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Daily 2 Cents: Flash of Light / Recurring Puncture Wounds -- Gray Barker's 'Bat-Men' -- Over 2000+ Serial Killers in the US?

Flash of Light / Recurring Puncture Wounds

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada - 2002-07-12: While working as a utility technician early one morning, I was suddenly overwhelmed and blacked out. The only memory of the event was a flash of light. Afterwards I started noticing an irritation on my arm that seemed to be constantly itchy. When I arrived home later that day I noticed small puncture holes on my forearm. These punctures go away and reappear once every year or so. This has been happening to me for 20 years. I always know when the punctures will come back a day or so before as my arm will go numb first, then usually when I wake the punctures have reappeared. I usually have life-like dreams during the time frame the wounds appear which is somewhere around 10 days. I am 50 years old and have worked for the same company for 31 years.

This condition has left me with many unanswered questions. I have attached 2 photos of the wounds for your professional evaluation. (MUFON pulled the photos) I have much more to tell but a little embarrassed of my experience. Are there other people with my same experience? I have more questions to ask and many more experiences of dreams that occur during the period of my unexplainable wound. I would like to think that this is a natural occurrence but the wound totally heals then reappears. No one in my family believes me, I have held this confidential for many years. - MUFON


Strange Bluish Light

I can’t be sure of exactly when this occurred, but it had to have been before I was seven because it took place in the first house I lived in before moving.

There was a standard-sized doorway leading from the kitchen into the family room. I clearly remember my mother was carrying a basket of laundry into the family room and I was right behind and next to her walking toward the doorway in the same direction. Then, about four or five feet before my mother walked across the threshold, a web of blue, electricity-like light appeared out of thin air and filled the entire frame of the doorway with a buzzing sound for roughly one second. My mother jumped back in fright and I froze in place.

Our first thought was that it was lightning, but I specifically remember looking out of the nearest window and confirming that it was a clear, sunny day out. Not knowing what it was, we just went about our business, although I was scared to walk through that doorway for weeks and I would always sprint through it for fear that the weird electricity would strike again.

In subsequent years, I have continued to wonder what it was. I have for sure ruled out lightning, because if lightning had indeed penetrated the house that deeply, there no doubt would have been damage. The door frame didn’t bear even the most subtle mark after it had happened. I suppose it could have been faulty wiring, but it would have been unusual to manifest itself as a web of crisscrossed, blue, light tendrils in a doorway. The final logical explanation could be static electricity, but it was awfully intense for that, and where would it have come from?

I also looked up unusual weather phenomenon such as St. Elmo’s fire and ball lightning, but they didn’t fit either. I’ve searched online for this happening to someone else but haven’t seen anything. I know this isn’t as dramatic as cryptids, UFOs, or ghosts, but it’s baffled me for years. - Keith in NJ


Gray Barker's 'Bat-Men'

Lon... In keeping with your "Signs of the Times" theme, here's a quote from Pages 40 & 41 of Gray Barker's ground-breaking They Knew Too Much about Flying Saucers © & Published in 1956 by University Books Inc., 404 Fourth Ave, New York 16:

"(Early in 1953) a 'temperature inversion' had swooshed down and landed in Mrs. Walker's pecan tree. The inversion looked just like a man, though it was odd that he had a pair of big black wings, and flew over the house of Mrs. Hilda Walker, of Houston, Texas, 'like a white flash of a torpedo-shaped object.'

The bat man, or whatever he was, was seen to alight in the tree. When Mrs. Walker and two other persons looked up they saw 'the figure of a man with wings like a bat. He was dressed in gray or black tight-fitting clothes.' After perching in the tree half a minute the halo surrounding him began to fade and the strange figure disappeared. (???)

The bat man was about six and a half feet tall, and all this had happened on June 18, at 2:30 AM. Witnesses besides Mrs. Walker, a housewife, age 23, were Howard Phillips, tool plant inspector, 33, and 14-year-old Judy Meyers.

No one saw the bat man's saucer, though saucer addicts presumed he had arrived in one.

Other strange things were (also) happening."

There's lot's more goodies in this tome, including more bat-men stories, some sounding like they occurred yesterday, and there's a photo of Gray in the dust jacket (plus an Autographed Dedication in my copy).

Gray Barker, also Writer & Publisher of the "Saucerian" Newsletter, was a very dedicated researcher... this book should be (and perhaps is) in your personal Library. Fuz


Over 2000+ Serial Killers in the US?

A researcher has estimated that there are nearly 2,000 serial killers at large in the United States.

Archivist and researcher Thomas Hargrove has developed his own algorithm that he uses to track the habits and status of serial killers.

He told The New Yorker that according to the FBI, 1,400 murders remain unsolved but are linked to other killings through DNA.

Hargrove, who is a part of the Murder Accountability Project (MAP), said his estimate of 2,000 serial killers at large is the number he came to after analyzing data available. Read more at Are there 2,000 SERIAL KILLERS roaming the streets of the US? Criminologist makes terrifying estimate based on chilling new research into mass murderers


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