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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

UFOs Over America - Part II

Mark in Kentucky called in to tell of a UFO sighting he had in 1973. Interestingly, Jimmy Church (the host that night) was a little boy living in the area at the time and remembered the sighting:

“This happened in 1973. I worked on a dairy farm. We had her show herd, Indiana State Fair, it's the end of August, and the open show, Saturday night, we're all partying because we won real good. So I made it home, early in the morning about 5:30 in my 64 Chevy Bel Air and I see this silver disc but it looked kind of like the top of what was one of the first dome arenas in Market Square Arena there in Indianapolis, and it's like, I don't know, it's maybe 800 or 900 feet up. It's on my eastern horizon, so I'm heading east out of town on East 38th Street, big four-lane street, and this thing starts moving and then WIBC AM-1070 in big show for years and years, a radio station, the guy is talking about The Saucer and then, all of a sudden, I stopped right in the middle of the four-lane... (Jimmy Church asks what year this occured) This was 1973. (Church interjects: “I was there and I remember this! When that happened, you know where I lived? I lived on 38th. So I was right there where you were driving when this went down, but this was, I remember hearing about this and it was a pretty extraordinary sighting, there's no doubt about it but please continue with the story though it's fascinating that I was there and I lived right where this was going on.)

I stopped and then, I mean, I heard the sirens. My dad was a preacher and I said, There's got to be something out there. He said, son, I've never seen them. And he was in World War 2. He was a mechanic on B-29s and all that so he saw a lot of stuff when he was stationed in San Diego, but he didn't quite go that far with it. I said, Okay, Pop, someday maybe, you know, because I was the right child. Well, I got my right question answered that morning. I look up... All of a sudden, about six police – Indianapolis police, come flying by me and they're heading out that way of town. Then I hear on WIBC, I go, What's he talking about? Indianapolis Centre had it on radar. They were talking to somebody out at the airport and you could hear the roar of those F-14s coming out of Grissom Air Force Base. They turn and this thing starts moving away from them. It was going really great fast and then it went up kind of quick and then it started moving back kind of northeasterly. The Jets turn and as they turn, this thing picks up speed and then it just kind of like, you know I used to do a yo-yo and you go down and it would spin and then pop back up? This thing popped back up like a yo-yo and these Jets just stood it on their tail. It went straight up and they all went straight up into the high clouds. It was crazy. I mean there was people stopped all over that side of town. (Church interjects: Yeah, I remember. I remember the stories about this and, the thing is, I was there and I was young. I was probably 10 years old when that happened but it was something that was talked about all over the place. I'm just really glad that you witnessed it. I had heard... this is what I remember about that specific event. I remember that they were saying that the craft was a 150 feet in diameter.) At least. At least. It looked like a giant water tower floating around. It was like, Wow. It had that round shape. It had a little bit of an edge to it but it was very distinct, I mean, you know, the Sun was just coming up so it was blacklit really well. I mean, I did a lot of coverage, so I understand lighting and all that. It was backlit really really well. It made the paper. It made the news. Everybody was talking about it. Channel 13, Then it just kind of died away. But they showed it on radar. They took pictures and had it in the paper. The Star Journal had it, you know, the radar blip from Indianapolis Centre and back then they posted anything in that part of the country. (Church interjects: Well, you had where Cook Airport and Grissom were both right there, plus, this is the other thing, it's flat – Indianapolis, that part of Indiana, completely flat, so radar can go forever.)”

Source: Coast to Coast – November 10, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Jay in Georgia called in to tell of his UFO sighting:

“The other night, two nights ago, I went outside and I normally go out there take the dogs out and drink some coffee, stuff like that, and I looked up into the sky and there was the light just flashing. So I normally just look up and kind of, you know, see the planes go by or whatever. It's a very clear night and it went off... the light went off. So I kept watching up there looking up in the sky and it flashed again. So I said, yeah, that's kinda strange. So about 30 seconds later, it flashed again and I'm noticing planes fly by but there was no planes in that area so I went in the house got my wife, came back outside. Honey, look at this! And she looks up and it flashed again and then it just stopped. So I didn't know what that was and I'm... I knew it wasn't a plane because planes were flying by and in that particular area the light did not move at all. Did not move. So it really kinda puzzled me and I didn't know what it was so when I heard he (Seth Breedlove was the guest) mentioned that the light was just flashing in the sky it I just kind of thought about that and decided to call in but I'm really curious of what it could be.”

Source: Coast to Coast - October 26, 2017

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“I have a very real story. My buddy and me went to a party at an apartment complex outside of Peoria, IL back in the late '80's. We parked his car facing some woods and a ravine. We were smoking a joint. Three green spherical objects swooped in toward each other on strange zigzag courses very quickly! They met with a little space between each other and immediately began rotating around each other clockwise from our vantage point. They did this for about five minutes. While my friend and I just sat there dumbstruck! As suddenly as this began, these objects spread apart and tore off in different directions with these same zigzag motions and were gone!”

Source: Youtube comments, Nick Richey

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A man named Bob in Charlotte, North Carolina called in to tell of a weird UFO sighting he had:

“I wanted to talk about something I haven't talked about for 50 years. My whole family saw a UFO and I don't mean lights. My mother went outside at night. It was a very clear night up in the mountains in SouthWest, Virginia and she came in and got us all. We all came out there and looked at it for about 20 minutes and it was... we guessed it was, it was hovering over our house for about 20 minutes, and it was about the size of a football field. My mother is 93. She still talks about it. She wants to see another one. It just hovered there for about 20 minutes. It had lights all around the perimeter. There was kind of oval-shaped lights or windows, I couldn't tell what they were but then it slowly rose up and it shot off so fast you wouldn't believe it.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - September 6, 2017

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