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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Giant Insect Discovered in China -- Megan Fox '...I could find Bigfoot' -- The Man Upstairs

New giant insect discovered in China

Scientists have identified what is believed to be the largest aquatic insect found anywhere in the world.

With huge horn-like jaws and a wingspan equal to that of a common sparrow, the enormous new insect is part of the Megaloptera group which includes dobsonflies, fishflies and other similar species.

Discovered in the mountains near Chengdu, the insect is thought to spend most of its life underwater during its larval stage before eventually emerging as an adult which then lives for only a few days while it looks for a mate.

"With its wingspan measured as 21 centimetres, the insect won the title of the largest aquatic insect in the world," China's state-run news service has announced. Read more at CBC


Megan Fox: Bigfoot is real and I could find him

Megan Fox is a believer. In Bigfoot, that is.

“Bigfoot’s real,” the 28-year-old told People magazine. “And I have confidence in myself that if I were ever to be taken out on an expedition … I would be the one to find Bigfoot.”

The actress, who’s currently at Comic-Con to promote “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” has never been one to hide her nerdy side. She says she feels comfortable at the massive convention.

“I’ve walked the floor,” she said. “I came once when my husband [Brian Austin Green] was here for Sarah Connor. I wasn’t promoting anything. I came in a Star Wars T‑shirt, and I walked around and nobody bothered me one time.”

The self-proclaimed “Lord of the Rings” geek, who last month said she only wants to work on one movie a year, is no stranger to sci-fi movies, having gotten her big break in the first two Michael Bay “Transformers” films. - Page Six


The Man Upstairs

I live in a fairly small, old apartment complex. Although it's old, I wouldn't say it's creepy. It has a nice feel to it. I've lived here for about a month. My apartment is on the bottom floor. The whole complex surrounds a tiny courtyard. The complex itself is 7 floors.

On my third night, I heard banging and yelling coming from the room above me. I thought it would stop, so I remained in bed. After two minutes of non-stop banging, I finally got up and found a broom and started banging back. Eventually, the screaming and banging ceased.

This would happen arbitrarily throughout the weeks. It would only stop if I got that broom and banged on the ceiling with it.

One night, I became fed up with it.

I decided to get two of my friends to come with me. They didn't believe what I'd told them, so I decided to prove it to them.

We slowly climbed up the steps (there are no elevators, as it's an old apartment complex) leading to the second floor. It was about 11 at night.

When we got there I peered through the keyhole. The walls were a soft baby blue color, but darkness made them look more gray than blue. In the corner was a bed with a man in it. My friends looked inside and saw what I saw. The admitted that it was strange how bare the room was, but that he wasn't banging like I said he did. I convinced them to wait a bit longer.

Another 20 minutes passed. One of my friends said they saw the man get up. I looked in and saw him standing up. All he had was a once-white pair of boxers that had turned yellowish gray from dirt and stains. His hair was crazy, like Albert Einsteins, except darker. He had an extremely crooked nose, the one that a boxer has. His beard was long and unkempt. His eyes were sunken and bloodshot.

He started walking around the room in circles. Minutes passed as he walked around mindlessly in a circle, muttering to himself. I was unable to make out any words, though. Then, he just froze. He stood there a good five minutes, just staring at the wall. Then he fell to his knees and began pounding his fists against the floor, screaming and shrieking like that kid from the "Greatest Freakout Ever" videos. It was the kind of scream that would make a normal person hoarse for a few days. But this man wasn't normal.

After letting my friends look through the keyhole, we left in a hurry. I ended up sleeping over at my friend's house. That night, I called the landlord.
He told me that nobody had lived there for 21 years. - Reddit.com


Miley Cyrus Hires Psychic to Contact Dead Dog

Miley Cyrus's dog Floyd passed away back in April, leading the singer into a deep depression that she shared with fans online.

We later found out that Miley's dog had been killed by coyotes, prompting some to criticize Miley as an unfit pet owner.

But whether or not Floyd's death was preventable, Miley has clearly been feeling the loss in a big way.

In fact, the pain has gotten so bad that Miley has finally done what any rich, grieving crazy person would do: she hired a psychic to communicate with her departed pooch.

Miley recently reached out to animal medium Melissa Bacelar who helped bridge the gap between dead dog and living twerk specialist.

"I connect with the dog telepathically," says Bacelar of the services she offers. "Some will give actual words, but most give me images and feelings which I pass on to the owner."

"It was particularly hard as [Miley] wasn't there when Floyd died, so there would have been a huge amount of guilt."

Sounds legit. Who knew dogs learn how to talk after they die? Learn something new every day.

Believe it or not, attempting reach Floyd in canine heaven is not the strangest way Miley has tried to connect with her beloved pet since his death. Earlier this month, Miley got a tattoo honoring Floyd and somehow got some of her friends to do the same.

Guess that's one way to make sure his memory lives on. - The Hollywood Gossip



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