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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Weird Winged Cryptids Seen in Kentucky

2 different witnesses observe weird winged cryptids in Kentucky. They both wondered if they had actually seen the Mothman

“Last night on November 26, 2019, my best friend and I were driving from Washington DC to Louisville, Kentucky. We had just passed the "Welcome to Kentucky" sign and it was very dark. Then, we saw it. The best way to describe it is that it looked like a combination of a Pacman ghost because of its head shape and eyes, it was glowing white, and it moved like a squid or jellyfish does in water. I didn't see legs. It was huge. The length of it was at least 6 feet and seemed to be gigantic when it spread it wings, for the lack of a better adjective. It was about 20 feet in the air above my car. At first, I was pissed because the environmentalist in me assumed that someone had threw trash out of their window until it spread its wings and hovered in mind air before it shifted directions. We both yelled "WTF"! I thought I was the only one to see it.

We were on the phone in the car with another friend and she was scared after we both yelled in shock about what we had just seen. It was so scary at first. My legs and hands were shaking for hours. I asked the guy at the toll booth if he had ever seen anything white flying in the sky and he started telling me about Mothman. I had never heard of Mothman in my life. I believe that it was protecting us so we wouldn't get in a car accident. I was wide awake, alert, and very cautious as a drove toward my hometown to visit family. I'm still shaken up a bit. I strongly believe that Mothman is not evil or a monster unless you are and I did not see red eyes but we did see something otherworldly. What we saw was Mothman It is real! I'll never forget what I saw and it was no crane.” SS


“Saw Mothman myself three years ago (2014). Just as you described, didn't flap it's wings, just flew/glided effortlessly. I saw it not long after the sun had gone down. It was a summers evening in central Kentucky, clear sky, I opened the double doors to the back garden and stepped outside to get some fresh air. As I stood there just outside the entrance, I slowly scanned the stars from the horizon and slowly looked directly above me taking in the evening sky. It was one of those evenings where the sky was like a blanket of stars, no clouds.

Just as I looked directly up is when I saw it swoop down from the roof of the house. It passed over me within a few metres and flew/glided across the back garden at head height and disappeared over the rooftops in the distance. It's wingspan was approximately five, maybe six metres, the wings did not flap, it sort of glided effortlessly with no sound. As it was going away from me, I saw what looked like two red glows, which I thought were rear lights as they appeared to be on the back of its wings, only they didn't seem like lights, but more of a red glow. It also had a human body shape, slightly larger than normal, its legs were together and straight and I saw the shape of a head. Of course, I only saw it as a dark shape and silhouetted against the night sky. The first thing I thought of was a giant human-like bat, as it was a sort of bat-shaped, like batman. I know it sounds crazy, but I know what I saw and what I have described is the best description I can give.

After it disappeared, I stood there for a while thinking about what I had just seen, staring into the direction it went hoping to see it again, not to confirm what I had seen, but more out of amazement and curiosity. I did think about reporting it, but then I wasn't sure the police would have believed me and the last thing I wanted was to be on the local looney toons list. I've told close friends about it and received a few raised eyebrows, so I decided to do my own research. The closest thing I found to it is the Mothman stories and here I am. Now I don't know if what I saw was the Mothman, because until now I haven't found anything else that fits its description; my reason for pointing this out is because I'm not aware of any disasters taking place when I saw it. It's also possible that any accidents/disasters are not directly related to the Mothman." NT



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