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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Nanteos Cup, Possible Holy Grail, Stolen -- Stop! Stop! Stop! -- Massive Four-Winged Raptor Fossil Found

Nanteos Cup, Possible Holy Grail, Stolen

The now missing Nanteos Cup was rumoured to have been carried over to Britain by Joseph of Arimathea after the crucifixion of Christ

A major police hunt is underway after burglars raided a Midland home and stole a priceless religious artefact - said to be the mythical Holy Grail.

The Nanteos Cup, an ancient wooden chalice, was rumoured to have been carried over to Britain by Joseph of Arimathea, years after the crucifixion of Christ.

The revered Catholic figure later founded a religious settlement at Glastonbury and legend has it that the "grail" then came into the safekeeping of monks.

Over the centuries the mysterious wooden bowl was said to have magical healing powers and in later years it came into the ownership of the Steadman family, who kept it in a bank vault in Wales.

But the Mail has discovered the cup has now been stolen by burglars after being temporarily loaned to a seriously ill woman connected to the Steadman family.

Raiders struck after she had been admitted to hospital and stole the cup - sparking a major police investigation by West Mercia Police.

It is understood burglars struck at the property in Weston under Penyard, near Ross-on-Wye, between last Monday and yesterday.

A West Mercia Police spokesman said: "The home was broken into between 9.30am on Monday 7 July and 9.30am on Monday 14 July.

"A wooden cup/chalice, known as the Nanteos cup, has been reported as stolen from the hope. It is dark wood cup and was kept in a blue velvet bag."

The cup was previously included in a Channel Five documentary called Search for the Holy Grail. In the programme, experts claimed it was actually made at least 1,400 years after the crucifixion.

But the cup has a long held reputation for healing, with people drinking from it in the hope of curing their illnesses.

The Holy Grail has been a issue of controversy and debate amongst historians and theologians – with some religious figures claiming the grail is actually the Holy Chalice, used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper.

The search for the mythical religious artefact was the plot for one of the 1980s’ biggest blockbusters, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. - Birminghammail


Stop! Stop! Stop!

Baton Rouge, LA - At home in December of 1993 with my very pregnant, almost due (now ex) wife. She was in bed reading and I was finishing up a radio show about to join her in bed. As I got up there was suddenly light everywhere and I was forced to the floor. I could hear her screaming in the next room but could not get up to get to her. The next moment I was in what seemed like a cavern made of rock with a river or something running through the middle. On the other side was one very large "blob" of energy surrounded by several smaller "energy blobs". As I was thinking of what to ask, the larger one "spoke" (not audibly) and simply said, "You're going back. It's not your time yet."

Immediately I was back on the living room floor hearing my wife screaming "Stop! Stop! Stop!" over and over. Although I was young and strong, it felt like I had several hundred pounds on my back and it took me a long while to push myself up off the floor. There was light everywhere and the radio was making strange noises. (Note - As I write this I'm getting goose bumps and feeling sick.)

I finally made it into the bedroom and ran to my wife who was still screaming and holding her forehead. The light was dissipating and I could hear the radio begin to sound normal again.

I asked my wife what happened and she just kept repeating, "They wouldn't stop poking me in the head." She used her index finger to demonstrate it was in between and slightly upward of her eyebrows.

We both had trouble sleeping that night but oddly never spoke of it again.

Additional comments of importance:

1. The entire time we lived there during her pregnancy small items of silver jewelry would come up missing every so often. She initially thought it was me hawking it off for pot money, but I wasn't and I knew it. Every time something would come up missing there would also be a small, perfectly formed, conical deposit of something like soot in the bathroom on the floor. There was no vent, or pipe, or any other source for the soot. Shortly after our experience my wife went in for delivery and the next day I went home briefly to gather supplies for the hospital stay. There, on the floor was a spot of soot. I opened the cabinet to get towels and on the shelf, arranged in an intricate pattern, was every piece of silver jewelry that had ever been missing.

2. This encounter was not the first nor the last in my life. Simply the most profound as well the only one witnessed by another. Since my earliest childhood memories, I have been visited and communicated with by beings I used to think were angels. (Having grown up in a strict Catholic family and all...) The most recent time was in Seattle a few years back right in the middle of the day. Was watching t.v. in the main area of a shared apartment around noon. My roommate was not home at the time. My next conscious moment I was paralyzed in a bed in a large circular room with an observation window above me and what appeared to be an Asian woman watching me through the glass. There was someone else being moved in another bed behind me and as they passed they screamed out for help, but I remained oddly indifferent and just stayed focused on the woman watching me. Then I was back in my own bed with two "energy blobs" next to me vibrating as they seemed to dissipate leaving me barely able to move for several minutes. And after that experience, something else new occurred which was...

3. I now have two mysterious marks on my body that are triangular in shape and appear to be light surgical scars. The first appeared immediately following the Seattle event, the second appeared more recently after my current (soon-to-be-ex) wife and two kids moved to Nevada, however I have no recollection of an abduction event preceding it.

4. I rarely sleep more than a couple of hours at a time and my body is literally disintegrating. Although I am a well educated Mensan, and neither mentally ill nor addicted to drugs, I cannot seem to get my life together or form normal relationships with anyone. My life is slowly ending and I need to know why. - MUFON CMS

Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind: Suspicious Deaths, Mysterious Murders, and Bizarre Disappearances in UFO History

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Evicted Funeral Home Leaves Bodies Behind

Police who found at least seven corpses in a building in Fort Worth, Texas, yesterday quickly determined there was no serial killer at work—but there were funeral directors who had apparently moved out with work unfinished. Police say the building's owner evicted the Johnson Family Mortuary two weeks ago and he discovered the bodies when he went to check on the building, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports. The unattended bodies ranged in age from infants to adults and police say they were in "varying stages of decomposition, some quite advanced."

The twin brothers who ran the business could face charges of abuse of a corpse, but they insist it is all a misunderstanding. "We've done nothing wrong," one of the brothers tells the Dallas Morning News. "This is a funeral home. This is where we keep bodies." The electricity and air conditioning in the building were still on, but it did not have a refrigeration system. A spokesman for the Texas Funeral Service Commission says the mortuary's license expires this month, and the business already is the focus of five separate investigations. - Newser


Fossil of Massive Four-Winged Raptor Found in China

The fossil of a newly discovered dinosaur has been found in China. At nine pounds and four feet long, the four-winged carnivore is believed to have been three times heavier and 60 percent longer than the second biggest four-winged dinosaur.

It also had some stellar plumage and some killer teeth. According to Dr. Luis Chiappe:

The new species had long feathers not just on its wings but also on its hind legs, making it one of only a handful of "four-winged" dinosaurs. It also had big, sharp teeth and sharp claws, indicating it was carnivorous. Its exact diet is unknown, but fossils of similar dinosaurs have been found with fish and birds in their guts."

What on earth would you name such a thing? Apparently, the answer is Changyuraptor yangi.

The first part of its name means "long-feather raptor," and the second part honors a Chinese financial supporter.

Stony Brook's Dr. Alan Turner believes we can divine some important things about the evolution of flight from the discovery, including a breed of bird that was more a glider than a flyer:

“The long bony tail of Changyuraptor and the foot long feathers it sported are unlike the short tails in modern birds. So how it functioned aerodynamically would have been quite different from living birds. However, this is exactly the sort of tail we see in the earliest birds and their immediate precursors, which means avian flight evolved in animals with long tails. Changyuraptor provides an excellent opportunity to investigate just what this tail might have been good for.” - TheWire



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