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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Trailer Park Encounter

A friend in Canada told me about a large orange orb that recently passed over his house...similar to an object he encountered, but much closer, several years ago. I started digging into the archives and found another orb sighting that progressed into a startling event for the witnesses:

Springboro, PA - 7/1/2000: Hello, It's 5/24/10 - I'm 26 year's old with two little girls...

I don't really know who to tell my story to.

I've had these strange sorts of events happening to me throughout my life. They were coupled with different feelings... confusion, fear, disbelief.

None of it really made sense until I saw in detail what I'm about to tell you. I knew that everything I had questioned before was no longer questionable. It was undisputed in my mind. It has been going on my entire life and now there is finally an event that proves (to me) that this is real.

I'll start by telling you that my cousin Bud was with me when this happened... He has been in the navy now for about 8 years. He is a trustworthy person and his word means a lot to everyone that knows him. Not only is it me telling the story, but he can verify that what I'm telling you is true.

My cousin and myself were sitting on the back porch of my house (which was also my bedroom). It was my bedroom at the time because it was a room enclosed with glass walls. Some of the sections of the glass had been removed and either had screens remaining or nothing left in them at all. Since it was summer, this wasn't really a problem. I actually loved being in a room that allowed me to look outside at nature and even the stars.

We had a couch-bed in the room that was unfolded at the time. It was unfolded for most of the summer so that my cousin could sleep over and "hang out" with me. The backside of the couch-bed was placed against the glass, so the unfolded bed occupied the space in the room facing the house.

We were laying in bed trying to sleep but we spent most of our time talking instead. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a red glowing orb that came into view from behind the house and was slowly moving across the sky.

I got Bud's attention and we both watched the orb move across the treeline that was north of the trailer park. It seemed to not be as far away as a plane should be. It look to be about the size of a basketball approximately 50 yards away. I then realized that it was getting closer and that it clearly was not a plane.

As it moved across the sky, we watched as this incredible UFO was slowly moving toward a treeline where we assumed it would disappear out of our lives forever.

But instead of disappearing into the sky... I could still see it through the trees moving towards the ground. I could clearly see it flickering through the trees and I would estimate it to be approximately 10 feet off of the ground as it entered the field on the left. It had clearly made a 90 degree turn. At this point in time I realized that it was probably in the field that was on the other side of the treeline. (Treeline: small patch of woods separating the trailer park and a field.)

It traveled the length of the field before I could not see it through the trees anymore. I would estimate the length of the field to be about 200 yards.

My cousin and myself sat in awe even after we could not see the UFO anymore. He turned to me and said "let's go check it out!" I sternly answered with, "hell no! are you f**king crazy??" I was not sure what I had just seen but I had a gut feeling that I did not want to find out. So, we waited... waited... two young boys waiting to see something else as amazing as what they had just witnessed.

Then it happened...

A flash, as if someone had taken a picture from a camera, appeared at my friend Serena's trailer. It was on the other side of her trailer, preventing me from seeing the source of the flash.

Approximately two minutes later, another flash... this time, from the side of her trailer. I still couldn't clearly see the source of the flash.

At this point, my cousin and I were starting to think something strange was happening.

A few moments later, another flash. This time, I could clearly see the source of the flash... nothing. It appeared as if the flash was angled towards Serena's house, although there was no source of the flash. There was absolutely nothing visible to the naked eye that created this OBVIOUS flash. Bud and myself both KNEW that flashes that are that distinct do NOT come from NOTHING.

We waited about five more minutes still staring out into the trailer court through my glass room. We were now more worried about what was in the court than what we had seen earlier. Without speaking to each other for what seemed like five or ten minutes, another flash happened.

This time it was at my friend "T"'s house - directly in front of my house. The flash was on the other side of the trailer and appeared to be aimed at his mothers bedroom. Again we waited... wondering what the flashes were.

Another couple minutes had gone by. Another flash.

This time, it was clearly pointed at "T"'s window and there was NOTHING at the source of the flash. In my mind I could pinpoint, to the INCH, where the flash had started, yet there was nothing there. Bud looked to me and said "what the hell are those flashes?" I had no reply. I wanted to remain silent and hidden from whatever had been making the flashes.

Again we waited.

