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Friday, November 24, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Old Man on the Pier -- More Lights South of Chicago -- Is the 'Big One' Coming?

Old Man on the Pier

Art in New Jersey called in to tell of a weird experience he had while fishing:

“My story goes back to 1984 in the fall. It was October here in New Jersey where I'm located. I'm not very far from the waterfront of the bay. This time of year, right now, is Striped Bass fishing season.

Well, back in 1984, I was down at the dock and it was one of those harbor nights with the fog out, and it was about maybe 1:00 or 1:30 in the morning. I was waiting for the high tide to come in. I had two fishing rods out and I was cutting bait. I'm at the very end of the pier which is about, between 80 and 100 feet, I would say, long. And if you walk on a wooden pier, you can hear somebody coming from distance off. Well, I didn't hear a sound but I got my back to my two fishing rods and I heard somebody say, 'Fella, you're getting a hit on one of those rods there.' I turned around and I looked at...my first instinct was to look on my fishing rod and I noticed that, yeah, the tip was bouncing around and then I turned and here's a fella about, I would guess, in his mid-70s and he said, 'You fish here much?' He says, 'Because you're about to lose that fish if you don't go ahead and set the hook.' I grabbed the fishing rod and I set the hook and I reeled it in. It turned out to be a bottom fish....a little skate and I said, 'Thanks for the eye!' I said, 'I wasn't looking,' I said. 'He might have pulled the rod over.' And he says, 'It happens at times.' I unhooked the fish, dropped it over the side and turned around to grab my rag and the man was gone!

Now, like I said, this pier was between 80 and 100 feet out to where I was at the end. And there's no stairs or anything like that. You have to walk straight down this pier to go back and get back out onto the sidewalk into the street. There wasn't a splash except for the one of me throwing back the fish. I turned around and he was gone just as quick as he came. (Noory asks if he thinks he was an old fisherman that had passed on) I would imagine so because, from what I heard, there's been a lot of sightings down there of elderly men at night, who you can see down there. And when you go down to the pier, there's nobody there.”

Source: Coast to Coast – October 31, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy


More Lights South of Chicago

1) I was driving eastbound on Joe Orr Road in Chicago Heights, Illinois going to Route 1 / Halsted Ave. in Chicago Heights, Illinois. on 2017-11-22

2) I saw a bright orange light in the eastern sky.

3) a UFO.

4) It was a bright reddish orange light, from my pov it appeared to be stationary in the sky, then moments later, one after another, other reddish orange lights appeared out of nowhere next to this bright reddish orange light. Then, there were 5 to 6 of these lights in the sky which from my pov looked as though they were hovering in one place in the distance.

5) Well, I felt ("i knew it") i.e. they really do exists :) also, I had asked the question to myself, thus out loud in the car: (hey, where is my monocle replicator?) after, I felt or was thinking (where did they go?).

6) I had to turn left on Route 1 / Halsted Ave. going northbound, buildings and trees obscured my view. - MUFON

NOTE: There had been reports of flashing lights and bright orange lights south of the city (especially in Chicago Heights) about the time the Chicago Phantom sightings began. Now it seems the lights are returning. There were many other lights seen in northern Indiana and southern Wisconsin as well. Lon


Is the 'Big One' Coming?

Fresh fears have been raised that a huge earthquake is about to hit California after a swarm of recent tremors.

In the last week 134 earthquakes have hammered a three-mile stretch around Monterey County on the San Andreas fault.

Of those earthquakes, 17 were stronger than 2.5 magnitude and six of them were stronger than 3.0, with more tremors expected in the coming weeks, experts warn.

It follows fears raised last week that the 'Big One' is about to hit after a series of ten 'mini quakes' struck the same area.

The swarm included one 4.6-magnitude quake that was felt in San Francisco more than 90 miles (145 km) away. Read more at Is California about to be hit by the 'Big One'? Fears of a massive earthquake rise after 134 mini-tremors rattle the San Andreas fault in just one week


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