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Monday, May 11, 2020

'I Saw the Mothman': Newly Reported Encounters in West Virginia, Louisiana & Wales UK

3 different encounters with the Mothman or similar winged humanoid in West Virginia, Louisiana & Wales UK

"I grew up in Point Pleasant, WV and lived in the Camp Conely area which is a couple miles from TNT plant (West Virginia Ordnance Works). There are 5 or 6 roads that people live on the right side of Camp Conely. I lived on the last two roads and there’s a small grove in between these two roads. This is where I heard Mothman.

The first time I was just cutting through the grove to get to my aunt’s house and I heard this screech that didn’t sound to far off...similar to a bobcat (which do live in the area). I start to slightly panic because I don’t want get mauled by a bobcat, so I high tail it out of there. Once I’m on my aunt's porch I turn around and look back to the grove. I see these red eyes looking at me through the trees. That’s when I first heard it, but didn’t really see him...just the eyes. I did see all of him once.

Me and my family were going home from my mawmaw’s who lives on Plants Ridge in Mason County. The quickest way from there to home is cutting through TNT area. It’s around 10 pm and I’m looking out the window trying to see some deer. Then I see the red eyes again, in front and to the left of our car by the road in a curve. Our headlights catch him and it's around the 6-8 foot range. It has grayish black skin with darker patches on his wings. A second after it's in the headlights it takes off and makes that same screech from before. Shortly after all of this we moved to North Carolina. But, yes, there is a Mothman" FJ


"I've never told anyone this or talked about it to anyone besides the people that were with me that night. My best friend claims to have seen it at a different date, that I didn't know about until I described my experience to him. I lived in a Bastrop, Louisiana with my cousin and his wife. There's not much to do in Morehouse Parish besides drive back roads like we've done thousands of times before.

Then one night in 2015 we were leaving a church we used to clean. It was around 2 am or so. We were in my cousin's 1990 GMC Sierra single cab 4x4, so we decided to ride back roads. So we're cruising while talking and listening to music. His wife was asleep in the middle seat when we turned on a paved road 5 miles or so outside of town. We come around a curve and there it was, something we had never seen before. I'm a avid hunter been in the woods all hours of the night and day. I was also in the Army, but had never been more freaked out by something than what we witnessed. There was something dead in the road and something was eating it when the headlights hit it. It looked up. It was about 2 and a half to 3 foot tall while kneeling over whatever it was eating. It had intense red eyes and it stood up so fast that it seemed like a millisecond. It was 7 or 8 feet tall with pitch black bat skin wings. In one fell swoop it leapt, its wings opened and it flew into the woods on the side of the road. It had to be moving over 50 mph. This was wildest experience of my life.

I've always been cynical when it comes to paranormal stuff, but I know what I saw that night and so does my cousin." B


“I'm one who needs to see to believe. I have heard some rumours of a similar being to Mothman appearing near to where I'm from in Wales, UK. My mother has claimed to have seen a similar being while she was in a car with her sister. She claimed to have seen a "shimmering cloaked-like creature." When she told me this, it immediately made me think of the 'Grim Reaper.' She said it came out of the darkness and followed beside the car on the passenger side and then went over to the driver's side, then finally it goes above the car and stopping in its tracks. Without knowing about my mother and her sister's sighting, there have been about 4 more people to have seen a similar being at the same area.

I want to believe in the supernatural but reported sightings aren't enough for me. Also, there have been few deaths on these roads. One was a cousin's girlfriend and her friend who drove their way onto scaffolding pipes and impaled. The driver behind them said they just swerved off the road straight into the pipes, but the car didn't seem to lose control. It was if it was done intentionally. It makes me think if they saw IT. I honestly don't know.” TR



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