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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Monsters Are Real

By Greg May - Monsters are real. They exist and share our world. But where do they come from and what is their purpose as they simultaneously fascinate and frighten us? To find these answers we go to the Bible. Patrick Heron (The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse) and other Creationist authors point to Scriptures in the Bible (Genesis 6:7; Jude 1:7) and the Book of Enoch (VII:14) that suggest the Nephilim were involved in genetic interference – mixing bird, reptile and bovine DNA to create lizard men, fish men, goat men and dinosaurs – all of which were destroyed in the Flood. 1

The Nephilim – a race of half-human, half-demonic giants – were created when fallen angels bred with the women of earth. (Genesis 6:4) According to the Book of Enoch these fallen angels were 200 in number and gathered on Mount Hermon to set their plan in motion.2 Mount Hermon lies on the border of Syria and Lebanon in the Middle East – on the same 33.33 degree latitude line as does the site of the alleged 1947 UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico - halfway around the globe. Remember when Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden? God told Satan: “Her seed shall bruise your head and you shall bruise His heel”. (Genesis 3:15) This was the first mention – or prophecy – of the Messiah. Satan knew the promised Messiah would come from the line of Abraham so he created a race of giants to prevent the Israelites from occupying the Promised Land – but his plans were thwarted by the Flood. According to the Bible, God found favor with Noah and his family; these eight individuals were spared in order to repopulate the earth since their blood wasn’t contaminated by the DNA of the Nephilim.

After the Flood, Satan had another band of fallen angels breed with the women of earth resulting in another race of giants (the Anakim); these were killed off by the Israelites under the leadership of Joshua. (Joshua 11:21) Satan – who mocks and mimics God – created another menagerie of monsters by mixing DNA from God’s living creatures – humans and animals. Because God promised to never again destroy the earth by water, these creatures are still with us today. They include the hairy bipeds we call ‘Bigfoot’ and bipedal reptoids such as ‘Lizard Man’. Sightings of these entities almost always yield the same description: ‘red glowing eyes’ and the ‘smell of sulphur’. This is a sign of demonic presence – explaining how these elusive creatures can disappear and why they haven’t left a fossil record. Dr. Melba Ketchum - a Texas veterinarian - has researched Bigfoot DNA and concludes Bigfoot contains mitochondrial DNA from a human female and nuclear DNA from a male angelic entity. (Remember, there are good AND bad angels). Dr. Ketchum is describing modern-day Nephilim. In “Bigfoot: Exploring The Myth & Discovering The Truth” co-author Tom Burnette describes how Bigfoot imitate his dogs by making barking sounds to make their presence known in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. In Psalm 59:6 in the Bible David describes how the Nephilim outside the walls of the city ‘growl like a dog’. Now, before you run to your Bibles the word ‘Nephilim’ is not in the Scripture; but according to Elizabeth Clare Prophet – in her “Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil” - the term ‘workers of iniquity’ refers to the Nephilim. The late John Keel suggested man has frequently crossbred with these hairy beings throughout history, pointing to Genesis 25: 19-34 in the Bible which describes Esau as being ‘red, all over like a hairy garment’ and also from Pacific Northwest Native American lore.3

Christopher Davis’ 1988 encounter with ‘Lizard Man’ at Scape Ore Swamp in Lee County, South Carolina is one of the classics of modern-day monster lore. Although this wasn’t the first recorded encounter with a bipedal reptoid it is significant because of the longstanding tradition of the ‘fish men’ of Inzignanin near Chicora, an area located between North and South Carolina. These entities were covered with scales and had webbed feet. They supposedly died off when the fish supply on which they existed was exhausted. Did Satan create fish men post-Flood as he did in the days of Noah?

