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Friday, May 22, 2020

'Glimmer Man' Appears in Vet's Bedroom

A military police veteran observes a 'Glimmer Man' entity in his bedroom and states it was the most scared he has ever been.

I recently received the following account:

"I had a experience last night (Sunday, May 17th) that I thought you two would love to hear about. Now a little background on me, I'm 36 years old and a military police veteran of 10 years. I've had some weird things happen to me in my life that I can explain and others I still can't until this day. I have a healthy skepticism of the paranormal which is why these experiences bother me so much. I don't worry myself about how people may perceive me when I tell others some of my stories, because after being a cop for 10 years you know what you see and the facts are the facts.

I have asked before, if you had the chance to see any kind of creature which would it be? Well, last night I'm pretty sure I saw the damn 'Glimmer Man.' Now any other night my girlfriend and I would've went to bed at the same time but I end up staying up later due to due to having to get my daughter from work late. I got home and stayed up until around 1 am. My girlfriend went to bed maybe a hour earlier. Went through my usual routine, checked the doors and windows to make sure they where locked and then laid down.

I usually toss and turn throughout the night, fully waking up for a few minutes before going back to sleep. I sleep on the end of the bed furthest away from the bedroom door. I have blackout curtains over my window so my corner of the room is very dark. Our neighbor leaves her porch lights on so some light pours in through our window. On my girlfriend's side she prefers to have a little light shine through. On her bedside table she plugs in her phone so you can see the light periodically shine when a notification comes in. As I turned over to face her side of the room, that's when I saw it. Now this wasn't a, "let me focus on whatever this is." It was a instant, "what the hell is that!" Now, I don't care who you are or what you've done in your life or how bad you think you are, when you're in a vulnerable state and face to face with something that shouldn't exist everything goes out the window. I've been in convoys, high risk traffic stops, and patrols in Iraq but no fear compared to this. It had to be at least 6 or 7 feet tall maybe, and wide. I say that because as my girlfriend's phone notification light illuminated the corner next to the head of the bed, I could see its right hand shoulder, arm, and a little bit of its side.

From what I could see especially in the shoulder area it looks like it had on some kind of, I know this sounds silly but small shoulder pads. Nothing big like football pads but imagine baseball knee pads on your shoulder, like that. When the light hit it, it did have that "Predator" look to it with slight glimpses of reds, blues, and purples maybe. Just like it was somehow bending light. I couldn't see the legs, chest, or face area cause I guess the light wasn't strong enough to reach it. What was even more scary is that it was moving while standing next to my girlfriend like it was touching her in some way. It would seemingly reach over to her night stand and grab things and then turn back to her, doing all of this pretty fast. Maybe there was something else there that I couldn't see. Now that I think about it, imagine laying on a gurney and being operated on, that's what it looked like, "it" being the doctor.

I laid their completely frozen. Jumping up crossed my mind then I quickly decided not to. If this is real I don't know the risks. Is this thing capable of reacting? Would I upset it and something more severe could happen? From what I could see my girlfriend was sound asleep. While all this was happening I was still in the same position I was in when I rolled over and saw this thing. My entire body was hot and I could feel myself starting to sweat. Now I work out on the regular and have a pistol on my nightstand and a gun safe full of weapons in my closet no more than 10 feet away. I'm not afraid to say as I laid their watching this thing opening and closing my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing things that wasn't there. A tear ran down my face and it was because of pure fear.

The whole full sighting lasted about 2 minutes. From there I closed my eyes and began to say the Lord's Prayer over and over again until I couldn't see it and got the courage to roll over. Needless to say I slept like sh*t last night. I probably won't mention this to my girlfriend. It wouldn't help the situation any and I feel like the less she knows the better.

Either this thing is real or all of us that have seen it or something like it are going insane. Hell, they said that about UFOs and look what happened. Apparently they're out there too." DP



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