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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Sparsely Furred Humanoid Encountered in Eastern Kentucky Backyard

An eastern Kentucky woman encounters a half human, half animal creature on a summer night in 2019. There was another sighting a few weeks later.

I recently came across the following account:

"I thought I’d share my mom’s humanoid experience. I’ll start this off by sharing that her home (and my childhood home) is definitely loaded with paranormal activity.

My mom’s home is situated in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains. She has one neighbor (her mother-in-law). There are no houses elsewhere around hers. Just beautiful mountains.

One night her dog was barking, crying and growling. She just wouldn’t stop. My mom was a tad confused as there wasn’t any outside noises that she herself could hear and her dog was pacing to the door and windows. After about an hour she decided to grab her flashlight and go outside to make sure everything was okay and that there wasn’t any animals messing with her trash bins. She figured her dog was picking up the smell of a raccoon or other nocturnal animal. She scanned her yard and the creek and didn’t see anything out of place. No animals and her trash hadn’t been tipped over. As she turned to go back inside, that’s when she saw it.

I will give the best description that I can from her explanation to me (as I’ve never seen it myself and hope I never do).

It was standing on its hind legs. Its back legs looked animal like and its front looked more human. It wasn’t hairless, but looked as if it had mange with long fur here and there. The top half looked like a humanoid man, while the lower half looked like an animal.

She stood paralyzed with fear, shining her light on it. It looked at her and then it started walking (on all fours) out of her yard and into the mountains. As it did, it stopped and looked back at her, then finally disappeared into the darkness.

Her second encounter wasn’t as intense, but worth mentioning either way. It was weeks later when her dog began acting out again. She tries her best now to not go outside once the sun goes down. She turned her lights off inside and looked out of her kitchen window. With the light from her yard she was able to see it in her backyard again. Although it was further away from her and not as detailed. She said it had the same shape and look and she knew instantly it was the same thing she saw just weeks earlier and it ran chills down her spine. She said she closed her eyes and let go of her blinds (so they closed) for what felt like several minutes and when she opened her eyes and pulled down the blinds to look back out again it was gone. She said it took everything in her to open those blinds back up and look out.

For weeks following she would shoot her gun off right at the edge of dark. Now anytime her dog acts out she will scan her yard and then step out on the porch (with back door still open, just in case) and shoot her gun a couple of times.

She hasn’t encountered it again. This took place in eastern Kentucky and happened in the summer of 2019. I will talk to my mom later tonight and ask her if there are any other details on it’s appearance that I’ve missed. It’s been a while since I’ve brought it up to her, as it makes her scared come nightfall and she’ll call and keep me up on the phone later than usual." MF

NOTE: This cryptid is hard to pin down with the description given. There have been a good number of upright canine and Bigfoot sightings in eastern Kentucky over the years. Kind of reminds me of the old 'wildman' sightings, where witnesses had no idea what they were seeing. Hopefully more information will come to light. Lon



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