Friday, July 25, 2014

UFO Report - TVA Power Plant, Cumberland City, TN

A reader forwarded the following report:

I had a sighting of a UFO while I was working at the TVA plant in Cumberland City, TN on Oct 19th (Wednesday), 1994 at 6:30 in the evening. Weather conditions were warm and the sky was clear. I was working for a construction company as a safety inspector during a boiler renovation at the facility. I was making my rounds thru the boiler when I walked out onto the 6th level catwalk and faced west to watch the setting sun as it went down behind a small hill (distance of which I would estimate to be a half a mile to a mile away) that ran along the western side of the property. As I was gazing in that direction, I noticed a dark object that appeared to be coming out of the sun and heading in my line of sight. The object appeared as a black inverted triangle, 100 feet in length with the 2 opposite points on top and 1 point facing downward. The object was completely silent as it traveled parallel to the small hill. The hill itself is tree covered by pines and various other types of vegetation. As the object began to pass in front of my line of sight, the top of it began to "tilt" at an angle towards me and change shape. I observed a disk that was circular, except for a portion that looked like it had been "spooned" out, creating a crescent shape on the right side, possibly the front of the object. The object was huge. I would put its size as 300 ft in diameter. It had three circular rings. There was a smaller black circle in the center, a copper or burnt bronze colored ring surrounding it and a silver or metallic ring surrounding the outside. The copper and silver rings were rotating in opposite directions. The copper ring clockwise, the silver ring, counter clockwise. As it passed in front of me, it remained completely silent. The craft traveled the length of the hill until it came to an opening which was constructed for the purpose of positioning electrical towers that ran from TVA off into the northwest portion of the property. As the craft neared the towers, it "tilted" again to its original position, an appearance of a black inverted triangle. It then began to rise and traveled directly over the top of the towers and power lines and eventually disappeared off into the distance.

Cumberland City isn't far from Ft. Campbell, KY. I don't know if what I saw was "military" in nature, but it appeared to be other-worldly. After my sighting, I inquired if anyone else had ever seen anything strange in the sky at the plant and to my surprise, there were 2 other individuals that said they had seen objects that they couldn't identify while they had worked out there during various times at the plant. They hadn't seen anything like I described and neither had a daylight sighting. To this day, I haven't been able to find a sighting like the one I had, experienced by someone else in TN or anywhere else. It’s something that I'll always remember as a unique experience. JS

NOTE: I have seen other UFO reports from Stewart, Dickson and Montgomery Counties in Tennessee over the years. The TVA plant is very prominent and may draw the attention of UFOs (like many other power plants worldwide). Any other information would be appreciated. Lon

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