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Sunday, May 03, 2020

'Rake / Crawler' Humanoids Observed: Virginia, Florida, Michigan & Nova Scotia

Here are 4 accounts of encounters with pale white Rakes or Crawlers humanoids in Virginia, Florida, Michigan and Nova Scotia. What are the witnesses observing?

Please Note: Pennsylvania anomalies investigator Stan Gordon and I have a fairly lengthy discussion on these pale white gray humanoids during our recent interview - Stan Gordon - Pennsylvania UFO / Anomalies Investigator - Arcane Radio

"I work as a paramedic in rural area of Virginia. This entails a lot backwoods mountain roads late at night. This encounter happened around summer of 2016.

One night around 2 am or 3 am I was driving back from a call and was traveling up a road I have been up many times before. My partner and I were just listening to music and making the best of being at work. As I rounded an upwards slanted curve the headlight of my unit hit something that still gives me chills to this day as I’m typing. This creature was almost in a position that reminded me of a catcher in baseball, as if it was squatting beside the road maybe ten feet in a small grassy patch. It was so pale and white, I distinctly remember it’s arms and legs being so long. Just unnaturally long and slender, it’s fingers were the same. If I had to estimate it’s height I would say it was easily 6 feet tall. It’s head was facing away from me I honestly did not get a good look to see any facial features. I literally was shocked. I didn’t speak a word. I turned to my partner who was in the passenger seat and the look on his face told me I was not seeing an imaginary thing. I said to him please tell me you saw that. He did, with a number of colorful words.

It may have been 50 yards away when we agreed to turn around and look again. When we got back to the same place there was nothing. I honestly didn’t have the courage to get out of the ambulance to check. My partner did pull out a spotlight we have in our units to check the woods and again nothing. I can’t stress enough how pale, boney and slender this creature was. It was like the Pale Man from 'Pan's Labyrinth' but I could see every bone in its body. I only got a two to three second look at this creature." KK


"I am still at a loss for words to explain how scary this is, most all because it is no doubt something NOT human or any known animal. This is taking place nightly behind a close friends home not far away and started last fall. The area is in north Florida (near Wakulla) in a very rural area and behind her house is wild bamboo that has completely overgrown the land surrounding the ruins of a old house that literally collapsed or imploded somewhere approximately 15 years ago. These things have not only taken over back there but have been seen by several of us, but never in the daylight. This started with a mound appearing that wasn't there prior to last fall that was fairly large size and built entirely of heavy debris from that house and broken bamboo, which alone is scary considering no person can break that in such a way due to the strength.

Since it first appeared, this mound has constantly expanded in width and height to an alarming size and has several cave like openings in it, now they have dug pretty large size tunnels going underneath it.

Now I'm concerned as one of them has been seen coming out of the bamboo and underneath her house, under the addition in the back where her dogs at night will not go alone and act purely terrified even though still inside the house. We now know that's because these dogs have known this thing or more than one has been under her kitchen floor nightly for who knows how long. The land around the old house alone has a very strong and bothersome vibe to it alone, now this.

What we have seen is a very thin and pale figure which doesn't appear to have normal legs and very elusive and hostile feeling. Aside from very sinister looking yellow glowing eyes I haven't seen or has anyone else any other facial features. What do we do?? I want to get documentation of this, which I do have pics of this structure they built over time but none of them as none of us will dare attempt to even go out her back door at night as the edge of the bamboo and ruins are very close by." UE


"I live in Wyoming, Michigan about a walking distance away from Resurrection Cemetery. If you look it up on Google Maps you will see it has a treeline surrounding it. The treeline closest to the woods is where I've seen it almost all times. I have multiple stories but I'll try to share only the most haunting ones.

The first encounter I had was with my sister, she was going to take a walk through the cemetery. It was late at night and I had the gut instinct to go with her, so I did. We decided to play Pokemon Go because why not. I didn't like the forested area around it, especially this big pine tree visible by a maintenance path that led to the crematorium. I was scared out of my mind but we went towards the crematorium anyway to get a Pokestop and a Jigglypuff. We had to go so close that we were on the maintenance path, but the nicer cobblestone half. It was when I looked to my right that I first saw it, hunched over, it looked like a normal human being but more terrifying. It appeared to have seen me too because it stood up, I could tell it was tall, I'd estimate about 7 feet in height. I told my sister to run and we ran home where I proceeded to pray in my room for a while.

My mom had a sighting as well, she had mentioned seeing something grey hunched in the top of the pine tree I mentioned earlier watching us. When she looked back it was gone. Safe to say, we went home early that day. I consider myself slightly psychic, and when I closed my eyes (sometime around the time that she saw it) I saw two gaping holes staring back at me. My mom described the creature and I recognized it as something I'd drawn a few weeks before. I burned this image but have since redrawn it.

My most recent sighting (and the one that kept me from going back to the cemetery) happened in broad daylight with a friend. I'll keep his name hidden for privacy, but we decided to go to said cemetery after class (college program but for high school freshmen). We wandered around the cemetery for hours, until my arm started hurting and I decided that we should go home for a snack. As we walked my anxiety heightened, I had told him about the Crawler but I suspected we wouldn't have to worry as it was daytime. As we were walking along the sidewalk, about to reach the treeline, I saw a dead squirrel/dog arm in the middle of the sidewalk. I looked up and I saw the Crawler run straight into the treeline. It was grey, and ran on all fours rather than on two legs. I told my friend to run and he did. We both ran until we reached the intersection." M

I have recently been hired by my neighbor to do landscaping. When I was out in the back of his yard dumping leaves, dirt and sticks into a pile in the woods I heard something rustling by the trees to my left. I turn towards the sound and see this 6 or 7 ft tall bone white thing running away from me back into woods. It couldn't have been a bird because the pine trees it ran through were too big for any bird native to Nova Scotia to even move." FSC

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