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Friday, May 08, 2020

Was it 'Mothman?' NEW Accounts From Point Pleasant WV, Kentucky & Georgia

3 accounts from separate witnesses of possible encounters with a Mothman or other winged humanoids - Point Pleasant WV, Kentucky and Georgia

“I went to Point Pleasant in August 2015 with my hubby and kids. We travel, going to odd places, haunted, etc. We found what some call the 'TNT igloos' at the old West Virginia Ordnance Plant. We were on a back dirt road. The sun was setting. An odd car would drive by slowly as we were getting our gear ready. I joked about the scary movies we see and how the locals hate out of towners and take it out on them. That people go missing or are captured. Okay, back to reality and time to press on.

It's getting dark. We got the flash lights and EMF meters. I went over the directions I saw on the internet (pond to left. Look for opening on right of the trail). There was so many weeds and overgrowth, it was hard to find. Then one of my kids yelled, 'There it is!' I saw a pathway about 20 feet long to my right. The weeds were shaped like a tunnel (probably from us tourists pulling and lifting them to get through). All four of us girls would have to duck and run through quickly after my hubby checks for spiders and webs, of course.

We got into the 'TNT igloo' and you could see a ton of graffiti and garbage...dirt bottom. It was pitch black at this point, only the light from our dollar store flashlights. We tried to take a photo with our tablet but they were all black. We started talking and playing with our echo. Then I told everyone, 'Quiet! I heard something.' We listened, hearing... and we all heard a noise. my kids started getting scared. My hubby, the big man he is, says, 'Its time to go, now!' I didn't want to leave. I was there to explore.

My family left me, running back to the car. I was alone in the igloo. When I got back in the car, we drove off. I asked everyone what did it sound like to them, the noise in or around the igloo. Everyone said, 'Wings flipping...big wings flapping above. 'My daughter's a 'sensitive.' and said that saw a shadow man in woods and a weird orb. Well, we came and left in one piece. Mission accomplished!” SW


“Back in 1998, my younger brother and I witnessed something huge hovering in the sky over our house in eastern Kentucky (a huge bat-like creature which mostly looks like a human with giant wings, hovering). It was gliding with its massive wings all the way expended and it was totally calm. During that time, we had total 3 hours of power shutdown due to a storm and after one week we faced the most terrifying flood ever recorded in our country. I never knew about Mothman at that time and never ever thought that there is or could be some connection between Mothman and natural disaster, until I watched so many videos and read a lot about Mothman and its prophecy.” RS


“Me and my brother saw a flying humanoid creature gliding above our house towards our front yard right above our tree. Our tree was only about 14 feet high. The body looked muscular almost as a heavy build. The wings were as a bat. We also noticed the wings had a few tears and the body had short hair almost a light brown tint. From the height it was flying, it seemed it had to be around 6 to 6'5 feet. The face we couldn't see because it was looking up forward. Me and my brother are not the only ones around the area that have seen the humanoid. Besides this phenomenon we have also seen paranormal incidents as well as UFO activity. We later found out our property (in Georgia) used to be a military base during WW1. I'm not sure if that has to do with anything but of all the things I've seen in including my family and neighbors. It would be unbelievable to most.” KA



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