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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Bigfoot Stalks Forest Ranger After Being Shot Near Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico

zuni mountain bigfoot

A native forest ranger in the Zuni Mountains, New Mexico shoots at a Bigfoot while with his family. The Bigfoot stalked him continuously afterwards.

I recently found the following account:

"This happened to my dad’s family when he was a kid. I’m not too sure how old he was or the exact date this happened. But what I know is that it was a night in the fall, sometime in the early 80’s.

My dad and his parents were on their way to Gallup, New Mexico to see a movie. They’re located in Zuni, New Mexico and the drive to Gallup is 32 miles heading north. My grandpa was a forest ranger at the time, and worked in the Zuni Mountains. He was using his ranger truck to get to town. (Now I will tell this instance mainly from my dad's perspective. He’s the only person that’s ever explained this to me. My grandma is eerily bothered so much she doesn’t like talking about it. My grandpa is dissociative with the family, so I’ve never had the chance to ask.)

Anyways, they’re about half way to town, it’s dark out, large ponderosa trees cover both sides of the road. In the midst of driving my grandpa stomped on his breaks. My grandma is sitting passenger and my dad in the back seat. At this moment my dad is confused, he’s facing towards the back window, passenger side. He sees my grandpa quickly reach over the back seat to grab his rifle off a gun rack. Heard him open his door and fire one shot. My grandpa hit it and it screamed. My dad now looks over the seat to see it running to the right of the road (east) and it takes one large step over a cattle guard and disappears into the woods. They drove away and proceeded to watch the movie, without discussing anything about what happened.

Now my dad says (according to grandma and grandpa) that the Bigfoot was hairy, but not like you’d expect. Its hair was fringed and balding. They said it had pale blue skin and looked fatigued. When my grandpa shot it, it dropped its jaw for a couple of seconds. It’s 'jaw dropping' looked grotesque, like it couldn’t have possibly made its mouth any wider. Then came the scream. The scream is the eeriest part. They all said they’ll never forget it. It was loud, gross and had meaning. After screaming it lunged to its left (east), took a step over the cattle guard and ran into the forest. The jaw dropping is what makes my grandma not talk about it. She says it’s the scariest, most ugliest thing to have witnessed.

Now after they got back home, it started haunting/following my grandpa. That night my grandpa got no sleep, my grandma didn’t either and that’s how she knows. She pretended to be asleep but the both of them heard things around their house that night. Movement, noise against the walls and a overwhelming feeling like something is out there in the dark.

My grandpa continued his work as a ranger but soon quit due to constant run ins with this thing. When he was out in the forest, he knew it was watching. He could smell it, hear screams, hear knocking. It made disturbances in the road just for him. It would toss branches in the road to and from destinations, like it knew his schedule or where he had to be. It scared my grandpa so much he hasn’t gone back since, and since then it hasn’t bothered him. All while this was happening my grandpa experienced one wild ride as a ranger.

I believe he’s seen UFO’s, strange murders, and very odd occurrences all in that forest (I.E. people acting too jolly, rituals, lost people). He’s written down all everything that’s happened. It’s in a binder at his house but I really want to read it. My dad has and says it’s nuts, but my gramps now has cancer and is a shut in from it. Hopefully I get to see him soon or I get my hands on that book. Zuni is truly a place of mysteries. WEIRD sh*t goes down there all the time." GB