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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: 'Hatman' in the Dorm -- Bizarre Anomaly During a 'Blood Moon' -- Silver Bridge Premonition

'Hatman' in the Dorm

I recently received the following account:

It’s funny how time works. I saw something strange 20 years ago which I didn’t even know was strange until recently. I was listening to a podcast which rekindled a long-forgotten memory. The particular episode was about shadow people - mysterious dark figures which sometimes show up in and around people’s homes. I vaguely remember reading something about them a couple of years ago, but they themselves didn’t spark any memories for me. However, it was one type of shadow person in particular, Hatman, which caused me to do a double take while listening.

Rewinding to the spring of 1997, I was a freshman at Rutgers University in New Brunswick. My dorm room was located on the third floor of the rather drab-looking . It was early, with the faint blue light of morning just beginning to seep through the crack between the window and the curtain. It might have been the weekend because I recall my roommate had gone home and was not there that morning.

I opened my eyes, and the first thing I noticed was a figure sitting next to my bed no more than three or four feet away. The beds in the dorms were set lower to the ground than a typical bed would have been, so I had a clear line of sight - and it’s a sight I’ll now never forget. The figure was sitting on the floor with his back up against the bed. His feet were flat on the floor with his knees pointing straight up. His arms were resting on his knees casually and he appeared to be looking slightly down. I couldn’t make out the details of any clothing, all I saw was a deep black body. But the feature that was most dominant, and why I’m referring to the figure as a “he”, was the wide-brimmed hat he was wearing. I could not make out a face, mostly because the brim of the hat was obscuring it from the side. I had to blink hard a couple of times to ensure that my eyes were clear, but when I did he was still there. My next cogent thought was that a drunk person had stumbled into the wrong room and passed out - after all, this was college. The problem with that, however, was I always locked my door at night.

“Hello?!” I said in an aggressive tone, trying to convey that I was clearly unhappy with a stranger intruding in my room. After a second or two, but what felt like a minute or two, the figure slowly faded away, the spot where he was sitting visibly lightening as he did. At the time, it was weird because before that I had never had a groggy dream-like vision which I knew some people had when they woke up in the morning or in the middle of the night. Twenty years later, and I still have not had any drowsy visions. That morning was the only time I have ever experienced anything like that.

Even though it was a one-time occurrence, it was obvious to me that, for whatever reason, my brain had indeed conjured up an early-morning foggy illusion, and I didn’t think about it nearly at all for the next two decades. But just recently, more or less exactly 20 years after that morning, I learned about the ghostly entity known as Hatman. Upon hearing the first description while listening to that podcast, I immediately thought of the shadow-like figure I had seen that morning in my dorm room at Rutgers. The parallels with dozens of accounts were there. The figure I had seen had that large-brimmed hat, was darker than the darkest black, and was spotted near my bed. What’s the probability that my subconscious decided to create such an image twenty years before I even knew an almost identical being existed in the paranormal world? That memory, which has basically lain dormant for the past 20 years, has now taken on a whole new level of eeriness for me. - Keith in NJ


Silver Bridge Premonition

“My mother grew up in Point Pleasant, WV during the time of the "Mothman" and remembers hearing the adults talking about this creature. Here's the crazy part. That bridge (the Silver Bridge), that connected Point Pleasant to Ohio, was one my mother and her siblings walked across frequently. One night my mother, her twin and their aunt took their weekly walk across the bridge as they usually did, but their aunt felt something "off" and told my mother and her sister she would never walk them on the bridge again. The next day, the bridge fell, and my mother's best friend and friend's mother were killed on the bridge.”

Youtube comments, Jocelyn Charde

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: I have received a large number of these Silver Bridge collapse 'premonition' accounts over the years. Lon


Bizarre Anomaly During a 'Blood Moon'

I recently received the following account:

Hi Lon,
I am a retired school teacher living on a large northern island of the Bahamas. As I have had quite a few inexplicable moments in my life involving UFOs and other phenomena, your website has fascinated me for several years. I've decided to share this one incident because it is something no one else (that I can find in my research) has experienced anything remotely similar. So here goes...

My last "sighting " was about a year ago, last October 2016, when there was a Blood Moon. We were at my friend's beach house on the Atlantic side of the island which faces the east. We had gathered on the porch in a group of six and were moon gazing. Out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed a bright green light far away moving around to our north. I yelled at everyone...what is that! They continued to look east and suddenly 200 feet away just above the vacant lot across the road on the north side of the house appeared the weirdest thing I've ever seen! It was lime green with sparkly green plasma-like stuff flowing in it, maybe 20 feet long and 6 feet high. I had the feeling it was there to say hello. I felt this thing was alive that it was sentient!. In a few seconds it started to disappear before my eyes as if it were being absorbed by a sparkly silver substance right out of Star Trek. It didn't move, just got "eaten " from left to right by the sparkly stuff. This occurred in a matter of 10 seconds or so but I was able to study the entity???...very closely and minutely and even wondered when the silver sparkles began if it would disappear en toto or gradually. By this time my husband made it around to the north side and totally freaked. We all ran over and saw the rolling sky of black clouds that formed a circle (a very distinct large center through which stars were shining}. The clouds took up the entire western sky exactly opposite the rising moon and were growing outward very quickly. I immediately thought of a portal. The clouds continued to spread out very quickly. I'm talking big black cumulo nimbus churning in the moonlight! We thought the clouds were awfully strange but exciting, far outshining the dramatic Blood Moon!

I am including a drawing I made in photoshop that looks like the green object I saw. I researched the shape and came up with sine symbols in wave theory. It looks like a key at first or a sperm. Any thoughts on what this could be? I love some feedback.

Best Regards, SP
Abaco, Bahamas



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