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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Easy Journey to Twelve Planets - Chapter 1: An Angel at the Foot of My Bed

Easy Journey to Twelve Planets
By Jenessee Roy, edited by Dr. Raymond Keller

Chapter 1: An Angel at the Foot of My Bed

For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.
–Hebrews 13:14

Pulling the sheets back and climbing into bed for the night, my feet slide comfortably beneath the heavy down comforter. Before my head hits the pillow, my right ear begins to twitch as if something had pulled the top of my ear upward, thus creating what felt like a chain reaction adjusting the bones deep within that ear’s canal. This movement prompted a high pitch tone. It felt bottomless, yet loud. Following the tone, my ear fell deaf for about 30 seconds. Scanning the dark room, my attention became alert, and in a relatively short time focused.

In the first instance, I was not able to pinpoint what I was looking for or even where to look. But this did not stop me from exploring the familiar shapes and shadows of my surrounding bedroom as I was expecting to catch something out of place. Watchful and now sitting upright with my back against the wooden head board, I looked over at my husband whom had fallen into a restful sleep only moments ago. Beating me to bed by five minutes, he was already in stage one of the sleep phase.

This is the stage that occurs after one decides to go to sleep and closes their eyes. This initial phase generally lasts between one and ten minutes. So I realized that my while my husband was restful, he was only lightly asleep and could quickly return to a fully awake state. I could wake him, but why disturb his needed slumber? Therefore, I pushed the experience down into my subconscious, allowing my body to recline towards my feather pillow once again. It is here that I am greeted by the comforting fragrance that only my pillow affords. It reminds me that sleep is near.

Sometime during my own first stage of sleep I lucidly become aware of myself falling asleep. Thoughts drift in and out, but as yet not captured by my left brain. The occasional twitch of my body gently brings more awareness of the soft settings of my warm and familiar room. With every inhalation, I become just a bit more conscious of my surroundings; yet with each exhalation, I progress two steps closer to sleep. Sleep was winning and that was fine by me.

In that moment somewhere between the haze of the conscious and subconscious world, my body froze. Lying flat on my back, my mind began signaling for my extremities to move.

“Move!” is what my mind screamed; yet nothing happened. With waves of fear pulsating through my body, I realize that I am completely paralyzed. The control that I had become accustomed to retreated. I now found myself trapped in some inaccessible space within my body. The shell of my human form seemed far away. My eyes were fully open. Yet, instead of a clear view, everything appeared grainy and fuzzy. It was like waking to the early morning light. Each eye felt pulled from its socket, forced to witness the outside world.

Struggling, each eye burned as it remained open trying to capture a view. What I did manage to glimpse, however, I did not know how to interpret. And when the unseen barrier finally melted away, my dreams were released and I was finally able to pass through my open stare, thereby meeting my frozen reality. It was here that a voice, soft and gentle, spoke my name.

“Jenessee,” the voice engulfed my entire body, speaking powerfully yet in a tone that was meant to sooth. When it spoke, every cell in my body received a charge of heightened energy that poured through it like a wave of excitement.

Trying to use my vocal cords to respond audibly proved impossible. Still frozen, there was no muscle I could call to action.

“Hello?” At least my mind was still under my control and able to respond. Eyes twisting from side to side, I began scanning the surrounding room. I could find no source for the voice, and could only make out fuzzy images of what appeared to be my bedroom furniture.

“Jenessee, I am going to make myself visible to you. I don’t want you to be afraid. Close your eyes.”

I did nothing, insofar as my field of vision changed from my external world to an internal one. My eyes were able to close; and with this one movement, my entire perspective shifted. It was as if someone turned my eyes around, allowing me to stare into the dark depths within my own body.

Through the darkness an object became clear. There seemed to be a replica of my body propped up, sitting within the middle of this dense, dark space. My view is one of hovering above this body; and it has me observing myself from the top of my head down to my toes. It seems I am supposed to be doing something; but from this current vantage point I can only witness what lies below. Surrounding my body is a circle of white light which appears to be emanating from the floor itself.

