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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Grandmother Told the Truth -- Vatican Prepares For Aliens -- Grandfather's Funeral

Grandmother Told the Truth

My grandparents lived in Dayton, Ohio for years prior to 1964. A close friend retired from Wright Patterson AFB. He was high ranking. My grandmother, who was the most witty, honest, and most candid person I'd ever met asked him if it were true about the alien craft and possibly the alien bodies being store at the base. I'll never forget her telling me this story and her words regarding his response. He said "(my grandmother's name), if the public knew what was at the base from the Roswell incident, there would be a general panic amongst the public." She asked him nothing else and he made no more mention of it. - MUFON CMS


232 teeth extracted from teen’s mouth

In a rare medical case, a team of doctors at state-run JJ hospital extracted as many as 232 tiny teeth from a 17-year-old boy’s mouth in a six-hour long surgery conducted on Monday. Interestingly, doctors claim that the total count of minuscule teeth was far greater than 232, after which they gave up on counting and focussed only on removing them.

Aashiq Gawai, a tenth standard boy from a remote village called Valsavangi in Buldhana district, started developing abnormally fast growing teeth, four months ago. While initially, his parents ignored the peculiar growth, tension grew when his right lower jaw started to swell.

“I did not have much money and we could not understand what was wrong with my son. We first visited a private doctor after which we went to a public hospital in Aurangabad. The doctors in Aurangabad referred us to JJ hospital, stating that it is out of their medical expertise,” said Suresh Gawai, Aashiq’s father.

Gawai, who cultivates cotton in Valsavangi, can hardly speak Hindi. He still cannot understand the medical anomaly his son developed. With no money in his pockets, he reached Mumbai and admitted Aashiq to JJ hospital on July 1.

Later, he was informed about the Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana, a scheme that provides free medical treatment to poor patients, and enlisted his son under the scheme.

On July 21, during a six-hour long surgery, a team of doctors removed the abnormal growth of teeth from Aashiq’s lower jaw.

“The abnormal growth was a benign tumour. He had a normal jawline, but one molar tooth in the lower jaw had given birth to hundreds of tiny teeth. There were clusters of tooth buds in his lower jaw,” said Dr Sunanda Dhivare, head of dentistry department at JJ hospital.

The doctors in the hospital themselves admitted to having witnessed such a condition for the first time. ENT surgeon Dr Vandana Thorawade said during the surgery, they ensured that the patient’s face symmetry did not change.

“The bone around which the tumour was attached had become brittle and thin. That was the only complication. We could not let that bone break and so we slowly removed one tooth after another,” Thorawade added.

At present, he is on a liquid diet and should be able to eat solid food in a few days. - Indian Express


Vatican Prepares For Aliens

For decades the Vatican has convened some of the brightest minds in the scientific community around the world to ponder the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and to prepare a public disclosure on behalf of the Catholic Church in case the existence of aliens is confirmed.

Many scientists affirm we’re not far from establishing the “First Contact,” given the advances made is astronomy. Because of this, the Vatican wishes to be ready with a statement. It might not be a easy task for the church to interpret holy scripture—if not analyzed properly—if life is found on other planets and man is not the only creature made in the image of God.

This past March the Vatican Observatory and the University of Arizona organized a conference held in Tucson to discuss the advances made in the search for extraterrestrial life. The conference was inspired by the rapid discovery of planets, new findings on the thresholds of extreme conditions at which life on Planet Earth can survive, and new technology designed for the search of life on exoplanets.

Experts on the study of exoplanets, biologists, companies specializing in biosciences and atmospheric science also participated.

About 200 scientists from around the world attended the event “Search for life beyond the solar system.” They’re challenged with facing the possibility of finding alien life using an interdisciplinary approach.

This July another advancement made by Jesuit priest Guy Consolmagno, a doctor in astronomy for the Vatican Observatory, was given the Carl Sagan science medal from the American Astronomical Society (AAS). Counting with scientists such as Brother Consolmagno, the Vatican’s scientific endeavors have gained prestige.

The AAS announced the award for Brother Consolmagno in honor of his “distinguished communications on behalf of a scientist to the general public”.

Brother Consolmagno has appeared in major news outlets, including the BBC, where he has served as an expert on topics of science and religion relating to science. - VOXXI


Fireball Races Across Calgary Sky

Some Albertans who were up early Tuesday were treated to a rare sight when a fireball lit up the night sky.

The Rothney Observatory reports that a fireball — which is larger than a meteor — was seen at 1:24 a.m. Tuesday.

