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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Weird Creature in Indiana -- 'The Bus Is Full' -- Strange Red Light

Weird Creature in Indiana

Carl in Indiana called in to tell of a weird creature he saw:

“I want to tell you about a creature I've seen twice. This is about four years ago. I'll went to work about two o'clock in the morning and on the far out reaches my of headlights, I seen this thing crawl across the road and I thought, well, you know, my eyes were playing tricks on me. I just barely could see it because it was way out, you know, from my my headlights, so I just kind of blew it off. I just thought, well, you know, I just seen something weird. It crawled really weird and what I seen just didn't make any sense.

So then about a year later, I was going to work again and it jumped out of the weeds. There was like three foot high weeds on the side of the road and it jumped out. Right at the edge of my car, like, it was, it didn't jump out like it was going to run across the road, it jumped out like it was going to attack whatever came by. And it was...this is what part's gonna sound weird, the bottom half of it was like a spider and the top half of it was like a monkey and it was like two and a half foot tall. Have you guys ever heard of anything so crazy like that?”

Source: Coast to Coast – October 30, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Blue Ridge Parkway UFO

I was driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina with a friend...it was a bright, clear day and we had just gotten to the Craggy Gardens overlook when we noticed several people looking towards the horizon and pointing. We parked and got out to see what everyone was looking at (thought it might have been a bear...common enough on the parkway). Just above the horizon there was an incredibly bright object. Even though the day was blue sky and sunny, this object looked as bright as the full moon at night…but at about 3 pm in the afternoon. I had my camera and took several photographs as the crowd continued to watch the object. Over the course of about 45 minutes the object slowly dimmed and then faded from sight...never moving or changing position.

I filed a report with MUFON and after an investigation, they said that it was a “genuine” unknown...they could not find an explanation for the object. While I don’t claim that it was aliens, it was a UFO...an Unidentified Flying Object in the purest sense.

I have attached several photographs.
-Bob McDaniel



'The Bus Is Full'

I recently received the following account:

This little event took place in 1985 when I was seven years old. I was not in the room when it happened, but my father and mother, along with other relatives, were.

My paternal grandfather lay dying of cancer in the living room of my grandparents’ house which was located in Northern New Jersey. The situation was irreversible, so he was brought home from the hospital along with a portable hospital bed to put in the house. In addition, a hospice nurse was visiting twice a day to make sure his final days were as comfortable as possible. I remember seeing him for the last time and he was completely unresponsive - hooked up to an IV because he wasn’t conscious enough to eat or drink. In addition, he was on heavy pain medication which added to his coma-like state.

Two or three nights after he was was brought home, my parents were at the house with my grandmother and my father’s sister, aunt, and uncle. They were all together in the house keeping a sort of vigil over my grandfather who was expected to pass away at any time. Then, all of a sudden, my grandfather sat up in bed and stared at the group. My father said he appeared as lucid as could be, and when he saw everybody he asked in a clear, calm voice, “What’s everyone doing here?”

Not knowing how to respond, my father replied, “We’re here playing Canasta” (a card game which used to be popular, for those unfamiliar).

“Oh,” my grandfather said, apparently accepting of the answer. What he said next is the interesting part. He went on: “A bus just came for me. The driver said that the bus is full, so he has to drop off the other passengers before he comes back to pick me up.” With that, he immediately lay back down and fell back into the subconscious state that he had been in for the past couple of days. Twenty minutes later, my father noticed that my grandfather had stopped breathing - he had passed on. - Keith in NJ


Strange Red Light

I recently received the following information:

I live in Boone County in northern Indiana. I drive the same route to work every day, and on the weekends, it's dark when I have to leave my house. So, one Saturday at approx 5:45 am I'm driving along, and I notice a strange light in the field to my left. It's a red light suspended on a pole, kind of like a shepherd's crook. It's approx 6 feet off the ground. It was in the middle of a field, and as I said before, I drive the same route every day, and never saw it before or since.

I received more information:

Well. I was driving east on State Road 32. It was on a Saturday, and as I said earlier, it was about 5:45 am. State Road 32 is fairly curvy in my my neck of the woods, So I was coming up on a field near a curve, and that's where I saw the light. 32 is a two lane road, so it was maybe 50 feet away from my window. The light was completely stationary, and as I described before, about 6 or so feet off the ground suspending from a pole, like a shepherd's crook. The light was solid red, not blinking. I remember having to crane my neck to watch it as a began to go into the curve.

As any one reported something like this to you before?


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