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Monday, November 06, 2017

Pale Black-Eyed Girl in the Cemetery

Richard in Monterrey, California called in to tell of a weird experience he had:

“It happened in 1981 and it was raining, but it had stopped. My buddy an I went out and he was driving. We were in his car and we had two girls in the back seat, who we were going to drop off at a dance. So we went to San Carlos Cemetery and my buddy whispered to me, 'Let's scare the girls.' I cannot get this story out of my head. I can see it plain as day. So, anyways, the lane merged...only one car can go in the lane. So, up ahead, in the headlights, we could see a pair of feet sticking out of a near a crypt. The cemetery, for the most part, because it's an old Italian cemetery, many are buried above ground, you know, crypts, that sort of thing. And so we stopped the car, and we're like, What the heck? And we saw this girl sit up, then stand and she turns towards us and she points. We could see her clearly in the headlights. So we're like, What the heck is this? And so she starts walking towards us and getting closer...then the girl starts screaming. So my friend puts the car in reverse and, boom, we hit a crypt. Mind you, it's a very small lane to get in and out. We were doing like a three-point parking space turn, not sure what to call it, and each time she's getting closer and closer. By this time, the passengers and I can see the girl more clearly. I could see that her hair was parted down the middle and it went straight, which is not a hair style worn in 1981. It looked more like the late 1960s hairstyle because it was parted at the middle and went straight down. But at the very front of her forehead it kind of feathered back where the hair poked out, the hair was straight back and after that, it went straight down. Well, anyways, I get freaked out when I tell this story.

Here's the other thing, her dress was either white or baby blue and it blossomed down on the bottom, okay? It was really round and dirty. So, by this time, she's up by the car. The girls are screaming bloody murder. We finally get out of there and she's pointing at my buddy. So we finally get out of there and I remember specifically the girls are just screaming their heads off. And I looked over and she's standing there and she's pointing at us and we took off. So the girls, one was Caucasian and the other was Korean. The Korean girl kept saying 'Take me home! Take me home!' So we took her home and she lived about 10 miles away if that. We took her to Marina, California. She got out of the car and she was screaming. Her dad came out and he started to ask, 'What did you see? What did you see? Tell me, what you saw!' And we couldn't speak. He said, 'My daughter said you guys saw something that you shouldn't have. What did you see?' We were speechless.

My buddy said we were going to take the other girl home, but her mother wasn't home. So we three went to my buddy's house. I went back over to the cemetery for several years...many nights, exactly where this girl was. There are no girls that were buried there. The people buried in that area were from the 1800s. Across the road there's a college, so maybe somebody was playing a college prank. I thought, Okay, that could be plausible but the hairstyle and that dress were so odd. That dress, the bottom of it, just absolutely dirty. Her face was pale white, and you could see the eyeballs. They were as black as black could be.”

Source: Coast to Coast - October 31, 2017

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