blame him I wouldn't really want to talk about it either.

I always talk about scary stories and read them and just infatuate myself with them. My dad told me the more you talk about it and such, the more you bring it into your life. I believe that to be true because I've had some pretty sketchy things happen to me. I'll probably post some more about the things I have experienced so if you're interested just keep a look out for more of my posts. - Reddit.com


Crypto College

A Houston-area man who has spent his whole career investigating the existence of the "Hairy Wild Man" known as Bigfoot is now offering a class so his decades of research do not get lost.

Rob Riggs grew up right outside the creepy area known as Big Thicket Preserve 100 miles east of Houston. Stories of ghosts, mystery sightings and strange wild animals have long been associated with this jungle-like wilderness.

Riggs' class entitled, "Big Thicket - Lair of the Mysterious" at the Houston's Leisure and Learning Center aims to highlight some of the weirdest tales and let students make up their own mind on that burning question, "Does Bigfoot exist?"

"A lot of people have no concept of what it's like in East Texas," says Riggs, "Big Thicket is one of only two areas in the contiguous United States that botanists consider to be jungle."

And in that jungle, something lurks, Riggs says.

"If you're interested in the paranormal or cryptozoology you should know there's whole areas near Houston where these weird things happen," Riggs continued. - Chron


Haunted House Owner Doesn't Fear the Dead

Our destination was a Victorian home in the quiet town of Mitchell, Indiana - 3,700 square feet with crystal chandeliers, four poster beds and stained glass. No one lives in the stately home now, but the residence is never empty.

Owner Van Renier explains,”Every house has a story and this one will haunt you.”

Numerous deaths occurred within its walls. The Travel Channel has given the house the distinction of being the 4th most haunted place in the country. The disembodied voices guest experience so frequently lead to the name Whispers Estate.

“Whether we understand it or not we're experiencing something,” Renier said.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), seen on the popular SyFy Channel series “Ghost Hunters”, claims that limestone possesses great residual energy conductivity. In other words, Whispers Estate’s limestone foundation is a hot bed for paranormal occurrences.

“When you hear the footsteps you pray that they are a child’s footsteps. They're little pitter-patter of feet maybe about 70-80 lbs. However there's another set of footsteps that happens in the house. It's more like loud stomping. It's very heavy and very menacing,” Renier says about the home.

The menacing footsteps are believed to be demonic or that of past owner Dr. John Gibbons. The home was not only the site of Dr. John’s medical practice, but home to his wife Jessie and their many adopted and orphaned children. Jessie died in the home and it is believed at least two of their children died in the home as well.

“We have a confirmed record of six deaths in the house. That doesn't include any possible patients that might have died in the 27 years Dr. John had his medical practice in the house,” Renier stressed.

The branch of Historic Archives for Mitchell, Indiana, could not document the number of patients that may have died in the home, however, they could not dismiss accounts of body parts that may have been buried in the Estate's yard after amputations or abortions. No one can explain who opens the doors, bites, scratches or pushes when there is no one and nothing in sight.

“I got pushed down the 3rd floor stairs. I got busted over the right eye brow. I got two scars on my left arm. One on my right. After being pushed down the 3rd floor stairs, I don't feel comfortable being in the house by myself after dark,” Renier says in a serious tone.

Our WAVE 3 News Team decided to stay after dark, in the dark to see what we could catch on camera. We spent the night visiting every room with equipment to measure sound, electromagnetic fields, temperature, and movement all with the hope to witness and record the paranormal.

A paranormal investigator from Access the Paranormal shouted out in the dark, “Are you here?”

Something abnormal happened. Our team now had to figure out if it was paranormal.

As we sat in the pitch black basement I slowly said in disbelief, “Flash light was off. Flash light just came on.”

We had grabbed a number of flashlights from a large container in the living room of the home before all gathering in the basement. We had used these very flash lights to guide us through the dark.

“Can you turn it off for us please? All you need to do is touch it and turn it off. Can you do it on the count of 1, 2, 3,” Danny Hall said politely to the void.

At the end of the 3-count the flash light went out.

In an overly friendly tone Hall said, “Thank you!”

Something or someone seemed to follow our instructions each time.

“Could you turn that flash light back on for me please one time,” Hall commanded.

In a matter of seconds following the command to turn on the light, there was light.

Hall was grateful once again, “Thank you.”

His paranormal partner for the night David Heatherly laughed as he exclaimed,"About time."

We had been hunting for the sign of anything paranormal, abnormal or just strange for most of the night and finally in the basement something happened.

Never experiencing anything like this before the only words that came to my mind,”You have got to be kidding me!”

“Ready 1, 2, 3,” were the instructions from Hall.

There was not even a demand to turn it off this time but the action was performed with no sight of who performed the deed. The reporter part of me pushed past the paranormal and the fear to bring us all together to investigate the site where the flash light was resting and the light itself.

“A regular old mag light,” Hall exclaimed and we could see.

It was a regular old mag light.

Renier emphasized, "I actually believe you have more to fear from the living than from the dead. Do I believe that they can hurt us? Yes, absolutely!"

VanRenierr may not understand it or be able to see it but he bets his life that what he has and hasn't been able to see is real.

“If you think you hear something and you’re by yourself I can say ok it might be your imagination but if you hear something and I hear something and they hear something and they hear something, You have multiple people hearing the exact same thing. I don't believe it collective subconscious,” Renier underscored with great emphasis. - KPHO



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