“They’re so bright that if you’re standing, you’ll see your shadow, just like in the daytime,” said Dr. Phil Langill, who directs the University of Calgary observatory.

A meteor is a small rock from outer space that burns up as it enters Earth’s atmosphere. Langill said a fireball is even larger.

“Essentially they’re the same thing; it’s just a matter of scale,” he said.

Scores of people took to Twitter and emailed the Herald about the sudden flash of light.

Jesse Shan was on his south-facing Marda Loop balcony when he saw what appeared to be cloudless lightning just southeast of the city.

“I saw a massive flash to begin with; I was like ‘woah,’ ” said Shan.

He saw a blue-white streak, followed by a burning orange orb that moved slowly, lingering for about five seconds before vanishing.

“It was almost like it entered through out of nowhere and then exited again. It’s just ridiculous,” he said.

Other Calgarians reported a green flash, comparing the sight with falling debris or a large shooting star. Rothney Observatory released a photo of a light-blue teardrop lighting up most of the night sky.

Langill said he guesses the rock was about a metre in diameter. He said that while space rocks vary in density, a grain of sand will produce less than a second of visible flame, while a basketball-sized meteor will net two to three seconds. A couch-sized rock can last up to 10 seconds.

Though it’s impossible to estimate without multiple photos, Langill’s guess is the fireball flamed out over an area between Calgary and Lethbridge. He said it’s possible smaller fragments would have fallen to earth if the rock broke apart.

Sightings were reported some 450 kilometres north of Calgary.

“It was a huge flash of light and we thought: ‘What the heck was that?’ ” said Athabasca resident Michael Borody. He also saw a flash from the southeast, and thought it was a firework. “It was too fast for anyone to get a photo.”

Langill said current technology can’t anticipate metre-wide meteors. While fireball sightings depend on size, cloud cover and population on the ground, he said they’re probably seen about once a year in Calgary.

The fireball wasn’t the only overnight space show for Alberta.

Jason Nishiyama, Calgary head for the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, said watchers reported an iridium flare Monday at 11:30 p.m., just two hours before the fireball.

“Iridium flares are sunlight glinting off panels of the iridium communication satellites. They are quite bright,” Nishiyama told the Herald in an email.

Alan Dyer, an astronomy writer who worked three decades with the Calgary science centre, said iridium flares are typical during summer’s clear nights. Most are predictable based on the positioning of satellites used for GPS systems.

“You see them all the time; they’re really common,” he said.

As for the fireball, even professional skywatchers missed the five-second spectacle. Langill said researchers were working inside the observatory at the time of the fireball, but were glued to their screens.

“They kind of missed out,” he said. - Calgary Herald


Grandfather's Funeral

It was my grandfather’s funeral today. The service was held in the local crematorium. Some family members said a few words and I read a poem, one called God Lay Dead in Heaven by an American guy named Stephen Crane, as the coffin moved into the furnace. There had been a lot of debate about whether the poem should be read, my mother thought it was inappropriate, that it might upset some of our older friends and relatives, but it had been my grandfather’s wish for me to read this particular poem at his funeral and so I did.

As I finished the last line of the poem, I had heard a few faint mutterings and the uncomfortable shuffling of some people in their seats, but I was too preoccupied to notice. As I walked back to take my seat I knew people were staring at me and I began to grow paranoid that it was because I hadn’t cried. I had tried to cry, I really had, but after what I’d learned the week before, all I could feel was a cold numbness.

My grandfather was the kindest, most generous person I have ever met. He had worked all his life as a steelworker but took early retirement to help out my mum and dad when my little sister, Ellie, was born twelve years ago. I was seven when she was born and every other weekend we would spend time at my grandfather’s house so that my parents could spend some alone time together. When I was little he would buy me big bags of sweets and take me to the video store to rent whatever movie I wanted. As I grew up, I still looked forward to my weekends at his house and my sister and I would come home from school on a Friday before we were due to leave for his house and pack our things ready in excitement.

One weekend, when I was twelve years old and my sister five, our grandfather took us out shopping in town. A new Disney store had been added to the shopping mall and my sister had been bugging us all morning to go and finally my grandfather gave in. I wasn’t really into Disney any more, so the trip was pretty boring for me, but Ellie was fascinated by all the toys and merchandise, disappearing into thick crowds of people more than once as she ran about, almost giving me and my grandfather a heart attack each time. Eventually, she became transfixed on a sky-blue Cinderella dress and begged my grandfather to buy it for her. It took us a good twenty minutes to coax her out of the store, and her tears and sobs brought on by being torn away from the dress only subsided after she was bribed with ice cream and a promise that she could stay up an hour past her bed time that night.

