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Monday, July 21, 2014

Yellow-Eyed Humanoid / UFO Encounter

I received this email a few days ago:

Hello - in 2003 my brother and I had an run in with a small human-like being with bright yellow eyes. We reported the incident to MUFON but never received a response. We live on an old ranch outside of Austin, Texas. My brother and I are twins - we were 16 years old. We were working in the barn at dusk and my brother noticed a pair of yellow eyes peeking out of a gully near the creek. We both watched for a minute or two until it appeared again. I grabbed a shotgun that was on the work table and we made our way towards this thing.

We stood still about 50 ft away from the gully when suddenly this little human-like thing scampered out toward the creek. I took a shot at it (00 buckshot) but it kept on running. This thing looked like it walked across the creek surface - craziest thing. It made it's way to the other side and disappeared into a field. It was 2 ft tall or so with dark hairless skin. The eyes were so bright - almost like yellow colored pen lights.

We both told our parents and friends who all thought we were nuts.

That brings us to a recent event.

Our parents have since passed away and my brother and I own most of the original ranch property. We are both married with families - we also built houses on the old property.

This past Spring my brother and I were clearing some bushes and trees behind my house. It was around 8:30PM and we were starting to douse the burning brush pile. Something caught my eye towards the onion field opposite the creek. It looked like a quick flash of bright light. My brother didn't see it. My wife came running out of the house and yelled that she saw something land in the field. She had been on the 2nd floor and saw it from the bedroom window.

The three of us watched in that direction for several minutes. We didn't noticed anything unusual. We finished up and went into the house. I couldn't sleep that night. My wife said that the object was egg-shaped and ascended quickly - so fast that she expected it to crash.

The next day, I walked through the field but didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

I'm concerned that something unusual is going on. We used to see coyotes, deer, wild birds and other wildlife frequently - but since the last incident, none of us have seen anything. Birds don't fly over or land on the property. There are several large oak trees on the property - but there has been significant die off. It not 'oak wilt' or insects. The leaves just die and fall off. It's very strange. I had the guy from the local nursery look around but he can't explain it.

I'd appreciate some insight as to what's going on. SG

NOTE: I checked other sources and can't find anything similar to these events. Maybe the readers have suggestions. Lon

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