John Keel once mused, “Are we ufologists or demonologists?” He might have considered ‘cryptozoologists’. Nessie, Morag, Champ and other lake monsters have spawned a wake of theories ranging from surviving plesiosaurs to ‘ghosts’ of prehistoric creatures haunting their former habitats. Merfolk have cavorted throughout mythology and fairy tales for centuries and – believe it or not – there have been almost as many modern-day sightings of mermaids and mermen as Nessie herself, the most recent coming from a beach at Kiryat Yam, Israel in 2009. 4 These elusive aquatic cryptids could have been created either pre- or post-Flood by Satan as he played at ‘Jurassic Park’. As for merfolk, what better way to mock God than to join the torso of a human with the tail of a fish?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, in her “Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil” champions Enoch as a true prophet and explains how the Book of Enoch – long-suppressed by the Church – claims that fallen angels corrupted the people of earth and continue to embody on earth today. Prophet cites one of the early Church Fathers, the apologist Tatian (110-172) who believed fallen angels have bodies of ‘fire and air’ – not material flesh ‘as the bodies of men.’ 5 A ‘fiery man’ that appeared in Germany in 1125 was described in the old book ‘Deutsche Sagen’ as he ‘dashed hither and thither in all directions’ as he ‘belched fire through his nose and mouth’.6 This description brings to mind ‘Springheeled Jack’ who terrorized 19th century London. A LONDON TIMES article from that era reported he ‘vomited forth flames from his mouth’ and his eyes resembled ‘red balls of fire’. 7 Could Springheeled Jack have been a fallen angel? This entity is always described wearing a helmet – curiously, Enoch wore a helmet for 64 years. 8 One of the theories regarding Springheeled Jack suggests he was a displaced time traveller; Enoch was the first space traveller – having been shown the heavens by God. 9 Could this be another example of Satan’s mockery?

Augustine of Hippo wrote in the 5th century AD: “They are called monsters, because they demonstrate or signify something . . . these things which happen contrary to nature . . . ought to demonstrate, portend, predict that God will bring to pass what He has fortold regarding the bodies of men . . . .” This passage from ‘City of God’ suggests St. Augustine held the same theory – although centuries apart – as did John Keel when he wrote “The Mothman Prophecies”.10 John Keel believed that many monster sightings were ‘senseless manifestations’ designed to frighten and confuse people – this is Satan’s agenda. Ironically, St. Augustine was instrumental in suppressing the Book of Enoch – arguing that it was impossible for angels to have intercourse with women. 11

Jesus made a most profound – and prophetic- statement when He said, “And as it was in the days of Noah so shall it also be in the days of the Son of Man”. (Luke 17:26) Was Jesus referring to genetic interference? What do alien abductions, cattle mutilations and the nefarious underground activities at Dulce, New Mexico have in common? Genetic experiments. While investigating a cattle mutilation outside Santa Fe in the 1980’s retired New Mexico State Police officer Gabe Valdez discovered the victim to be pregnant. When the veterinarian opened the womb, the stillborn foetus had the body of a cow and the head of a human! This startling discovery prompted U.S. Senators Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and Charles Grassley to introduce a bill in the U.S. Senate making it illegal to interbreed humans and animals. 12 It is interesting to note that the materials taken in cattle mutilations (blood, internal organs, genitals) have long been considered taboo by religious traditions. 13 In the Old Testament, these materials were considered ‘unclean’. (Leviticus 17:14)

The New Age Movement – one of the false doctrine that Jesus warned against in the Last Days – teaches of the ‘Intergalactic Belief’: that extraterrestrials will save mankind from the Apocalypse. Christian evangelicals believe Satan launched his ‘Great Deception’ in 1947 with pilot Kenneth Arnold observing flying saucers near Mt. Rainier and with the alleged crash of a UFO near Roswell, New Mexico. The following year – in 1948 – Israel became a nation. This is the single, most significant prophecy to be fulfilled pertaining to the return of Christ (Scriptures teach Jesus couldn’t return until Israel was reborn). Just as Satan had created the Nephilim in an attempt to thwart the birth of Jesus, he launched his ‘Big Lie’ the year before this prophecy was fulfilled since humanity is more apt to believe in something tangible – like a shiny, metallic flying saucer – than something spiritual.

In the Last Days, “the paranormal becomes the new normal” – to quote the late Colin Wilson.

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