It was two weeks later when we went back to my grandfather’s house and as soon as we walked in Ellie screamed a high-pitched scream. Hanging on the door frame of the living room was the Cinderella dress – my grandfather had bought it for her the day before. After that, Ellie barely took that dress off. She would wear it everywhere, in all weather, and would have slept in it had she been allowed. One day, after a fancy dress party at her school, she came home looking more or less distraught. I asked her what was wrong and she said that another girl at school had been wearing the same dress and it didn’t seem “special” any more. I rolled my eyes when she retold this story to my grandfather that weekend but instead of brushing it off as childish nonsense, he took Ellie out to buy some sequins and fake gems and they spent the afternoon together customizing the dress to make it unique. She had run to show me the dress once it was finished, holding it up with a huge smile on her face. It was covered in red, blue and green sequins and gems, haphazardly stuck with glue in random places. On the label at the neck she had scrawled “Ellie” in black marker pen, to make it clear who it belonged to, she told me.

One month later Ellie was missing.

I don’t remember an awful lot from this time. It was all a blur of policemen, counsellors and my parents crying. Ellie had last been seen playing in the street in her Cinderella dress and then all of a sudden, she was gone. The police had no idea what had happened. They searched everywhere for her and the whole community joined in to help search the fields and wastelands around the village, but to no avail. She had just vanished. There was a short period where the police had thought they had caught the guy that did it but it turned out he wasn’t the one, so they let him go. People weren’t convinced that he was innocent and I think he had to move out of town after a while. Eventually, the case became cold, the police investigation slowed down and our family were left to deal with this new void in our lives.

About two years after Ellie went missing, my dad ran off with another woman. My mother couldn’t take it and suffered a huge breakdown, having to spend a long time in a hospital in order to recover. I was still only a teenager at this time, so I went to stay with my grandfather. Life with him was good, he looked after me and treated me well, doing everything a normal parent should, but it was never the same. There was always a horrible air of sadness lurking around the house and at nights I often heard him crying himself to sleep.

When I reached the age of seventeen, I felt I was old enough to move out and have my own place, but instead I moved back in to my mother’s home. She had been released from the hospital and I thought it would be good to be there to look after her and at least attempt to rebuild what was left of our relationship.

Everything carried on as normal as it could have until two days before my nineteenth birthday, when my grandfather passed away. He had been fighting bowel cancer for almost a year and it was horrible to see him slowly fading away. Part of me felt relief when he finally died, although I hate to admit it. A few days before he died, he had asked my mum to call me into his room at the hospital so he could speak to me alone. He chatted to me about some things from the past and told me he was proud of me. Just before I left he handed me a small white envelope and made me promise that I would only open it after he had passed. I promised and stuffed the envelope in my pocket.

It wasn’t until the day after he passed that I remembered the envelope. I fished it out of my pocket and opened it slowly. Inside was a print off of a map with a tiny area circled, “it’s here” scrawled in red ink above the marker. Also in the envelope was a small key. I immediately set off to find out what it opened.

The area on the map was one familiar to me. It was a field near my old primary school and the circle lead me to an isolated corner where a large tree stood. I didn’t see anything there. I checked the map again and again but I was sure I was in the right spot. Then something inside me told me to dig, so I dropped to my knees and began scraping at the hard ground with a sharp stone I found. After a good hour or so of digging I hit something solid. I spent the next while digging around the object, eventually pulling out a red metal box. It was locked with a small silver padlock.

At the wake, I didn’t talk to anyone. Some people tried to talk to me, but I was in a haze. A couple of my grandfather’s old drinking buddies made a few comments about the poem I read being inappropriate – I guess mum was right. I couldn’t stay there with all those people and so I left early.

I’m at home now and I still can’t cry. As I type this the red box sits in my lap. Inside is a blue Cinderella dress, decorated with red, blue and green sequins and gems, the name “Ellie” still barely legible on the tag at the neck. I don’t know what to feel. - Reddit.com


I'm Not Giving Up!

I'm serving notice now! I'M NOT GIVING UP! You bozos can post all you want about me...it's not going to work. I'm not going to give credence to your nonsense with a link to your sites or pages. Threatening Phantoms and Monsters and my business is not going to garner you anything other than more disdain from people who already know that you're a piece of shit. Lon

Here's a direct quote:

"Mr. Strickler's incompetence and charlatanism make him a danger to people suffering from very real and dangerous paranormal issues. He would do better to leave the paranormal field entirely and stick with copying and pasting stories of mythical creatures and monsters." - Mark Johnson, Unknown Origins Radio blog



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