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Saturday, May 02, 2020

Cosmic Ray’s 'Venus Files' - Part II

This is a continuation of a series written by my friend and colleague 'Cosmic Ray' Keller. Part I can be found at Cosmic Ray’s 'Venus Files' - Part I

Buck Nelson’s Trip to the Moon, Mars and Venus

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning 'Venus Rising' book series, available on Amazon.com while supplies last.

(Note: The following article was derived from a lecture presented by Buck Nelson, a farmer from Mountain View, Missouri, before the Study Group on Interplanetary Relationships in Detroit, Michigan, on the 26th and 28th of July 1955.)

Introduction by Laura Marxer, Chairperson, Study Group on Interplanetary Relationships

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. When George Adamski, co-author of Flying Saucers Have Landed, and author of Inside the Space Ships, spoke to the Study Group on Interplanetary Relationships in May 1955, he told of an experience that had come to his attention concerning a Mr. Buck Nelson of Mountain View, Missouri. In a letter to Mr. Adamski, Mr. Nelson had told of visitors from other planets coming down over his farm in Missouri in their flying saucers, and of the eventual trip they had given him to their homes.

Shortly thereafter, a committee, me included, went to Mountain View, Missouri, to investigate Mr. Nelson, with a view to bringing him to Detroit to lecture on his experiences. We found him to be a simple man, living alone in a humble house he had built for himself, high in an isolated area of the Ozark Mountains. His dog and his horse were his only companions.

We inquired in the village of Mountain View and found that he was respected, liked by his neighbors, paid his bills, and that flying saucers had been seen by others in the vicinity. In checking into Mr. Nelson’s earlier life, we found that he had done some special police work in Los Angeles, in the nature of plant (factory) protection, for a brief period; but for the greater part of his life he has been a farmer. In checking the grounds around Mr. Nelson’s home, we feel that what he says could have happened.

Mr. Nelson had no witnesses to his visitors and the trip. Neither had Mr. Adamski; nor Mr. Daniel Fry, author of the White Sands Incident; nor Mr.Truman Bethurum, author of Aboard a Flying Saucer. We have no 100% proof to offer you. We can only make Mr. Nelson’s story available for you to evaluate for yourself. And now, may I present Mr. Buck Nelson, farmer, from Mountain View, Missouri."

-George Adamski and Desmond Leslie, Flying Saucers Have Landed (New York, New York: British Book Centre, 1953)
-George Adamski, Inside the Space Ships (New York, New York: Abelard-Schuman, 1955)
-Daniel Fry, White Sands Incident (Louisville, Kentucky: Best Books, 1966, original edition Franklin Thomas, 1954)
-Truman Bethurum, Aboard a Flying Saucer (Los Angeles, California: DeVorss and Company, 1954)

Buck Nelson Speaks

"Good evening, folks. I am happy to be with you tonight. The first part of my story started on 30 July 1954. I was listening to my radio at home at 4:00 p.m. when it began to go crazy wild. My dog, too, set up a barking and my pony outside began to raise all kinds of cane. I went outside, more to see what my animals were doing than anything. As I went out the kitchen door right over it were three huge disks. I went back to get my camera and I photographed them three times. Upon developing the pictures, however, only in one photograph did two of the disks show up. I had taken a flashlight out with me when I went to get the camera and I signaled to the disks to land, by flashing it at them. Immediately I felt a very hard jolt of some kind of current flashed back at me. It knocked me to the ground, behind a barrel and I waited there for several minutes before moving, as I have suffered from neuritis in the back and lumbago for fifteen years. I waited until the disks left and then I tried to get up. I felt no more pain at all; and regardless of the weather or how hot or cold it is, I have felt no more pain in my back. Later the visitors explained to me that they had sent the ray to help me and not to hurt me, since they knew of the condition of my back. At first, however, naturally my first thought was that it was an unfriendly gesture.

Photo taken by Laura Marxer of Buck Nelson (1895-1982) with his dog Ted at the Study Group on Interplanetary Relationships Conference in July 1955 at Mountain View, Missouri

The second contact was on 1 February 1955 at twelve noon. They circled low over the house and asked in a friendly voice, as though from a public address system, if I was friendly. They said they would like to land in the back of my pasture, beyond the house where there is a spring. They wanted to know if I would allow them to land unmolested. They said they would like to land many times, if necessary. They talked for about five minutes. They did not land; but when they said goodbye they said, “We’ll see you again.”

On 5 March 1955 around midnight they entered the house. There were three men. One of them was a young Earthman named Little Buck, a trainee who was learning to operate the ship, too, they told me; another who never gave his name; and Bob Solomon from Venus, who gave this name as a means of identification; and a big dog named Bo. The dog stood as high as a dining room table, and stood higher than my head when he stood on his hind legs. They stayed with me for about one hour. They were interested in everything in the house, especially my radio. I tuned it to different stations for them and when they saw the battery on top of it they asked what that was for. And when I told them that it was for the power they smiled and said, “With all of this power around you in the air, and you’re still using that accumulator!”

The trainee never spoke; and in later visits the trainee was a different man each time. The other two spoke good English. They were interested in my clock and they pointed around the figures on our clock and shook their heads. There are seventeen numerals on their clock. They were interested in the oil stove I have. I had to light the oil stove for them. They wanted to see it burn. They held their hands over the burner to see how hot it was. They went around the house and looked everything over, the bed, furniture, etc. They went past a picture of Christ. I asked them if that meant anything to them and they said, “Yes, we understand; but you people don’t.” They said we have an entire misconception of it all. I have a small light planted outside and they wanted to see that before they left.

On 22 March 1955 at midnight, they circled low over the house and then they visited me and told me to get ready for my trip into space. They left after staying a very short time."

NOTE: To follow Buck’s trip into outer space with the Venusians and their space dog Bo in the next installment of Cosmic Ray’s Venus Files, Part III, keep checking this website. If you would like to ask the Cosmic Ray any questions about Venus or life on other planets, do not hesitate to send him an e-mail at rkeller1@mix.wvu.edu.

The doctor will be appearing with Omnec Onec, the Ambassador from Venus, along with premier ufologist Laura Eisenhower, at the Promise Revealed Meet the Venusians Mt. Shasta Summer Conference, to be held Wednesday, 26 August 2020 through Sunday 30 August 2020 at the Siskiyou Masonic Lodge, Mount Shasta, California. For event information or to purchase tickets, please call Rob Potter at (530) 925-3502. Until then, in the profound words of Venusian Moon Base Clarion Commander Aura Rhanes, “Work, study, and meditate on all good things!”



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