After a few short moments of acclimation, a glowing golden light manifested from out of a corner of the room. As soon as the golden light appears, my awareness switches. No longer floating above my body in the room, I am immediately sucked into the replicate body sitting in the center of the room. My eyes are no longer suspended from above, but now seem to be staring out of the two eyes that sit in the chair. Staring directly at the golden form in front of me through a haze of glowing light, intuitively my mind lights up with recognition, this must be an angel!

“Hello, Dear One,” the voice said without movement or variation.

The being was somewhat difficult to look at for any extended length of time. The more I tried to see its features, the more I would lose the visual image of its presence and things around me would go fuzzy. This loss of background acuity was separating me not only from the being, but also the body I was using that anchored this space. Reassuringly, the voice spoke again. In its own special way, the angel had the ability to send warmth, knowing, love, and positive energy into my entire body. This served to relax my struggle to stay connected to its image. As soon as the angel spoke, it felt as if all struggle subsided and I was simply present with the voice now speaking within my mind.

“Would you like to know your story? Who you are, and more importantly, what you are, and where you belong? We know you have felt more. We can sense deep within your heart that you seek more. Would you like to know how your story began? You are from this time, and from this space, but you are also from somewhere filled with magic, mystery, and wonder. You are me and I am you. Better yet, you are everything. If you’re ready Dear One, we will show you.”

Speaking now to my mind, my heart, and my body, I feel such an overwhelming sensation begin to take hold that I immediately gave a strong mental shout of “Yes!”

Jenessee’s easy journey to other planets began in an encounter with her higher self. See https://www.thoughtco.com/angels-singing-1728235.

This verbal agreement was all that was needed. As the yes was affirmed, a tube of white light began to descend towards my body. Two unknown beings bathed in white light took up residence on either side of my body, both appearing fuzzy when you looked directly at them, yet clear when I stopped trying. Each one laid a hand on top of each one of my shoulders and as this circuit was completed, a quickening sensation of energy began to pull us upward. The moments that followed can only be described as the melding of two strange human memories.

Perhaps you have experienced this first ascension phase of an enclosed, tube-shaped water slide, where darkness and light mixed together with disorienting twists and turns. While you feel glued to the bottom of the tube, you also feel like you might fly out at any given moment. Stage two can best be described as entering “warp speed,” much as the process is depicted on the television show Star Trek where streaming white lights are moving at faster and faster rates of speed, crossing through the quantum universe.

Riding this intergalactic rollercoaster, however, took longer than one might expect…. if there can be any standard for expectations here. There were seemingly never-ending twists and turns followed by light, light, and more light. All at once, the ride slowed down and the light tunnel we were being pulled through became more visible. Now, moving at a slower pace, I am able to see outlines of what appear to be doors carved within the intergalactic highway’s cylindrical walls. With each passing second, objects surrounding us became clear. As our progress slows, we move from the inner channel or “highway” towards one of the carved doors along the side of the light tube.

At first glance, the door appeared like any door one might find walking down a neighborhood street. Looking back towards the light, I noted that angelic beings had emerged who were guiding my journey. Each one extended a warm, colored wave of energy that delicately, but quickly pushed my body to, and through, the door directly in front of me.

Moving through this façade, the scene quickly changes as washes of bright color blur my vision. Like waking in the morning, my eyes take time to adjust. I have to squint hard, allowing only glimpses of faintly recognized images in. As the landscape finally becomes clear, I hear the soft and familiar voice of the angel whisper into my mind and spirit: “Welcome home.”

Jenessee Roy is originally from Irvine, California. She is a light worker at Walden Spa in Aurora, Ohio, and helps seekers access positive energies through their chakras. See http://www.chakrasroottocrown.com/.

Note: The editor of this chapter, Dr. Raymond Keller, is the author of Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet (2016), Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus (2017) and Cosmic Ray’s Excellent Venus Adventure (2017), of Headline Books, all available on amazon.com. Stay tuned to this website for Chapter 2: The Planet of Connection and Peace.

Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet

Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus

Cosmic Ray's Excellent Venus Adventure

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