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Monday, May 18, 2020

Pale White 'Crawler' Encountered on Former Virginia Civil War Battlefield

A group of friends encounter a white crawler humanoid while camping on private property on a Civil War battlefield.

I found the following strange encounter:

"I live on the east coast in central Virginia (Hanover County), and the property I live on contains 10 acres of fields and woods. Just as some background info, the property was once a battleground during the Civil War. The Battle of Matadequin Creek took place right around where I live. My friends and I have always seen ghosts and paranormal activity around the property whenever we hang out or camp, but that isn't why I'm typing this.

I should probably mention that our campsite contains tarp roofs with pallets set up as walls. I should also mention that we always carry firearms with us in the woods, but I always enforce making sure nobody has any bullets chambered in their weapons unless they have a reason to shoot.

One night in late April 2020, 3 friends and I were hanging out by the fire within our campsite. At about 11:30 pm. One of my buddies and I wander down the trail with no flashlights of any sort in the dark. We stopped at an opening by the field where we could see the stars. We chatted about random topics for about 5-10 minutes until we start hearing steps and twigs snapping in multiple areas in front of us. We are skeptical but keep an ear out.

All the sudden, I yell "Oh sh*t!" and uncharacteristically rack a bullet in the chamber of my rifle as quick as I can. Then I immediately aim my rifle towards what I'm seeing. It was dark so I couldn't distinguish details, but this is what a saw.

It was a pale while silhouette and it was crawling uphill from another trail. It didn't seem intimidating though, rather intently curious. Its body moved similar to a chicken that bobs its head, but more subtle. My friend and I yelled for our other 2 friends to come assist us. As the creature got closer, we yelled louder. We weren't terrified, simply frightened and in awe. The creature went behind a tree and repeatedly poked its head out and back behind the tree. It occasionally began to crawl towards us from behind the tree, but would retreat once again. All its movement were slow and agile. After about 2 minutes, it disappeared, as in we couldn't see it because of the brush. I assume it fled into the woods.

Our other 2 friends arrived a minute or so after the creature had fled. Their excuse was that they thought we had ran into a hunter or somebody, so they decided to take the bullets out of their weapons. Anyway, the next day, we went back to the spot of the sighting. We found disturbed leaves and tracks exactly were we saw the creature. The friend I was with during the sighting is a skilled hunter and tracker. We followed tracks that lead off the property until it seemed to either go cold, or we lost them. We did find a small sized goat skull in the woods with no carcass to follow near the sighting area.

Does anyone know what this could possibly be? The closest thing it resembles that I can think of is the 'rake creature.'" KK



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