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Thursday, May 14, 2020

'Skinwalker' Warnings From the Navajo

2 different accounts of Skinwalker experiences by Navajo people on the New Mexico reservation. They both warn of evil and death.

“Hi Lon, I am Navajo and a Christian, but I do believe in the devil and I believe that Skinwalkers are demons.

I grew up in the rural community of Crystal, New Mexico. It’s full of trees, mountains, and hills. The houses are scattered. The nights are pitch black at times, especially when the moon is low. My family is very humble, thankful to God for our success. We help and appreciate others, as all people should be treated. Sometimes we are tested.

One night I had a friend sleep over. We were in my room talking and hanging out. It was around 11 p.m. or so. Nice summer night, so my window was wide open and it was very dark outside. My dad was in the living room watching TV. As usual he fell asleep on the couch. My mom had already gone to bed. My friend and I were talking, when all of a sudden we heard the screen door open and slam shut. We thought it was my dad. While that happens, my mom claims she heard footsteps going through her room toward the restroom. She thought it was my dad, but then she soon realized that she was unable to move as if she were paralyzed.

Still in my room with my friend, we soon heard the screen door open and slam again. The slam woke my dad and he came to my bedroom to check on us. He wanted to see if we were still there and not into mischief.

My mom told us the next morning about what she heard, and how she could not move. She also told us that the second time the door slammed, she then heard horse hooves run by her bedroom window.

A few nights later, I was in bed asleep. I woke because something outside my open window was making noise; like a loud stomping sound. I was too scared to get up and close the window. I stayed still and continued to listen. Then I heard something running away. I slowly got up and walked over to the window. As I pulled it shut, a large dark shadow formed outside. I ran back to my bed and pulled the covers over my head.

The next morning, my dad told me that there was a Skinwalker visiting at night. This was the first time he ever mentioned a Skinwalker to me. He told me not to fear it; our faith will protect us.

I don’t know what was on the Skinwalker’s agenda, but what I do know is that my family was stronger than it. Our faith is strong and we know our savior will provide protection for our family. Every year we hike up the mountain to a high point and we pray for our community’s protection from evil. JK”


"My family never mentioned Skinwalkers or witches to me so I knew nothing about them. My grandpa died a few years ago so my parents sent me to live with my grandma to help her around her ranch on the reservation. I brought my cat along. Well just after two weeks of living there my cat went missing. I figured that he would come back but he never did. I called him and looked for him but nothing. So I went to go put some hay behind the barn for the horses when I saw my orange cat's remains. I thought maybe something attacked him like a coyote so I picked it up and I saw that there were no bones just skin and the outside of his fur there was red and yellow even white paint on the outside of him. I couldn't figure out what it was.

I buried him behind a hill with a little stone with his name carved on it. I was so heart broken. My grandma said she could get me a new cat but I didn't want a new cat. Pretty soon enough I kept hearing meows outside the hogan and scratches at the door. My grandma doesn't have any other cats so I would open the door and find nothing. Then one day, I went to go check on my cat's grave and dig it up to make sure he was still there. He was gone...but his bones were there. I just couldn't believe it! Why were his bones there? I thought I buried his skin? Ever since I have lived there I have experienced some of the strangest things in my life. I don't want to go back. I can't even share what kind of crazy things happened to me because from there I drew the line. I was confused and scared about these people but at the same time I knew I was one of these people. I have a greater respect for the Navajo people which is why I don't think getting involved with Skinwalkers is a good idea. Just don't mess with them and they won't mess with you." JJ



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