About another five minutes passed when there was a flash on the other side of Mr. Wilson's house. (That wasn't his real name, but we knew him as Mr. Wilson in the trailer park.)

So, we waited what seemed like forever. In reality, it was probably 15 to 20 minutes with no sign of flashes or anything similar to them.

Quite suddenly, Bud looked at me and said "well, I'm getting tired. wake me if anything happens." He then put his head right down on his hands where he was sitting (propped up on his knees on the backside of the couch bed).

I said, "okay" but wondered how anybody in their right mind could just fall asleep that fast after witnessing what we had witnessed. In my mind, I would not go to sleep until the sun was up and people were awake.

I started to get the strange feeling that the happening wasn't over. Then... I started piecing things together that were quite simple and obvious.

1. Serena lives with her mother and father. There were 3 flashes at her trailer. (aimed at their bedrooms...)
2. "T" lives with his mother. There were 2 flashes at his trailer. (aimed at their bedrooms, also...)
3. Mr. Wilson lives alone. There was one flash.

I figured that if they had gone through flashing every individual, as they went around from left to right in the court, since Wilson was last they had to turn around and come up the other line of trailers... starting with mine.

I almost panicked as I came to the realization of what I believed was true.

I turned my head in the direction of where I believed the thing causing the flash to be. As I turned my head I could clearly see out my window (one that did not have glass or screen in it - open - nothing obstructing my view) an alien. I had turned quick enough to spot him before I saw a flash come from, what seemed like, his forehead..........

When the flash hit me, he disappeared and I realized I was completely paralyzed. As I tried to move my limbs, I looked around to realize that I was no longer on the same part of my bed that I had been during the flash. I was, in fact, at the foot of my bed on my knees staring at the open window as if nothing had happened. Instantly, the numbness was gone.

I grabbed the back of Bud's leg (because he was in the same position that he had been in when he laid his head down...)

It appeared that he had not moved at all. But somehow I was at least 4 feet away from where I was when I had seen the flash...? When I grabbed his leg I screamed extremely loud "BUD! wake up!" His head came off of his hands with his eyes wide as if he knew something wasn't right.

We didn't have to say anything to each other as we both jumped up and ran into the kitchen. We each armed ourselves with butcher knives, not knowing how much time had gone by or if the threat was still around. He asked me what had happened. The only way I could really describe it to him was "I was flashed.." Bud KNEW what I meant by that, which told me that I wasn't just seeing things and that I wasn't alone.

After about two minutes of silence.. waiting for something else to happen.. we finally laughed at the fact that we were standing armed in the kitchen with knives... waiting for aliens to come.

It seemed ridiculous to us.. Although it had clearly just happened, we couldn't really wrap our minds around it. So, we laughed it off and this time we went to bed INSIDE of the house, instead of the room surrounded with glass windows.

(This event has made me realize that more than one time in my life - for a split second - I have seen aliens and "the flash". I have seen them in my bedroom window... I have seen them outside of my tent while sleeping in the woods* the same woods that are between the trailer park and the field I described*... I have had many occasions where, just for a second, I believed that I had been part of an alien abduction. Seeing what I have seen and the fact that I have witnessed a UFO, I have seen that UFO land in my field, I have seen something flash friends and neighbors, and I have been flashed by something that came from the sky... this is not your ordinary alien story because to this day I cannot say that I fully remember ever communicating with an alien or being aboard their "crafts". But that doesn't mean that I haven't seen, felt, or experienced something extremely out of the ordinary. My cousin was there as a witness to the UFO and to all six flashes... (the seventh, of course, being my own) I have no explanation as to WHAT exactly the flashes are or WHAT they do to people, but I do think that they were meant for individual people... and to somehow make a person "unaware" that something is going on... whether by putting them to sleep... paralyzing them... or wiping out their memory... I don't know for certain. What I do know for certain is that I have had many encounters with them and I believe that I truly know how they arrive. To put it bluntly, I've caught them in the act of flashing people. I believe that they were completely unaware that I had spotted them, until it was too late. I feel as though they knew that they had made a mistake. I had witnessed their mistake and I almost FELT the reaction of the alien as.. panic. For the instant that I saw him, I knew in my gut that he was as scared of me as I was of him. I knew that their "routine" was not supposed to have been witnessed by anyone. We are supposed to be dazed by the flash when they come.) - MUFON CMS

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